Day 12 on edge

Okay so this day is starting on the edge because my friend who I really came here to see started out having a better day but things are kind of sinking.  She ate some breakfast only to throw it up a couple of hours later.  I know that it is all a result of the stupid cancer but I wish that she could take in some nourishment.  My sister-in-law said that it is sort of frustrating her mother because she has always been so active and alert and it is hard seeing her mother like this.  I know I was a little shocked when I saw her Tuesday afternoon because in my mind and in my heart I will always see her as the vibrant woman she has always been around me.  So today is a waiting day and I’m a bit on edge not knowing whether or not we will be leaving today.  I would love to leave by noon but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen as of this time.

BREAKFAST:  2 cups of coffee, 2 eggs w/cheese – 6 grams

LUNCH:  1/2 spinach calzone – 35 grams

DINNER:  pork roast, rice and green beans – 25 grams

SNACK: kettle corn popcorn, 15 grams


I know that I had planned on walking today but I think I’m just going to pack things up and be ready in case we leave today because I don’t want to waste any more time if we do go today, but if we don’t then I’ll have to cancel my acupuncture appointment and reschedule.  No problem rescheduling especially if it means that I can see my friend again.

Well all we’ve done is hang tight around the house waiting to see if we could go see my friend but no such luck today.  So unfortunately I’ve got a sudden craving for something sweet that I was hoping the kettle corn would satisfy but no such luck.  I didn’t have much choice since I was eating at my brother’s house.  Of course what I really wanted was a plan hamburger patty and a slice of cheese and then I might have been able to have some sort of desert but that didn’t happen.  I know that I should have told my brother no rice but it was already served and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by turning down the rice which was white and wild rice and it was only about 2 tablespoons worth of rice.  I know hard to eat correctly when I’m away from where I can control things.

Okay so things could be worse and it might have been okay if I wouldn’t have snacked on the kettle corn and because of that I’m still craving sweet things.


GOOD:  can’t really think of anything good except for breakfast

BAD:  my selection of food, my waiting around not able to get out and exercise.

Although it is bad that I just sat around, it was worth it waiting to hear if we could go and visit, we almost got to see her but at least we were ready.

I did get some sleep so that was pretty good I guess but not something that I would consider really good.


Day 11 – A windy start

Well I went to bed before midnight last night which is practically a blue blazing miracle for me, especially since usually I don’t get off of work until 2300 hours and by the time I get home it is usually close to 2330 hours and then I have to wind down from having to drive on the roads and avoid the drunks.

However, today I woke up several times, once at 0610 hours and I think I heard my sister-in-law getting up and getting ready for work.  So after looking at the clock I decided that I could sleep in more, well the wind really started picking up and something got blown against the window waking me up at about 0630 hours and again at about 0700 hours and after that it was everyone else in the household waking up.  Finally I got up at about 0800 hours because I couldn’t sleep any more and I wish I could say that although it appears that I was in the bedroom for 8 hours, I did not get restful sleep.  You know how it is sleeping in a place different than your own bedroom and then every noise wakes you, well that is what happened to me and then they turned on the heater in the house and things got too toasty for me to stay in bed so up I got.

Was hoping to have a pleasant walk and still planning on taking a walk only I didn’t pack a light jacket which is a bummer because although the two days ago the weather was supposed to get in the high 60’s, well all I can say is stupid weatherman was wrong again.  So after having a breakfast of eggs and coffee, I’m planning on going for a walk and see if I can start getting myself back into shape or at least not be so winded from my walk.

Ha, that’s funny be winded from a walk on a windy day.  Okay what can I say, little humor comes from a little brain.  But I am proud of myself because I remembered my blood pressure medication and I took that and now all I have to do is swipe one of my brother’s light jackets or hoodie and get my but busy and go walking.  I might try out my new walking stick since I can’t remember if there are any loose dogs and also just in case my hip decides to act up.

Oh I don’t know if I mentioned it before but I even changed my creamer in my coffee, I use a combination of whipping cream and sugar free flavored creamer and each of those has 1 gram of carbs each so I dramatically dropped my carbs in the morning which I think is for the better.  Besides the whipping cream gives a rich roundness to the coffee as I drink it.  Well everyone is busy getting ready to do whatever so I best be getting busy and changing clothes for my walk.

BREAKFAST:  2 eggs with cheese, coffee with creamer –  3 grams

LUNCH:  2 tempura shrimp tacos, kettle corn popcorn   –  45 grams

DINNER:  Spinach calzone – 55 grams

My feet are killing me right now and probably from the walking that I did this afternoon.  So let me catch you up on what has been happening to me so far today.  Well I was going to borrow one of my brother’s lite jackets but the only one that would fit me was from a rival college and sorry but I wouldn’t wear it so I had to go to the store and buy a jacket.  I’ve now got about 13 jackets in my closet and of course that means that I bought a windbreaker jacket so I could exercise this morning but it turned out to be afternoon.

So I took off walking planning to walk around the man-made pond/mini lake that my brother’s house is located on only to later learn that there is no way to walk around the lake because it is private property that backs up to the lake.  However, there is a golf course that runs by the lake so silly me followed the golf cart path and when I came across two golfers, yes I did follow golf educate and wait to ask the golfers and stayed clear of them as they teed off.

Following their suggestion was WRONG!  So I ended up walking all around a part of the golf course but finally I had to cut through some people’s property so that I could make it back out onto the street.  OMG…I could not believe what a mistake that was to follow their suggestion.  So I ended up walking a bit further than I had planned on waking.  I had a total of 3.9 miles and I was able to get my heart rate up and held it steady for a while which was my ultimate goal.  Best of I could see how much quicker my heart rate decreased once I stopped walking which is what my goal is for better health.

Of course my knee is a bit sore and I will probably have to put some arnica creme on my knee later so it won’t be sore for tomorrow’s walk.

Found out a sad bit of news about my friend dying with cancer.  It appears that my friend has a blood embolism in her leg meaning that at any time it could move and find its way up to her heart so basically we don’t know from one day to the next when it might dislodge.  Unfortunately it is tearing up my sister-in-law to see her mother sinking so quickly making this visit one of the most nerve wracking visits

Well as you can see I really blew it on what I ate for dinner, which was the spinach calzone only I didn’t eat the entire calzone, I only had half of it but since I couldn’t be accurate about the carb count I took all of the count that I could figure out.  So all I can hope for is that my morning walk helped.

As you can see this didn’t get posted until day 12 because there were more complications with my friend whom we came to see.  Not sure if we will get to see her on Thursday, only time will tell.

GOOD:  Walking

BAD:  Carb count was over 100 grams

Day 10 and on the road

Okay just as the title suggests, I’m on the road and I really haven’t been on the road, literally on the road driving long distance in several years.  I think the last time was 2010 and let me tell you I really, really hate driving especially the route that I was driving today.  However things were a little bit different, it turns out that all of the construction that I had to go through the last time I traveled on the same route has finally changed and it turns out that most of the highway has been fixed and is nice and relatively new, relative because I’m not sure when the work was completed.

So woke up and hit the snooze alarm once and then ended up turning off the alarm.  I got up thinking a quick shower and then I would be on my way because I did most of my packing the night before…..  WRONG!   Just as I was getting ready I realized that I had to wash my hair which is no easy task because I have a whole lot of hair and it is about mid breast level and believe me when I say that it is no easy feat to wash my hair.  Once that was done I then had to go about putting all of the stuff in it before I wrapped it up wet in a clip and started gathering stuff for my trip.

I had been dreading the whole drive for the last few days but my mechanic told me that I should put more miles on my truck which is nearly 20 years old so I double checked with him and although he said he could not predict what could go wrong he said as far as he could see everything should be good to go.  So go I did and I added a quick 275 miles on my truck bringing it closer and closer to 200,000 miles but still got a way to go.

So I’m ready to head out and it is about noon so I stop by a local fast food restaurant and grab a burger/fries and a drink.  I ate the burger right away because I was really hungry but only had about 7 of the fries and of course had all of the diet drink.  I don’t like to drink water too much while driving because for some reason it really makes me go more frequently.

The drive was enjoyable except for the last 50 miles when I hit traffic and rain, I hate driving in the rain.  So stressed out from that part and got in to my brother’s house which meant that I had to go to the back door and use my key to get in meaning I had to try to avoid walking through a small patch of mud.  I only worry about the mud because my brother has a light colored carpet and I didn’t want muddy footprints all over.  Unloaded my truck and then headed off to the Senior Assisted living facility where my friend is.

After a few minutes I went in to see her, don’t know what I expected to see but I was kind of shocked to see her so weak.  I have always seen her so spry and active and although I know that the bronchitis took its toll on her I still was a tad bit shocked.  What really made me smile was that she was still sharp and quick witted which made me smile and feel good.  How is it that I came to see her and hope to make her laugh when she turned it around and made me feel good.  I really love that woman.

Then we went out and had tacos and a few chips for dinner.

So I don’t know what the carb count was but I would pretty much guess that no matter what it was, it put me over the 100 gram count.  That is one of the problems with being on the road, you really can’t plan for doing something or at least I can’t plan.  Oh sure I try to do something good but most of the time I don’t follow through on eating good while on the road so it will be an ahh forget about it type of day.

GOOD:  visited with sick friend, enjoyed my family’s company.  Having a good day even though I was driving long distance.

BAD:  What I ate and not eating very well.  Short broken sleeping.  Driving long distance.

Well I’m sort of mixed up in the head right now because I’m tired due to a lack uninterrupted sleep, one of these days I will sleep 8 hours but usually I only get that when I’m sick.  Oh yeah, well got caught in the rain when my made my pit stop…you know bladder run.  So was wet then and then the cold of the rain sunk in, got rained on going into the senior living facility and going in and out of a store all still staying a bit wet and with of course no jacket.  But I’m not going to buy a jacket because I have about 10-12 jackets that are all hanging up in my closet back home.  See how smart I am by remembering to grab one.

I used to enjoy driving and being on the road but when I started making really long distance trips that were 968 miles and it took about 18 hours or sometimes longer to make and I used to do it usually once or twice a year, I got burned out.  So I’m not keen on driving because of those really long road trips.  Most of all what really bugged me was the fact that my dogs used to always say that they would take their turn driving but would they do that…..NO!  Those lazy dogs, Catcher and Slider would always promise to help driving but in the long run they would just lay down on the back seat and go to sleep.

Wow, now that I think about it, this is the first trip that I’ve made by myself in 17 years.  Kinda missing my co-pilots but I guess they are with me in spirit too bad their spirit couldn’t share the driving.  I miss my girls and I’ll miss my friends, shedding hair, dog slobber and their love they gave me.


Day 9

Well sorry for the late posting but I was a little bit occupied getting ready to leave out of town to go visit my friend who is dying on cancer.  So my brain wasn’t exactly working but at least I remembered to count my carbs.  So since this is so late me just get right to the feeding part.


BREAKFAST:  2 eggs scrambled with cheese, coffee w/creamer  – 2.6 grams

LUNCH:  Chicken fried chicken breast with cheese and alfredo sauce – 35 grams

DINNER:  Chicken fried chicken breast with cheese and alfredo sauce, green beans – 42 grams

SNACK:  Cheese nachos – 19 grams


Rounding upwards I had 99 grams of carbs for the day.

Okay so I also had some Limoncello to drink so that I could try to fall asleep.  Didn’t work very well so turned on A/C again and then woke up and turned it off then woke up again later and turned it back on.  Finally turned it off when I got up trying to function the next day but will be covered in day 10’s comments.

Day 8

Well the best intentions were for me to have typed this up yesterday on the 8th day of the diary but I got a little bit busy and preoccupied with some things.  I know poor excuse but I’m trying to catch up today.

I would love to say that I was active but I really wasn’t.  The only bit of exercise that I managed to get was a five minute walk around inside the building.  My intention was to walk around the inside of the building every hour but typical work I had work to do when the hour was there and soon enough work got me a little bit busier.  I would have loved to have stayed behind work and done a mile walk on the machine or 30 minutes on the machine but I was tired.

Right now I’m procrastinating as I try to remember what I had to eat which wasn’t much because I only had about 2 meals.  Yeah I know I should eat more than 2 meals but that is all I felt like having for the day so let me get right down to it and start listing what I had for my meals.


BRUNCH:  Bacon/Cheese sandwich – 20 grams

DINNER:  Pot roast, Simply potatoes mashed potatoes, green beans – 26 grams

SNACK:  9 tortilla chips, guacamole – 23 grams

Well as you can see I was well under the 100 grams of carbs that I set out daily consumption.  The only thing is that I wish I wouldn’t have felt so hungry and eating the chips late at night.


BAD: not enough sleep, as a matter of fact my allergies were a little out of sorts because of the champagne that I had the night before.  That was most definitely a bad decision for which I’m paying the price weight wise because the weight I had been losing has snuck back on me.  So I learned the moral of my story for this week is that I’ve got to be more careful of what I consume on my days off especially since I’m not exercising nearly enough to allow me to go off the wagon of proper eating.

GOOD:  Carb count is below 100 grams and I at least did 5 minutes of walking and I managed to get my heart rate up.  But I need to strive to do more each and every day.  Let’s see how that goes for this week.  One good thing also is that I’ve recognized what I did wrong and I can work on focusing on avoiding the bad and maybe I can get back to weight loss.

Day 7

Well I was lucky to sleep in a bit and so it was good because it allowed me to get a later start on the day and relax.  I had breakfast and started watching some videos to eliminate a few from the DVR which was really good because it was rather high.

So I had a good healthy breakfast and then took it easy and watch television and then went out walking today.  Unfortunately I came home with the urge to drink and since I wasn’t about to go out in public and didn’t have to worry about driving, I indulged.

Basically this was a day to chill out and relax.

BREAKFAST:  Eggs w/Cheese and coffee w/sugar free creamer and whole creamer   –  2.9 rounded up to 3 grams of carbs

DINNER:  Guacamole cheese burger, nachos, guacamole  – 80 grams

SNACK:  Champagne with Chamborad

So although I don’t know the count I will count myself in the maintenance level meaning that I went above 100 grams but probably below the 150 count.


GOOD:  Walked 1 1/2 miles, meals below 100 grams

BAD:  drinking champagne and chamborad.

Well no matter what it was a relaxing day that I will probably be paying for the next few days.  But it was what I wanted to do and be relaxed.  So as you can see there were good and bad things today

Day 6 – Busy Day

Okay so today should have been a relaxing day that I could sleep in but there was a problem with me not getting much sleep.  I kept on waking up thinking that I was over sleeping first because I thought I would be late in throwing out the trash and next that I wouldn’t wake up in time to make my Acupuncture appointment.   Unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep until I had to get up and almost ended up oversleeping which meant that I didn’t get a chance to have any breakfast except for a gulp of water to swallow my BP pill and then a few more gulps of water before going in to the acupuncture clinic.

So this time I was initially stuck in my hands only when she started to massage my shoulders while the current was running through the needles she hit a muscle which made me move and the electrical current in my hands really jumped and boy was it painful.  So my doctor decided that I could use some treatment on my back which she did and set a light electrical current in the  needles.  I guess it was relaxing because I ended up falling asleep so when the alarm went off signaling the end of the electrical current only this startled me and I pushed up lifting up on the table; boy was that a painful mistake.  I quickly laid back down and did my best to relax the muscles.  I felt that mistake for most of the afternoon with a soreness in my shoulders that I hadn’t felt earlier.

So I got out of the appointment and then had to run downtown to go to HQ and get my free bus pass, allowing me to ride the transit system for free, probably the only perk of working where I work.  So I went and got the pass and saw a few people I hadn’t seen in a while which was nice and I also got a chance to check out the new gym at HQ and it might be something I might start using.

After having a good look around I had to rush from downtown back to the same side of town that I had just left so that I could make my appointment with my hair stylist and based on the amount of hair that I have, which is a lot, well then it took about 3 hours for it to be colored, dried and straightened.  So by the time I got out it was 1900 hours which is 7pm for those who don’t know about military time.  I had just finished a big gulp of water when I realized that I was hungry.

Update from day 5 – 

Well surprise, surprise, surprise…I haven’t had anything since the might before.  So let me catch you up so that you can see that I was quite bad after I got off of work on Thursday.  Well I decided to try making some kettle corn popcorn but I think I put too much sugar in the oil and not enough salt to give it the true kettle corn effect.  I had maybe 1 1/2 cup of the popped popcorn before giving up and decided to pass on the popcorn and ended up throwing it out.  Then I decided to have a shot of Limoncello but realize that I didn’t have much and wanted to save it so I decided to make a margarita unfortunately I guess I wasn’t ready for it because it tasted terrible to me although I used to this drink and didn’t make it any different.  So I tossed the drink which was a double portion, but I didn’t want it so I guess it wasn’t to be.  Then I was still hungry and ended up eating maybe 3 tablespoons of pea salad but that wasn’t what I wanted so I forgot about that.  I ended up grabbing some pieces of bacon and then fell asleep, leading me to day 6.

Back to day 6 food record

So as I had reported up above I didn’t get anything to eat until after 1900 hours once I was finished getting my hair done. So I went home and made dinner and followed it up by having a peanut butter/jelly sandwich late at night.  I know bad for eating late but I was still hungry, maybe that could also account for me not being able to get to sleep until early 0300 hours on day 7.  But that will be discussed on the day 7.


DINNER:  Cheese burger, hash brown casserole, soda, Lemoncello, water –  81g      The bad part was drinking the 12oz regular Pepsi which shot my carb count up too much.

SNACK:  Peanut butter / jelly sandwich  –  41g     Bad part of it is the high count and having it late at night.

This brings my total count of carbs up to 122 grams which based on the Primal Blueprint carb count it means that I’m at the maintenance level which is not quite so good for me.  I need to stay in the Effortless Weight Loss area which is a carb count from 50-100 grams a day.


GOOD:  Acupuncture treatment

BAD:  Carb count for meals especially since I only had just one meal for the day.

Unfortunately I didn’t take time to eat throughout the day making me very hungry and I ended up paying the price by eating too late at night and not making wise choices, especially in drinking the soda.  Also by eating so late at night I didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

What lesson did I learn, well not to forgo eating even when I’m on the run but then again I never felt hungry throughout the day.