Extremely Frustrated With 5 Days To Go

Well if you’ve been keeping up with me and read my entry for yesterday you will know that I was horrible and got on the scale.  So seeing that I didn’t have that much to eat yesterday, not because I’m trying to starve myself but simply because I was quite busy at work and eating didn’t really cross my mind. Hmmm, maybe after seeing my weight this morning I shouldn’t have eaten at all.  Yes I got on the scale and it showed me to weigh 204.1 pounds.  So I only lost 5/10 of a pound.  How disgusting is that?  I’ll tell you…It is very disgusting.  Stupid me had to go and get so darn large and now I’m struggling to get it off.  I see other people around me and they easily drop weight with slightly adjusting what they eat.  I will not count calories, I hate living by counting things and counting carbs is bad enough but at least I like what I eat now.

So I lost half a pound and I’m really pissed.  I’m hoping to get on the treadmill today and do some walking while at work and then after work I’m going to have to stay and do a light workout probably using body weight exercises and maybe that will kick my body back into the losing stage.  I really am extremely frustrated and just want to scream bloody murder…”BLOODY MURDER!”   Damn I don’t feel any better.

I decided that in looking back on what I was eating, I was really eating good by having fried chicken and mashed potatoes and vegetables so I will have to focus on eating much better like week one and for the next few days I’m going to have to exercise a whole lot, like walking every day and start doing body weight exercises.  I continue to ask myself why I’m doing that and the only answer I can come up for me….I’m not talking about anyone else but for me….being fat sucks!  I hate the way the clothes fit on me, I hate feeling as if I can barely fit in a chair, I hate having to think whether or not my kayak can hold my weight (yes it can hold my weight but it does have a limit of 250 pounds).  I know I haven’t been kayaking this year so far but the water is still too cold and although we’ve had some warm days, not enough to warm up the water.  I have a cheap kayak and where I sit down are where two scupper holes are located, so needless to say my bottom always stays wet, not a great feeling so that is why I wear my swimsuit under my clothes.  I think this year since I’m going to Canada with a group and then to DragonCon that I can’t afford to buy the kayak that I want which will be about $800 or the one that I really want which would be $1,500.  But until I win a huge jackpot lottery I will have to struggle and save a whole hell of a lot.

Right now I’m toasting bread so that I can make chicken cordon bleu and other than the bread crumbs on the outside of the chicken, it is good and not going to knock me out of the ballpark on the carb count.  Yes I’m extremely disappointed with my weight and the stagnation puddle that I’ve hit but I’m determined to be under 200 ponds upon weigh in on Sunday which means I’ve really got to push it these last 5 days.

I started my push at work, I was getting frustrated because I keep on asking my group going to Vancouver where they want to stay but still I haven’t gotten a reply so my frustration began to grow and rather than act like a horse’s back side I decided to go walking.  So I went and walked 2 miles on the treadmill and guess what?  My frustration I was feeling went away.  I started to feel it again so I decided to start writing here.

Guess I had better start listing my food and get it over and one with.

BREAKFAST:  coffee, 2 strips of bacon – 2 gm

LUNCH:  Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pie – 38 gm

DINNER:  Chicken Cordon Bleu – 18 gm

I’m really pushing it at 18 grams with dinner because I really don’t think that I used that much in bread crumbs when coating the chicken.  I guess I just cooked it to prove that I could but I think next time I will be a bit choosier about the chicken breasts and be a touch more tender when I pound the chicken breasts.  But the taste is good and that is all that really counts.

I will try to work out after work but not sure if I will be able to do it.  I may just do a very light work out with body weight so maybe I should do a little more searching and find the exercises I want to do so I will be prepared for later.  So later days and I guess I’ll catch you tomorrow and I promise not to be as frustrated or upset with myself or anything else.

Oh yeah and I will stop my princess and the pea routine.  I had hurt my back the other day and had gotten the air mattress out and put it on top of my regular mattress.  It is a queen air mattress with a double layer and put it on top of my regular mattress which meant that I had to use a kitchen step stool to get up onto my bed.  Earlier today I deflated it because my back is feeling much better and it is time for me to start cleaning up things before my brothers come in this weekend.

So now I’ll sign off and do some body weight exercise searching so I will be ready when 2300 hours hits.


Still Disappointed With 6 Days To Go

Okay so this is a late entry because I forgot to write yesterday and a part of it was the fact that I was ticked off in the morning and I’m still ticked off the next day which is day 17 of 21 days.  But I digress…  Okay so I was bad and once again got on the scale hoping to see a little bit of difference, well I did and it wasn’t positive.  I know that I had to struggle to just get my weight down to 203.1 but what happened on Monday morning was enough to shock me.  I had gained weight.  I know, I know don’t keep stepping on the scale but I need some reassurance like I had at the beginning of my 21 day journey.  Oh sorry I forgot, I ended up weighing 204.6.  Yeah I know…wow, what a heavy weight.

Well that was enough to inspire me to get out and walk despite the extremely windy day outside.  So I grabbed breakfast, put on my walking clothes and took off walking and ended up walking 1.86 miles and was chilled the whole time.  I seems that a touch of cold was in the extremely strong breeze and it turns out that the winds were at 40-50 mph while I was walking and throughout the day.  So it was quite blustery of a day and the tree limbs started to fall.  While I was walking I saw a limb coming towards me and then suddenly it suddenly moved off to the side and hit 5 feet away from me instead of hitting me.  So maybe it was good that the wind was strong but then again the wind is what knocked the branch down.

So I finished my walk and I needed to calm down so I went outside and fixed the rubber to my bumper.  Okay a couple of months ago I was backing up in the parking lot of a pizza place and wham.  I hit the telephone post that was in the middle of the parking lot, yeah I know in the middle of the lot?  It turns out that they are now doing street construction in the area but a year ago the put a telephone post up in the middle of the parking lot which will soon be the edge of the street which also means that the pizza place will be gone.  Good thing is that it will move over and the city is giving up a small strip of land on the opposite side of the pizza place equal to the size of space they are taking away from the street side.

Okay so where was I…oh yeah fixing my bumper.  So I backed up into the pole and really whacked it good, messing up my bumper and denting it in to the point that the back corner of the bumper was very bent.  A few whacks of a small sledge hammer and the bumper kind of looks in place and I can now open the tailgate of my truck but the rubber protector has been hanging off.  So I pick a windy day to put the rubber back in place because I’m fearful it will fall off and it has been starting to do that more and more.  Tah-Day!  A few strips of black duck tape and the black rubber protector is back in place and it doesn’t look too bad although I know it is bad.  I would fix it but it is about to turn 20 years old, yep that’s right I have an old truck and got it with only 17 miles on it.  But believe it or not I have not gone over 200,000 miles yet. I’m getting there but unless I suddenly make quite a few trips between now and April 17, I will not turn over.

Remember that branch that missed me while walking, well it’s cousin, a smaller branch, caught me while working on the truck and bonked me right on the head.  Well it smarted for a short time but I looked up at the tree and wanted to shake my fist at it.  But that wouldn’t work either and since we’ve been experiencing a drought for too many years and my neighbors don’t water their trees and it was their tree that dropped the branch so chances are the tree will end up dropping a branch on my truck, so I might have to start parking out in the street on windy days.  My own tree in the front dropped a huge branch on my truck about 3 years ago and broke out a window and put 6 dents in the roof and guess what… no more front tree.  No not because of it hitting my truck, although that was the last straw.  It had to be taken down because it was almost dead and I couldn’t risk it hitting the roof of the house and destroying it.  So me and my 4 brothers took down the tree that was well over 4 ft circumference.  That was definitely a family affair and we all took our turn at playing lumberjack.

Okay so back to yesterday and get out of the past.  So I was feeling good because I walked and went in and showered trying to let the warm water ease the pain in my left arm and I’m still not sure what I did to hurt the arm but by the time I got out of the shower it was time for me to get ready to go.  I barely had enough time to throw some things together for dinner and run out the door to work.

Work was busy but peaceful because the EDQ was not there and I really love those days because I can think clearly and I don’t find myself tensing up like I do when she is there.  So why don’t I change locations?  Well I would loose my days off and I love having Friday/Saturday off.  It almost lets me feel like a normal person…hey, watch those comments about me being normal.  But the point is that I can do a few more things with friends and family.

So let me get right to my meals and then onto day 17 (5 days to go) which will be Tuesday’s diary entry.


BREAKFAST:  2 eggs w/cheese, 2 slices of bacon, 1 piece of toast, coffee – 13gm

LUNCH:  2 strips of bacon

DINNER:  hamburger patty with cheese and bacon, green beans, and for desert ice cream almost a cup – 52 gm

So that is Monday’s tale of woe…now to the next day.

7 Days Left And Disappointed At Weight

Well as the title suggests, I’m quite disappointed with my weigh in this morning.  As I said I had cheated and had a weigh in after the 5K race and I was 203.6.  So after all of that work out I decided to have a snack of Spanish Coffee which had a carb count of 6 gm and then had a piece of cheese.  Imagine my shock when 9 hours later I stepped on the scale and saw a weight of  203.8 pounds, then about 30 minutes later I stepped back on my scale and my weight then showed to be 203.3  pounds.  I went out and sprayed the yard for fleas and when I came back in I stepped on the scale and felt only a little bit better.  My weight is now 203.1 pounds.  So that means I need to take a look at what I’ve been eating or in some cases what I haven’t been eating.

After looking back at what I ate or more correctly what I didn’t eat and I can plainly see that I didn’t eat as many vegetables as I had during week one.  So I guess I need to work on eating more vegetables and increase the amount of exercise.  I know exercise is important but I’m still limited in when I can exercise mainly because I don’t get very much rest.  Guess I need to change things up because I sure as hell don’t want to be 200 pounds or more at the end of these last 7 days.  It will be very hard because my family is coming into town which means having problems making good food choices.

Well might as well start listing what I eat for the day.

BREAKFAST:  skipped

LUNCH:  avocado/bacon cheeseburger – 23gm

DINNER:  tuna salad, salad, green beans, piece of magherita pizza – 40 gm

LUNCH:  bacon/avocado cheeseburger – 22 gm

So I need to increase my exercise as well as increase the number of vegetables that I eat.  I DO NOT plan to weigh 200 or more at the end of the 7th day.  I will not allow let myself weigh that much.  Now I’m really going to have to get busy and exercise as well as cook better meals to end the 21 days.

I did get a bit of good news, I received an email telling me that something that I ordered earlier this month has been shipped.  I wasn’t originally expecting it until 3/11/13 but I do believe it will be there earlier.


Well dinner was a mistake, I was hungry still after my tuna salad, salad and green beans so I had the slice of pizza.  Big mistake, now I’m in misery.

Beginning to stress a bit more as I look at the expense of taking my Vancouver trip.  We are going to be staying about 9-10 days and that is a long time but in order to save more on plane fare I might have to stay a few extra nights, I guess I have to stop and think if it is worth staying the extra time or not.

I’m sorry to say that I will not be exercising tonight although I need to be doing that, but right now I’m just a little messed up in the head with the weigh in this morning.  Hope to have something better to write about tomorrow.

Exhausted With 8 Days Left

This has been an exhausting day.  I went to bed early last night about 2250 hours and was really tired with a touch of soreness in my lower back and I was quickly asleep but my sleep only lasted for about 40 minutes and that was the end of my sleep until about 0250 hours this morning.  so then I got up at 0610 hours and started getting ready for the 5K race.  Well I got up in time but boy was I tired.  I ran into a few friends from work but ended up walking with one of my friends.  Little did I know that I would walking at a much faster pace than I had planned on taking but it paid off, I finished the race in 55:05 minutes which for me is a great time.  I know that it really raised my heart rate which was a good thing and it really got me moving.

I finished the race and passed on the bananas that they were offering because it is too high in the carb count so I said so long to my friend got in my truck and drove home.  I had time to shower and then grab a quick bite before rushing off to get a massage.

Well it was interesting and he took the time to test a few things out and he said yes I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but there is also something in my upper shoulder/arm area which also is causing some of the problems.  So for almost an hour I got a massage and had some pain but it was worth it because the amount of numbness in my middle finger has improved quite a bit but I have exercises that I must do and I’m suppose to call him by Tuesday and let him know how I’m feeling.

So I tried to take a nape after the massage because 1-I was tired and 2-my back was sore…very sore.  Well I tried to lay down and it was hot in my bedroom.  So I shed the covers and tried to take a nap but thanks to my brother destroying the mattress that he left behind the middle of the mattress is damaged and all I can do is suffer through it.

Okay so I had bought an air mattress and thought it had a pump built in….wrong.  So we had to go buy a pump so off to the store I go and buy the pump.  I start to read it and learn that I got the wrong type of pump, it needs to be charged for 10 hours before it works.  Then I look around and discover that there is no power cord to the pump.  Which means the pump has to be returned because it isn’t working right and I will end up still sleeping on a horrible mattress.  I had wanted to buy a Sleep By Number bed but that didn’t work out and then I find out that the cheapest bed which was what I had planned on buying had several draw backs.  One problem is that they say you should lower the number until you decrease the red in their demo board.  Well unfortunately that means most people have to go down very low and because of that it means that you are closer to the baseboard so you don’t get a good sleep.  In order to avoid it you have to buy a super thick foam that makes the bed warmer which isn’t good for me because I’m like a mini heater.  So that means that I will have to buy a more expensive sleep by number bed or else get a new mattress.

That is a lot to think about especially with my friends wanting to do a trip to Vancouver in June and they want to stay for 9 days which means it will be expensive.  So I’ve got to make sure that I have money put aside because I do not make a whole lot of money where my friends are mostly computer programmers and make a heck of lot more money than me but we’re geeky friends.  Well I guess it is time to start budgeting for the trip so when I take my trip (DragonCon) during the labor day weekend so time to really save.  Also need to save because I want to buy a new camera for conventions which is a bit more than a point and shoot camera.

Well enough about that stuff, time to list what I’ve eaten for the day.

BREAKFAST:  eggs w/cheese, coffee – 3 gm

LUNCH:  bacon cheese sandwich – 20

DINNER:  1/4 medium size Margherita pizza, spinach/mushroom/chicken lasagna – 62 gm

Well as you can see my carb count is a lot higher today but I have to admit that I’ve been hungry most of the day.

Okay well I have to admit to a cheat that I did today.  I stepped on the scale this morning and almost broke down crying.  The scale showed my weight to 204.7 pounds and that obviously upset me but I still behaved myself sort of today.  After the race today someone told me to weigh myself which was better, 203.6 pounds.  Now that is less but one of the problems that I suffered is the fact that I haven’t had much sleep and we all know how good sleep is for us especially in trying to lose weight.  So tonight I’m going to try and go to sleep early before the weigh in tomorrow which I really hope will make me smile.  There is one good thing about eating my dinner although it was really pushing my limit, the good thing was that when I ate at about 1900 hours and I have not had anything to eat since then, just the last of my drink (non-alcoholic) and swallowing a few more ibuprofen tablets to ease the pain in my back I had from hiking and walking today.

I will probably end up doing more massages to help ease the pain in my back and to just make me feel better as I continue to be primal.

So hopefully I will be writing a happy blog tomorrow but the way things were I’m beginning to wonder and panic about tomorrow morning’s weigh in.

On The Go With 9 Days To Go

Well I’ve been on the go most of the day.  I woke up relatively early hoping to get a good breakfast in me before I got started for the day.  I decided that I would take the turnips that I had purchased a week or so earlier and use them as a substitute for hash browns because it was lower in carbs.  Well I almost burned them because I was trying to do something else but thankfully they were saved just barely in time.  Unfortunately I didn’t try and throw any spices or seasoning into the turnips so they weren’t such a great substitute for hash browns.

Well they will be fixed another time but not today.  They saw the bottom of the trashcan and I will work on them on another date, for this morning I decided that I wanted the real McCoy, I cooked some hash browns and they were yummy.  Well I had a good breakfast and then went out hiking.  I really had a good hike this time, yeah it got my heart racing and I had to pause going up a steep climb but at least I could stop for a moment.  Then I realized how hard my heart was beating so I slowed down my assent and guess what, my heart rate quickly decreased but still stayed up high enough for a good calorie burn.

So my mantra during the walk was “walk smarter not harder” and would mentally channel it when I had a few difficult climbs or descents and it really did help.  A younger female passed me on my last 1/2 mile and was soon beyond my sight.  I don’t know if it was because I walk so slow (which is probably the case) or if she is used to the trails.  I know that many people walk faster than me but that is okay, this isn’t a race and I”m doing the hiking for exercise.  I did a lot better on time probably because I didn’t take so much time to stop and take photos.  Heck I haven’t even downloaded the photos from the last two hikes.  One of these days I will remember to do that and hope they come out good.

It really was a wonderful hike, I would come across a few people but mostly I was out on the trails by myself doing my mantra in my head and just enjoying the walk.  That was exactly what I did and was in a great mood until I started driving home.

A week and a half ago one of the ladies at work asked if I had a shirt she could borrow so she could exercise.  Reluctantly I allowed her to borrow a shirt that I keep handy at work and then the next day I asked her for my t-shirt and she said that she didn’t have it and she hasn’t washed clothes yet.  Well on Monday she got snookered by some online loan scam so I loaned her money more money than I should have and I’m at least smart enough to realize that more than likely she will not ever pay me back.  Then the next day I ask her about my shirt and she said that she would bring it the next day.  Then yesterday I asked for my shirt back because I want to wear that particular shirt tomorrow during the walk.  She said that she would bring it to work and since I knew that I would be close to work for my hikes so I said okay.  Then today on the way back from my hike I called work and asked for my shirt but she said thought about it when she was showering this morning but left it at home.

Well I told her that I had asked her for it because I wanted to wear it tomorrow and then hung up the phone.  I can’t believe it, I’ve been asking for it and even said I needed it for Saturday then in a huff she left work to go get the shirt.  Of course next the EDQ made a big production of how the lady had to go all the way home and she would bring it back later.  Well the sad thing is that it meant that I would have to drive back to work to get the shirt.  But what really ticked me off was EDQ texting saying that I would have to wash it because it was dirty.

I went home and fumed a bit and then went out back and sprayed the yard for fleas, don’t know if it worked or not and even set off a flea bomb in the back room.  Showered then I went to pick up my shirt.  Well the lady who borrowed it was no longer at work and neither was my partner which was fine with me.  The shirt looked clean until I looked closer and spotted cat hair all over the neckline of the shirt.  The problem with that is that I’m highly allergic to cats to the point of having breathing difficulty and where the hair/dandruff touches me the places swell up and that is when I start having breathing difficulty.  So I get a clean shirt with cat hair back and she is quite aware of my allergies.

Moral to this story….No good deed goes unpunished.  I will never loan anything to this woman who likes to try and call me by a nickname that she has made up.  No one, not even my family calls me anything except how my first name is listed on my birth certificate.  I hate it when she calls me the name and she thinks it is cute, so I will have to remember about no good deed going unpunished.  If I could, I would switch locations of work but if I do then I will lose my great days off and I waited too long to get them.

Okay so my venting is done now and I’m busy looking forward to tomorrow’s walk especially since it will be 3.1 miles and today I hiked 3.4 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Of course it is not a land speed record but that means that once I do the race tomorrow the chances are that I will be able to get out of there in time so I can get home quickly after the race and shower before going for my neuromuscular massage.  I just hope it isn’t very expensive, I never discussed price when I made the appointment.  Oh well either way I’m looking forward to possibly getting more feeling and sensation back into my middle finger then I can flip off people and things and know it because I will feel it.  Okay so I’m a touch silly talking like that but at least it will mean that I won’t be making as many typing mistakes as I’m currently making.

Well let me go on and talk about what I ate for the day.

BREAKFAST:  2 eggs w/cheese, hash browns, 2 cups of coffee – 22 gm

LUNCH:  skipped, too busy hiking.

DINNER:  bacon cheeseburger, small salad – 21 gm

SNACK:  1/4 cup of Red Velvet Ice Cream – 24 gm

As you can see I’m doing pretty good as far as the carb count is going and I just have to drink a lot more water and then get to bed early and get some rest.  As a matter of fact when it hit 2000 hours I almost fell asleep but then I remembered that I would need to finish this entry because I may not be feeling good or may be a bit tender after tomorrow’s appointment.  I’m hoping for good results but don’t expect miracles right away but a bit of relief would be nice.

So I’m about ready to crash since I have to get up at least by 0600 hours in the morning which I really don’t want to do but if I want to make the race I need to wake up that early.  So thanks for being there and letting me vent and because of you being gracious I think I can sleep more peaceful and be prepared for an exciting day tomorrow.

10 Days To Go

Wow, so here I am with only 10 days left on the 21 days of being primal and I think that I’m doing okay, but thinking can be hazardous to my health.

Let me get the griping out of the way.  The EDQ was at it in the beginning and was almost out of control and too often I could not hear people on the telephone nor people who came up to the window, but thankfully she settled down.

So what else did I do…Lots!

Today I went and picked up the packet for the 5K race/walk that I will be participating in this Saturday.  I would have enjoyed sticking around but my plan is to get the walk over and done with and then I have to hustle to another side of town so I can be at the office for my neuromuscular massage.  One of the guys at work is insisting I go through the Brown Hand Center but I think that I’m going to try some alternative methods.  I’ve tried Acupuncture twice but once I sat up with the needles still in my back when the alarm went off signaling the electrical current had stopped.  However, there is still a knot in my shoulders and now two weeks later it is still sore so maybe on the massage he will help the muscle.  I’m also looking forward to him possibly ridding me of the numbness in my middle finger so if I want to flip the bird at someone I can.  No that is not the only reason, I’m having a lot of problem typing and having to go back a lot to correct mistakes because of the numbness.  But that massage isn’t until Saturday so I will see how things go.

I figured I will do my best to find alternative methods because I really don’t want to go under the knife, I still have the fear of waking up in the middle of someone cutting on me.  I think that I have some reason to worry because one time when I busted open my chin in a car accident it took a lot of meds and shots to numb up the area.  The problem with that was the fact that I could feel what they were doing but when they stuck the needle through my skin to stitch up the chin I had to let them know that I could feel everything.  So imagine my fear that although they give you a local, I’m afraid that I will start feeling things and I will involuntarily move and cause more damage or I will feel a whole lot of pain, so I’ll try to avoid the knife.  Hey there is a history of this in my family.  My uncle who just died last week woke up in the middle of his surgery and tried to get up off of the table, scaring the shit out of the doctors and all in the OR.  So I’ll try the alternative over the knife.

Oh well let me hurry up and get my consumption over and one with.

BREAKFAST:  coffee, bacon – 2 gm

LUNCH:  2 turkey franks chili cheese dogs, 1 slice of bread, Fritos – 30

DINNER:  lettuce bacon cheeseburger, pea salad – 11 gm

SNACK:  1/4 cup Red Velvet Blue Bell Ice Cream – 24 gm


So it was a kind of busy day.  As I stated, I went and picked up my race packet and then I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and found a new coffee, a Hawaiian and I didn’t get a chance to try it before or during work so I guess I will try it out tomorrow morning.  Okay see it is made by the same people who made Kona coffee K-Cups.  So I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning and a new coffee, hoping it taste good.

Well tomorrow will be a busy day.  I want to go hiking, then have to mow the lawn, spray the lawn and then bug bomb the inside of the house .  It will be a busy day tomorrow.

I took a look at my pedometer and things are looking good that way.  So now I’m beginning to feel a little bit better about things but still a bit apprehensive of my weigh in on Sunday morning.  I know I need to relax and not think about it too much but I can’t help but be nervous.  I did so good last week and I’m just afraid that my weight will have increased or that I will only have lost mere a tenth of a pound, so I guess that is why I’m so determined to keep on exercising.

Oh yeah so I was lucky enough to have walked 1 1/2 mile on the treadmill at work.  Yeah for me.

Day 11 Was Good

I’m sure you’re thinking, yeah right day 11 was good but you might doubt it because I forgot to write about it, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t stay on the primal path.  I stayed true to it and I also exercised.

It was a busy morning, I went to bed late and woke up later than I wanted so that meant that I had to get busy and clean up so I could go grocery shopping so I could get things to keep me true to the diet.  So off I went grocery shopping without a chance for breakfast but I wasn’t really hungry until I got home from shopping.  Well I decided it was time to eat so I had a great lunch, a chili cheese dog and chips.  Now I’m sure you’re thinking.. whoa there that can’t be right!  Well I bought turkey franks which only have 5 grams of carbs per frank, I use regular bread, hot dog chili and shredded cheese and when I’ve been eating chips they are Fritos.  They give a carb count on Fritos based on 32 chips which have a carb count of 16, so I’ve only had 16 chips each time, just enough to let me eat them but not go crazy.

Let me go ahead and get the food listing over with and then I’ll talk about the rest of the day.

BREAKFAST:  Oops, missed it.

LUNCH:  2 chili cheese dogs and Fritos – 40 gm

SNACK:  coffee w/creamer – 2 gm

DINNER:  salad, cheesy hash browns, cheese hamburger patty, pea salad – 30 gm

Well now that the food listing is over I can figure out why so much of yesterday was just a good day…oh yeah it was although my work partner was an EDQ earlier in the shift, by the end of the evening she was almost as if she was out of steam and had settled down.  Of course in the beginning of the day she was yakking and of course she had to tell us about the latest problem with her puppy.  When I told her that she needed to correct her dog she said that she knows what she is doing because her other two older dogs used to do that but then they stopped doing it now that they are older.  EDQ continued telling anyone who would listen about her dog until they finally told her to stop and told her how to correct it. The funny thing was she listened to them and their reasoning and EDQ got very quiet then, as if her feelings had been hurt but she started looking on the internet to watch Nancy Grace.  So it was a relatively quiet evening and it made it rather pleasant to work on the night.

So it was an interesting night after EDQ talked herself out and best of all is that everyone is beginning to see how annoying EDQ can be so more of them are telling her to stop repeating things.  Finally someone else sees what hell I’ve been through the last year.  The first eight months she was assigned to work at the location she was loud but not as loud as she is now and she wasn’t as excitable but that was then and now, well now I guess I just have to put on a thicker skin until she tires herself out which means when most of the personnel leave work which is 2000 hours, which means that for 5 hours I have to put up with her but I can survive and I will.

One easy way is for me to think about what I need to do in the form of exercise and usually once things slow down, I will take my break and go walk on the treadmill which makes her answer the phones and pretty much makes her stay at the desk.  So I think I will try to take my break again, for almost 5 years I have not had a chance to take my breaks so now on the days that I have a partner I need to do some walking on either the treadmill or else out in the parking lot.  So yippy for me a way to work things out for the betterment of me by walking.  The more steps I take the better off I am for the day and it also helps me to lose weight.

So I did 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill and that combined with my walking around at the grocery store gave me almost a count of over 10,000 steps for the day.  On day 11 I liked my step counter but I don’t have a good feeling about today’s step count.

Got home and had a couple of shots of double chocolate vodka and went to bed relatively early.  So now I’m off to start working on today’s (day 12’s entry), so I’ll see ya soon.