Day 6 – Busy Day

Okay so today should have been a relaxing day that I could sleep in but there was a problem with me not getting much sleep.  I kept on waking up thinking that I was over sleeping first because I thought I would be late in throwing out the trash and next that I wouldn’t wake up in time to make my Acupuncture appointment.   Unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep until I had to get up and almost ended up oversleeping which meant that I didn’t get a chance to have any breakfast except for a gulp of water to swallow my BP pill and then a few more gulps of water before going in to the acupuncture clinic.

So this time I was initially stuck in my hands only when she started to massage my shoulders while the current was running through the needles she hit a muscle which made me move and the electrical current in my hands really jumped and boy was it painful.  So my doctor decided that I could use some treatment on my back which she did and set a light electrical current in the  needles.  I guess it was relaxing because I ended up falling asleep so when the alarm went off signaling the end of the electrical current only this startled me and I pushed up lifting up on the table; boy was that a painful mistake.  I quickly laid back down and did my best to relax the muscles.  I felt that mistake for most of the afternoon with a soreness in my shoulders that I hadn’t felt earlier.

So I got out of the appointment and then had to run downtown to go to HQ and get my free bus pass, allowing me to ride the transit system for free, probably the only perk of working where I work.  So I went and got the pass and saw a few people I hadn’t seen in a while which was nice and I also got a chance to check out the new gym at HQ and it might be something I might start using.

After having a good look around I had to rush from downtown back to the same side of town that I had just left so that I could make my appointment with my hair stylist and based on the amount of hair that I have, which is a lot, well then it took about 3 hours for it to be colored, dried and straightened.  So by the time I got out it was 1900 hours which is 7pm for those who don’t know about military time.  I had just finished a big gulp of water when I realized that I was hungry.

Update from day 5 – 

Well surprise, surprise, surprise…I haven’t had anything since the might before.  So let me catch you up so that you can see that I was quite bad after I got off of work on Thursday.  Well I decided to try making some kettle corn popcorn but I think I put too much sugar in the oil and not enough salt to give it the true kettle corn effect.  I had maybe 1 1/2 cup of the popped popcorn before giving up and decided to pass on the popcorn and ended up throwing it out.  Then I decided to have a shot of Limoncello but realize that I didn’t have much and wanted to save it so I decided to make a margarita unfortunately I guess I wasn’t ready for it because it tasted terrible to me although I used to this drink and didn’t make it any different.  So I tossed the drink which was a double portion, but I didn’t want it so I guess it wasn’t to be.  Then I was still hungry and ended up eating maybe 3 tablespoons of pea salad but that wasn’t what I wanted so I forgot about that.  I ended up grabbing some pieces of bacon and then fell asleep, leading me to day 6.

Back to day 6 food record

So as I had reported up above I didn’t get anything to eat until after 1900 hours once I was finished getting my hair done. So I went home and made dinner and followed it up by having a peanut butter/jelly sandwich late at night.  I know bad for eating late but I was still hungry, maybe that could also account for me not being able to get to sleep until early 0300 hours on day 7.  But that will be discussed on the day 7.


DINNER:  Cheese burger, hash brown casserole, soda, Lemoncello, water –  81g      The bad part was drinking the 12oz regular Pepsi which shot my carb count up too much.

SNACK:  Peanut butter / jelly sandwich  –  41g     Bad part of it is the high count and having it late at night.

This brings my total count of carbs up to 122 grams which based on the Primal Blueprint carb count it means that I’m at the maintenance level which is not quite so good for me.  I need to stay in the Effortless Weight Loss area which is a carb count from 50-100 grams a day.


GOOD:  Acupuncture treatment

BAD:  Carb count for meals especially since I only had just one meal for the day.

Unfortunately I didn’t take time to eat throughout the day making me very hungry and I ended up paying the price by eating too late at night and not making wise choices, especially in drinking the soda.  Also by eating so late at night I didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

What lesson did I learn, well not to forgo eating even when I’m on the run but then again I never felt hungry throughout the day.


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