Day 12 on edge

Okay so this day is starting on the edge because my friend who I really came here to see started out having a better day but things are kind of sinking.  She ate some breakfast only to throw it up a couple of hours later.  I know that it is all a result of the stupid cancer but I wish that she could take in some nourishment.  My sister-in-law said that it is sort of frustrating her mother because she has always been so active and alert and it is hard seeing her mother like this.  I know I was a little shocked when I saw her Tuesday afternoon because in my mind and in my heart I will always see her as the vibrant woman she has always been around me.  So today is a waiting day and I’m a bit on edge not knowing whether or not we will be leaving today.  I would love to leave by noon but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen as of this time.

BREAKFAST:  2 cups of coffee, 2 eggs w/cheese – 6 grams

LUNCH:  1/2 spinach calzone – 35 grams

DINNER:  pork roast, rice and green beans – 25 grams

SNACK: kettle corn popcorn, 15 grams


I know that I had planned on walking today but I think I’m just going to pack things up and be ready in case we leave today because I don’t want to waste any more time if we do go today, but if we don’t then I’ll have to cancel my acupuncture appointment and reschedule.  No problem rescheduling especially if it means that I can see my friend again.

Well all we’ve done is hang tight around the house waiting to see if we could go see my friend but no such luck today.  So unfortunately I’ve got a sudden craving for something sweet that I was hoping the kettle corn would satisfy but no such luck.  I didn’t have much choice since I was eating at my brother’s house.  Of course what I really wanted was a plan hamburger patty and a slice of cheese and then I might have been able to have some sort of desert but that didn’t happen.  I know that I should have told my brother no rice but it was already served and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by turning down the rice which was white and wild rice and it was only about 2 tablespoons worth of rice.  I know hard to eat correctly when I’m away from where I can control things.

Okay so things could be worse and it might have been okay if I wouldn’t have snacked on the kettle corn and because of that I’m still craving sweet things.


GOOD:  can’t really think of anything good except for breakfast

BAD:  my selection of food, my waiting around not able to get out and exercise.

Although it is bad that I just sat around, it was worth it waiting to hear if we could go and visit, we almost got to see her but at least we were ready.

I did get some sleep so that was pretty good I guess but not something that I would consider really good.


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