Day 13 & 14 – A bad weekend

Just as the title suggests, day 13 and 14 are not exactly very good for me.  I was supposed to make my acupuncture appointment at 1300 hours but seeing that I was on the road I didn’t make the appointment and I wish I could have made it because my hand is killing me.

So I waited an extra day at my brother’s house in hopes of seeing his mother-in-law before heading back home but things were not very good on Friday morning.  She had been going down hill and Friday was a very bad day for her.  When she did wake up she was riddled with nausea so they allowed her to sleep.  So I went to see her and say goodbye to her as well as say goodbye to her daughter.  Since she was asleep, we just peeked in at her and then told her daughter to tell her mother that we loved her and we left.  I guess I can count myself lucky because I did get a chance to talk with her on Tuesday when I arrived there but that was the last time I spoke with her and she was able to joke around with me.  I count myself lucky.

Well now to get on to the eating part.  We didn’t know one minute to the next when or if we would even get a chance to see our friend.  So while gassing up my truck at a local station, my brother had bragged so much about so I bought some doughnuts for the family.  I split a chocolate covered doughnut with my mother.  But that isn’t the end of my bad eating, getting ready to head out on the road I grabbed a Chick-fil-a meal and then for dinner I had a turkey burger, tortilla chips and guacamole.  So now that I’ve talked about how bad I ate let me go ahead and start counting things.

BREAKFAST:  1/2 chocolate doughnut  – 22 grams

LUNCH:  Chick-fil-a meal with diet drink – 86 grams

DINNER:  turkey burger, chips and guacamole – 45 grams

So as you can see I am way over 100 grams and just in the maintenance weight for carb counting.

So yesterday I was on the road coming home when I hit a particular city and although it was about 1500 hours, there was still a whole lot of traffic and we pretty much came to a grinding halt several times on the freeway.  Unfortunately that is when my lovely 20 year old truck started acting up.  At first I thought it was the grade of incline that was causing me to loose power but then the truck started to vibrate.  Well I was 90 miles away from home and since I was still stuck on inclines but very soon as I got out of that horrible city traffic my truck was shimming every time I tried to accelerate and it seemed as if the truck wasn’t able to retain speed without a lot of effort on my part.  So for 90 miles I drove it back to hometown and right over to the mechanic’s garage and it won’t be until Monday that I will find out what is wrong with my truck.  It can be a broken motor mount or something causing my engine missing which might be as simple as a bad plug or it could be more expensive.

Thankfully my younger brother just finished teaching so he was able to meet us at the garage and took us with our stuff home then he was really nice and said that he would take us grocery shopping and although we got some stuff there was a lot we forgot to get since we were in a hurry to let him get back to his wife.  We called my older brother with the dying mother-in-law and there was no change and we learned that she had been sleeping almost all afternoon.

Well once home I was having a problem staying away and by the time 2200 hours came about I was ready to go to bed but I finished watching a movie and then I was wide awake.  So at close to midnight I got ready for bed but it never worked out and unfortunately it wasn’t until 0500 hours in the morning and woke up at 0830 hours but fell back asleep until 0900 hours.  So I didn’t get much sleep and I’m hoping that I will get a bit more sleep tonight.

When I got home yesterday I found my Virgin Miles pedometer which I’m going to use with work and maybe get some benefit from my walking.  I started it today and have over 5,000 on it, I think it is set for steps.  It is higher because I took a short walk, 1.36 which is good but my right hip started hurting again.

Finally I figured out what might be causing the pain in my hip and what could be causing it to hurt so much.  It has been hurting 1 1/2 years which was just about how long the running board on my truck has been broken, well not broken but a part of the support arm where I step to get into the truck fell off and I’ve just been too lazy to crawl under my truck to try and affix it into place.  When I get my truck back I will take the piece and my truck to my nephew who works at a garage and have him attach it so I can use my running board again and I know that will decrease the pain in my hip.  Like I said that pain is only in my left hip and I felt it the other day as I was getting into my truck.  It reminded me that this is the only time in which both of my legs are not doing the same type of action.  Good golly it only took me 1 1/2 years to figure that out.  How dumb is that!!  Don’t answer that because it is really dumb.

So today on day 14 I took a walk and skipped breakfast but didn’t do so good afterwardsm hyst see the listing below.

BREAKFAST:  cup of coffee w/creamer  – 2

LUNCH:  Bacon cheese burger & chips – 42

DINNER:  peanut butter & jelly on toast – 50

SNACK:  hurricane drink –  20

Well as you can see thanks to my late night snack I’ve busted myself back down to the maintenance level of carb count.  Why especially after what happened last weekend?  Well I’ll tell you right now I’m looking for something, anything to dull the thought of all of the things going on.  I don’t want to worry about the cost of repair to my truck, I’m a little happy because my friend dying of cancer is having a better day and it looks now as if she will be able to see the Super Bowl which was what she was determined to do.

So I guess I should end up listing my good and bad things and wrap it up for the day and maybe, just maybe I can get some sleep today.  I will need it because I will have to leave for work very early because I will be taking the bus to work but then catching a taxi home tomorrow night.  Normally if it was closer to summer I would consider bicycling home but where I work is where a lot of DWI drivers are caught and it is usually because they are drunk and have run up on sidewalks so I’ll just rent a car if my truck won’t be ready after Monday.

Until Sunday, take care and I’ll write how good or bad I’m doing.

GOOD:   Completed goal of being closer to 200 pounds than what I was when I started this on the 21st of this month.  My goal was to be closer to 200 pounds and when i got on the scale today I was at 204.9, which is a total loss of 4.2 pounds.  I could have done better but I really didn’t do much to control how I ate and the amount of exercise.  So I guess I will have to maintain more focus on eating and exercising.  After all I need to end up getting more steps per day.


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