Day 16 Alternatives Found

As the title suggested, I’m finding some alternatives for what I’ve been craving which is STARCH and CARBS!!!!!!!   So yesterday I had interrupted my typing of the information so that I find some healthier alternatives to what I was craving and boy did I have to do some real hard looking.  I went to Mark’s Daily Apple site to try and find some alternatives and I searched the cookbooks dealing with Primal Blueprint to see if there was some sort of substitute and found one.  I’ve been really craving mashed potatoes and found a meal where it mentioned taking cauliflower and blending it down to the consistency of mashed potatoes so the idea was there in my head and I had some shopping to do so that was what I did after I got off of work.

I should have walked yesterday but that didn’t happen.  So this morning I wake up and after spending an hour trying to go to sleep I finally get to sleep only to wake up a few hours later to the sound of neighbor dogs barking and for a few moments I thought it was my dog barking so I was startled out of my sleep and was out of bed in a flash.  I realized that it wasn’t my dogs barking so I got back into bed and went back to sleep.  I’ve been so tired with only about 4-6 hours of sleep for the last few days and I tried to go back to sleep after waking up at 0730 hours.  So that lasted until about 0900 hours this morning when my mechanic called me and told me that I had a cracked distributor cap and went on and the long story short is basically replace parts and do a tune up so I told him to do it because I needed it for my baby truck.  Yes it is a baby truck because it is a V6 and not a V8.

So I’m up and then my mother tells me that her remote control for her cable box is out so I have to quickly hop in the shower, as I’m drinking my coffee and rush out and take my mom to the cable store, run and pick up coffee and hope she doesn’t have to wait too long for me and then come home and fix lunch/dinner for myself.  I had a hankering for fried chicken and with the oat flour, cauliflower and turnips I bought hopefully will be a nice substitute for hash browns or at least I’m hoping that will work out but that will happen another day, ran out of time today.

So went home and cooked fried chicken and made mashed cauliflower only instead of using regular flour I used oat flour. It gave it a different taste and texture and unfortunately it absorbed too much of the grapeseed oil.  So let me get right to it when it comes to my eating.  First I’m a bad person, I had bought some Girl Scout cookies and had to try a few.

2 Dulce de Leche cookies  – 10 g

3 Tag Alongs – 20 g

3 Savannah Smiles – 14 g

So as you can see I’ve already done quite a bit of damage so let me to ahead and account for all of my other bad stuff.


BREAKFAST:  coffee, 2 slices of bacon – 2 g

LUNCH:  fried chicken breast w/mashed cauliflower – 26 g

DINNER:  friend chicken breast w/mashed cauliflower – 26 g


Okay well I’m pushing my count but I’m coming up with 98 grams of carbs per day.  Not bad but I could have done better but at least I’m killing my craving for foods that are bad for me.  Of course I would have been better if I hadn’t had the cookies but after just a few I felt sick.  Maybe lesson learned.

Maybe I should step on the scale again because I went from 204 to 207.8 on the scale today.  Not very good at all.

Was hoping to go walking after work but I’m actually quite tired so I think I will try to call it an early night and maybe try to get to sleep before 0300 hours in the morning.  This lack of sleep if killing me.  But at least tomorrow I get my truck back and it will be nice to be in my truck.

Now the VW Golf is nice but it has bucket seats and I have large thighs, have always had large thighs since I was a kid but boy howdy does it make it uncomfortable to drive sitting in those seats.  Back to the broad seat of my truck tomorrow.  Ohhhh life in the luxury seat….not but I can pretend!


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