Day 8

Well the best intentions were for me to have typed this up yesterday on the 8th day of the diary but I got a little bit busy and preoccupied with some things.  I know poor excuse but I’m trying to catch up today.

I would love to say that I was active but I really wasn’t.  The only bit of exercise that I managed to get was a five minute walk around inside the building.  My intention was to walk around the inside of the building every hour but typical work I had work to do when the hour was there and soon enough work got me a little bit busier.  I would have loved to have stayed behind work and done a mile walk on the machine or 30 minutes on the machine but I was tired.

Right now I’m procrastinating as I try to remember what I had to eat which wasn’t much because I only had about 2 meals.  Yeah I know I should eat more than 2 meals but that is all I felt like having for the day so let me get right down to it and start listing what I had for my meals.


BRUNCH:  Bacon/Cheese sandwich – 20 grams

DINNER:  Pot roast, Simply potatoes mashed potatoes, green beans – 26 grams

SNACK:  9 tortilla chips, guacamole – 23 grams

Well as you can see I was well under the 100 grams of carbs that I set out daily consumption.  The only thing is that I wish I wouldn’t have felt so hungry and eating the chips late at night.


BAD: not enough sleep, as a matter of fact my allergies were a little out of sorts because of the champagne that I had the night before.  That was most definitely a bad decision for which I’m paying the price weight wise because the weight I had been losing has snuck back on me.  So I learned the moral of my story for this week is that I’ve got to be more careful of what I consume on my days off especially since I’m not exercising nearly enough to allow me to go off the wagon of proper eating.

GOOD:  Carb count is below 100 grams and I at least did 5 minutes of walking and I managed to get my heart rate up.  But I need to strive to do more each and every day.  Let’s see how that goes for this week.  One good thing also is that I’ve recognized what I did wrong and I can work on focusing on avoiding the bad and maybe I can get back to weight loss.


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