Sure I say cookies no, but unfortunately I didn’t say no.  I had ordered GS cookies earlier in January and they arrived and so I had to eat some of what I bought.  Well I bought another box because my mother wanted some and my friends at work ended up eating half a box.

So let me say that I’m quite bad because I had some GS cookies this afternoon after lunch.

So let me go ahead and get the bad news over with.

BREAKFAST:  no time, not even for coffee

LUNCH:  tuna sandwich, 4 Savannah Smiles cookies, Bluebell Red Velvet ice cream  –  63 g

DINNER:  bacon/cheeseburger pattie, mashed potatoes w/cream/butter/bacon/cheese  – 24 g

Oh my….I’m below 100 grams for the day and best of all I did some walking earlier, just barely over a mile but at least I got out and walked and that is what counts.  I’m hoping to do something good for me this weekend or at least that is the plan but you know what the say about good plans… they often go wacko.  Hey had to put it into modern terms.

So I’m sitting here waiting for the end of shift so one of my co-workers will pick up the Samoa cookies that I bought for her and her boyfriend, better they eat it than me!



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