Day 3

I’m screaming crazy today.  My stupid Extreme Drama Queen work partner came back from dealing with the mentioned subject that I swore I wouldn’t talk about.  She explained all about what she has been doing to everyone else in the building but me.  Then she asked if I had put down my dog and I said yes and she started to tear up…can you believe that, she started to tear up.   She has never seen my dog, has never met my dog and doesn’t even know the name of my dog but she starts crying and then she adds that bit of information and starts going around crying on everyone’s shoulders about how I had to put my dog to sleep.  Hell I’m the one that put her to sleep and I really didn’t plan on sharing that with anyone else other than those I had talked to but what does EDQ (sorry Dairy Queen) do, she goes around the building telling everyone my business.

She acts as if she is the only one who knows what happened and I’ve heard the story at least 10 times today.  Then she cries because someone violated policy and when someone reported that person, well his boss fired him so of course EDQ had to cry about that bit of information and then she went around blaming one of the other co-workers for the guy being fired, getting everyone riled up about the firing.

The only good thing is that the EDQ is taking off tomorrow, although it is not listed in the books, but that means a quiet day for me.  Also what bugs the crap out of me is that she is trying to get everyone to fork over lots of money so the people with the dead child will not have to pay for the burial of their child.  She is way over the line in asking for our department to cough up the money to pay for something like that.  We have just over $800 and no one is willing to give more but EDQ is going to badger people until they give more.  I hope they tell her to jump in a lake.



Okay I think I’m a little bit better for the moment….I hope.

So my stress level is almost off the charts and it has not done any wonders for my blood pressure except keep my blood pressure high.  I know I took my blood pressure early in the morning but I was already stressing out about what I would have to face today and it was just as bad if not worse than I had expected.  I’ve got to learn how to meditate and do one of those 5 minute calming meditations.  Maybe I should try and find someone in the area who could help with it and if not maybe I’ll talk to my Acupuncture doctor about maybe helping with my stress.

Unfortunately I learned that I will not be able to go see my brother’s mother-in-law this week (you know the one that I mentioned is dying with cancer) but I hope that she will be okay until next week when I try to break away to go see her.

Well I guess I should really get to the meat of things which is what I’ve been eating or not eating.


BREAKFAST:  coffee w/creamer and 2 strips of bacon   –  6 grams

LUNCH:  tunafish sandwich w/slice of cheese  –  26 grams

DINNER:  trail mix – 17 grams


Well as you can see I really haven’t eaten very much so knowing me now that the EDQ has left the building and I get this last hour of peace to myself, I can finally relax.  Unfortunately that means that as I’m relaxed my appetite is coming back on me, so maybe I can find something healthy to eat at home.

Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you that yesterday was very stressful for me.  So stressful that I went home and had 3 cordial shots of Limoncello and boy did that hit the spot.  I also had some cheese and bacon.  The best thing of all is that I only had about maybe 2-3 more carbs and that was all.  So probably knowing me, I will go home and have Limoncello again for a relaxer if you know what I mean.



GOOD:  Carb counts for all 3 meals


BAD:  Carb counts for all 3 meals because I didn’t eat very well today.     Also the amount of STRESS that I had at work today was extremely bad and I almost lost my patience and screamed but then it would have just made people have more sympathy for the EDQ because she would have cried on their shoulders.


Well it looks like it will be Limoncello again tonight or maybe I’ll splurge and make a hurricane.  All I know is that I need a drink.


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