Day 17 – Happy Driver

Yes today is a very happy day for me, I got back my baby pickup truck and although my wallet is considerably lighter now than it was this morning.  Of course this morning my truck was still in the shop and I hadn’t paid for the repair work.  So I turned in my vehicle I was happy because I would barely be catching a bus so that I could get close to the repair shop.  Unfortunately the shuttle driver spotted someone returning a vehicle and he turned around and waited for her, never mind that there was already a shuttle waiting at the check out counter.  Now I try to be nice most of the time and so I didn’t say anything but in a way I wish that I would have said something.

Twenty minutes later the lady got out from the building and she got in the shuttle and by the time we got to the airport where I was to catch my city bus, well I missed the bus by 8 minutes and so I had to wait 35 minutes before the next bus came.  Well it wouldn’t have been bad if it wasn’t so warm and the sun was shinning right in my eyes.  Finally caught the bus and then got off at a station and waited another 15 minutes before the bus I needed so then I got off and walked for about 10 minutes to the repair shop.

It was so great to get behind the wheel of my truck, I had to adjust the seat and was a bit shocked when I saw how much gas was used, but at least I was behind the wheel of my own truck.  I love my truck and have for almost 20 years now.  Come this April, my truck will be 20 years old and I got it with only 17 miles on the vehicle and I had put 10 of those on the vehicle myself on a test drive.  So my little world was a happy world and then I had to come to work.

Let’s just say that it is going to be a long 3 days because that is how long I will have to work with EDQ.

Then I just heard from my brother and his mother-in-law is slipping away and they don’t expect her to live through the week.  I will miss her dearly.

So since I have been having trouble sleeping, I tried to sleep in but my body objected and I got up and then started getting cleaned up so I could return the VW Golf.  So I got home and had lunch and prepared my dinner for work.  So what did I have?   Well I’ll tell you.

BREAKFAST:  skipped, ran out of time

LUNCH:  baked potato w/butter, cheese, hot dog chili – 40 g

DINNER:  fried chicken, mashed potatoes – 30 g

Now I really opted to put a heavier count on the baked potato simply because I was feeling so guilty for having it.  So far things are looking really good as far as carb counts goes because I’m well under 100 grams for the day.

I’m hoping to do some walking after work, I just need to be nice and let EDQ leave early.  Besides I need to speak to my relief about ordering some stuff for work.

Well I had wanted to buy something for myself and had hoped that it could be used as a reward for losing weight but I haven’t really lost enough to do any type of celebrating.  Part of my problem is the inconsistency of not regularly exercising and my step counter (pedometer) shows it for the last day or so.

So tonight I will have a smile on my face as I drive home because I will be driving my baby truck once again.  That is what is keeping me happy as work today because EDQ is still pissed at me and giving me the cold shoulder.  The best thing about that is the fact that it means that it is quiet in here today.  Yeah!!!!

Okay well got to go for now and do some real work that I’m supposed to get paid for doing.


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