21 Days To Go

So if you’ve been following on my main site you will see that I’ve started my 21 days of going Primal.  I was going to wait one more day before starting it because I made some awesome macaroni and cheese from scratch which was okay for a first attempt but I knew that I could improve.  I almost convinced myself to hold off until Monday and start things like everyone else until I stepped on the scale this morning.

Yep, you guessed it, massive weight gain.  I was 208 when I took the days off and as of this morning I weighed in at a whopping 210.8 pounds rounded up means that I weigh 211 pounds.  That is a gain of 3 pounds in the three days that I took off from eating good.  Yeah you heard me right took off from eating good because those days I mostly had a stomach ache and was chomping on TUMS like they were candy.  It was a combination of stressing out from my friend dying and just feeling empty inside.

Things basically suck at work thanks to EDQ but then again I shouldn’t let it bother me but it does.  Then the other day I came across something on Facebook and it made me start to think about some of the things I do and about how maybe I should adopt some of these ideas.  They are suggestions to be happy.  Now I don’t agree with all of them but it is something else besides being primal that I will be working on.

Ways To Be Happy:

Give up your self-defeating self-talks – unfortunately this is what I tend to do a lot, meaning that I judge and rethink over most of my actions and it only seems to upset me the more I think about it.  So I will stop being so self-defeating.

Give up complaining – now this one seems impossible for me to do because I think it is in my nature to complain but actually it isn’t.  It is something that I learned and based on the way I complain I must have retaken the class over and over again.  So that means I’ve just got to accept that my complaining won’t do anything but stress me out.  But I will probably vent once and do it so no one else will hear me.

Give up excuses – well this one really will hit home as I struggle with my 21 days of focused primal eating and exercising.  I can’t use the excuse that we were having bad weather so I couldn’t do some exercises because today I’m defeating that idea by doing small amounts of exercises.

Give up your resistance to change – this should be easy because I like to believe that I’m adaptable but sometimes it takes something being dropped in my lap or on my head for me to change.  So I will believe that change can make a difference especially in my attitude.

Exercise – I know that so many people have said it and I actually remember in my past that I really enjoyed exercising and it put me in a great mood even when poop hit the fan and I didn’t know if I would be able to pay a bill or two.  I just exercised and soon the stress of the situation eased and I remember being happier.  So definitely exercise even if it is just my inside laps in the building.  I’ll elaborate more later.

Be more accepting – I need to remember that not everyone thinks the same as I do (I know a real shocker!) and that I need to be a more tolerant and accepting of their different opinion. Even when I believe that they are totally wrong, I will not argue my beliefs because they have a right to their opinion as do I.  So I’ll just take it with a grain of salt so it doesn’t increase the number of gray hairs on my head.  Sorry but I’m fighting going gray which is why I visit my hair stylist at least once a month, she does great work.

So those are things that I will be trying to do while I begin this 21 day journey into better eating and a change in my weight.  I know that my weight will be decreasing because I will follow through on better eating and exercising most of all because I believe in me.  No one else may especially seeing how many times I’ve failed at trying to lose weight but for 21 days I will concentrate .

Got to take a quick time and do my next 5 minute walk which I’ll write about when I get back.

Well I’m back and that is the second time today at work that I’ve done my 5 minute walk.  So when I can’t go out and exercise before work or don’t feel like doing it after work, I will do 5 minute walks around the building with my coming back to the front desk where I work every minute.  This way I can stop and answer a call or handle people who might come into my building.  So that is my inside 5 workout.  I’m going to be adding some wall pushbacks very soon to help strengthen my arms.

What are wall pushbacks?  Well since I have

CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and it is actually bugging the heck out of my, I can not put a lot of weight on my hands.  So I will take the push up bars and use them against the wall.  I start out up against the wall then take a few steps away from the wall, keeping my feet together I will lean in to the wall and push back up just like a pushup only I’m vertical instead of horizontal but still having to use my arms to push away from the surface.

So what exactly will I be doing for 21 days, well I’ll be focusing on my food, exercise and better outlook on things at work.  Which means no more of my complaining about EDQ, I’ll just come to work and do my job the best I can do and then go home at the end of the shift.  I might have to do some deep breathing exercises to remain calm but better than raising my blood pressure and making myself more stressed.

Now that I’ve stated some of my choices let me begin listing what I have eaten and will be eating today.

BREAKFAST:   coffee w/creamer, 2 slices of bacon – 2 grams

LUNCH:  grilled chicken breast cheese sandwich  – 20 grams

DINNER:  friend chicken, mashed potatoes (1/2 med potato baked)  – 25 grams



Well that brings me up to exercising which has been severely lacking in the past.  So far today I’ve at least made an effort to do something which is at least do interior building walking twice so far and I hope to do it at least twice more before the end of my shift at 2300 hours.

Of course you realize that the moment you start something like a diet that is when you always have something that you wanted to cook or just cooked something and had it left over.  Or often in my case that is when I get the craving for a drink and I don’t mean a diet drink; I’m talking about alcoholic beverages.  I could swear that I hear my growing liquor collection calling out to me and telling me that I need to visit them.  Well they will have to wait for a while but of course I didn’t really have a desire for a mixed drink until I started this 21 days of hell, or at least that is what it will probably turn out to be for me but I’m hoping instead it will be 21 days of happiness because of the end result.

I see my target in my head and I know after my 3 pound weight gain I don’t have the luxury of waiting a few more days to start my diet because too much time has passed and too many pounds have found their way onto my body.  I plan to be fitting much more comfortably in my work pants at the end of 21 days.  So we’ll see how everything goes.

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