Day 11 – A windy start

Well I went to bed before midnight last night which is practically a blue blazing miracle for me, especially since usually I don’t get off of work until 2300 hours and by the time I get home it is usually close to 2330 hours and then I have to wind down from having to drive on the roads and avoid the drunks.

However, today I woke up several times, once at 0610 hours and I think I heard my sister-in-law getting up and getting ready for work.  So after looking at the clock I decided that I could sleep in more, well the wind really started picking up and something got blown against the window waking me up at about 0630 hours and again at about 0700 hours and after that it was everyone else in the household waking up.  Finally I got up at about 0800 hours because I couldn’t sleep any more and I wish I could say that although it appears that I was in the bedroom for 8 hours, I did not get restful sleep.  You know how it is sleeping in a place different than your own bedroom and then every noise wakes you, well that is what happened to me and then they turned on the heater in the house and things got too toasty for me to stay in bed so up I got.

Was hoping to have a pleasant walk and still planning on taking a walk only I didn’t pack a light jacket which is a bummer because although the two days ago the weather was supposed to get in the high 60’s, well all I can say is stupid weatherman was wrong again.  So after having a breakfast of eggs and coffee, I’m planning on going for a walk and see if I can start getting myself back into shape or at least not be so winded from my walk.

Ha, that’s funny be winded from a walk on a windy day.  Okay what can I say, little humor comes from a little brain.  But I am proud of myself because I remembered my blood pressure medication and I took that and now all I have to do is swipe one of my brother’s light jackets or hoodie and get my but busy and go walking.  I might try out my new walking stick since I can’t remember if there are any loose dogs and also just in case my hip decides to act up.

Oh I don’t know if I mentioned it before but I even changed my creamer in my coffee, I use a combination of whipping cream and sugar free flavored creamer and each of those has 1 gram of carbs each so I dramatically dropped my carbs in the morning which I think is for the better.  Besides the whipping cream gives a rich roundness to the coffee as I drink it.  Well everyone is busy getting ready to do whatever so I best be getting busy and changing clothes for my walk.

BREAKFAST:  2 eggs with cheese, coffee with creamer –  3 grams

LUNCH:  2 tempura shrimp tacos, kettle corn popcorn   –  45 grams

DINNER:  Spinach calzone – 55 grams

My feet are killing me right now and probably from the walking that I did this afternoon.  So let me catch you up on what has been happening to me so far today.  Well I was going to borrow one of my brother’s lite jackets but the only one that would fit me was from a rival college and sorry but I wouldn’t wear it so I had to go to the store and buy a jacket.  I’ve now got about 13 jackets in my closet and of course that means that I bought a windbreaker jacket so I could exercise this morning but it turned out to be afternoon.

So I took off walking planning to walk around the man-made pond/mini lake that my brother’s house is located on only to later learn that there is no way to walk around the lake because it is private property that backs up to the lake.  However, there is a golf course that runs by the lake so silly me followed the golf cart path and when I came across two golfers, yes I did follow golf educate and wait to ask the golfers and stayed clear of them as they teed off.

Following their suggestion was WRONG!  So I ended up walking all around a part of the golf course but finally I had to cut through some people’s property so that I could make it back out onto the street.  OMG…I could not believe what a mistake that was to follow their suggestion.  So I ended up walking a bit further than I had planned on waking.  I had a total of 3.9 miles and I was able to get my heart rate up and held it steady for a while which was my ultimate goal.  Best of I could see how much quicker my heart rate decreased once I stopped walking which is what my goal is for better health.

Of course my knee is a bit sore and I will probably have to put some arnica creme on my knee later so it won’t be sore for tomorrow’s walk.

Found out a sad bit of news about my friend dying with cancer.  It appears that my friend has a blood embolism in her leg meaning that at any time it could move and find its way up to her heart so basically we don’t know from one day to the next when it might dislodge.  Unfortunately it is tearing up my sister-in-law to see her mother sinking so quickly making this visit one of the most nerve wracking visits

Well as you can see I really blew it on what I ate for dinner, which was the spinach calzone only I didn’t eat the entire calzone, I only had half of it but since I couldn’t be accurate about the carb count I took all of the count that I could figure out.  So all I can hope for is that my morning walk helped.

As you can see this didn’t get posted until day 12 because there were more complications with my friend whom we came to see.  Not sure if we will get to see her on Thursday, only time will tell.

GOOD:  Walking

BAD:  Carb count was over 100 grams

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