Day 5 – Getting Better

Okay as this states things seem to be getting better, mainly because EDQ is not at work today and no one has bothered to tell me what or where she is, yet does that bother me….not in the slightest bit.  I’m enjoying a bit of quiet in the building.  Then I learned from one of my co-workers that EDQ is playing childhood games of trying to get people to be angry or upset with me because I told her to stop and not to broadcast my personal business.

I’m so happy that I’m not concerned about who at work likes me and who is mad at me.  Funny thing is that I stopped worrying about that stuff because in elementary and jr. high.  Good golly, I come here to work and to earn a living and to perform my duties as best I can that and keep my personal problems at home, doesn’t always work but I’m getting better at it.

So I was up early to take my mother to the bus station since she didn’t want to fly but went back to bed and tried to sleep.  I hate broken sleep but I guess broken sleep is better than not getting any sleep.  I’m glad that I did sleep because it probably made things easier for me.  My partner, EDQ, apparently took today off but no one has said anything, not even my supervisor but that is okay after about 15 minutes I realized she wasn’t here which meant it would be a peaceful calm day and this being my Friday, I need some peace.

Bummer of things is that my hair styler had to cancel our morning appointment so my dark roots are showing through….drag.  I think I still have my appointment with my Acupuncturist or at least I hope so.  I think that this weekend I will end up pushing my luck and driving my 20 year old truck up to visit with my brother’s mother-in-law before it is too late.  She is an awesome lady and I love her dearly.

So I want to thank any and all who have suffered through all of my ranting.  You are wonderful.

Well my hair stylist just called and we reset for tomorrow and hopefully I will still have my appointment tomorrow for Acupuncture so that will be okay.  Just heard from my mother and it is a good thing that I’m not planning to drive up to see the dying friend because she is being moved out of ICU to her home with a hospice care taker.  So I can at least wait a day or two while they get things set up for her and that will let me get my hair done and needles stuck in me.  Looking forward to getting a bit more relief from CTS with Friday’s visit.

Well I guess I should start out with my meals and make myself accountable for everything.


BREAKFAST:   None, slept through it.

LUNCH:  Chicken friend chicken breast patty w/cheese and alfredo sauce; 1 small chocolate square  –   42g

DINNER:  Pot roast and green beans, for desert red velvet cake ice cream  –  33g


So as you can see, so far I’m really doing good on the carb count.  Now there is no guarantee what I will do when I go home because now that the stress is not there I’m rather hungry.  But at least I can sleep hopefully a little bit more peacefully because of the lack of drama and because I really don’t care if they like me at work or not.  This is a job and it is our duty to do the work and that is what I’m doing and have been doing for 5 years or at least it will be 5 years come next month.

So the night is getting better with the news of my friend with cancer and the calm at work is going very far to sooth me and let me enjoy my job once again.

Oh yeah, I was a very bad girl because I got on the bathroom scale again.  I got on it when I got up in the morning at 6am and it read 207.0 which was good because I was very bad and had some Fritos with my drink last night.  So that really did make me happy because although it wasn’t much I had lost 0.1 pounds.  But then I got on the scale later after I got up for the day and saw that I weighed 206.0 which really made me feel so much better.  I began to remember that sleep does help and allows you to lose weight so I will need to get more sleep so I can also lose weight.


GOOD:   Carb counts for the day, getting more sleep, much less stress, I’ve gotten past point of worrying who likes me and who doesn’t like me at work.

BAD: Not being informed that my co-worker would not be there, but I’m really okay with it.  I just count it as bad because of my supervisor’s lack of communication.  Should I count this as bad or what.  I brought a double chocolate fudge cake for work “Because” and it was our because cake.  So was I bad to bring it to work?  You’ll note that I did not list that on the food eaten because I didn’t have any, what a miracle that was.


Despite the sad calls happening at work, I’m more at ease and more at peace with myself and look forward to maybe going home and making some popcorn.  Wow, that really does sound great.  Maybe I’ll even cook some bacon in the morning.


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