20 days to go

Just as it is stated above, I’m on day 2 of the 21 days of being Primal.  Well I haven’t been taking any vitamins, heck I’m lucky that I even remembered to take my BP meds.  I know that I should have gotten up early this morning but when 0300 hours came around this morning I decided that it was time to go to bed.  I woke up earlier because dogs in the neighborhood were barking and I almost shouted out the window for my dog to be quiet when I remembered she isn’t there any more.

So I rolled back over and went to sleep and was extremely pleased with the fact that I managed to get 7 hours of sleep for the day.  That is nearly unheard of for me and most of all I was very happy that my back wasn’t killing me.  I desperately need a new mattress but just as I think about buying a particular kind I decide that isn’t what I want and put off the purchase…once again.  I hate to say it but I probably get deeper sleeps when I’m out of town and spending the night at convention hotels.  Yeah I know weird.

Since I slept in that meant that I didn’t get a chance to go hiking like I wanted but today was anything but slow and relaxed.  I got up and had to cook my bacon for the week and then got ready to fry up some more chicken breasts when I realized that they didn’t fully defrost in the frig so I had to do a quick melt which slightly changed the taste of the chicken when it is fried.  Hey, I had a piece tonight for dinner and could taste the difference.

Still keeping along the lines of busy, I got my new uniform pants but not my shirts but that is okay because that way I only had to wash the pants and a few other things for work.  The pants fit good but not as loose as they fit when I tried them on last year which means….I’m fatter than last year.  So that is another incentive for me to stay on the 21 days of Primal.

As long as we’re talking weight let me tell you what very bad thing I did yesterday and today. Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to eat my salad or the strawberries so I added them to my meal for dinner tonight which was good but I think I ate too much at one time.  So what did I do today that was bad, well read on.

The rest of the afternoon up until the time I had to start getting ready for work was hectic as I was cooking and then washing clothes.  I barely had time to dry my new pants before running off to work but at least I managed to clean up most of my mess from cooking except for the oil in the pan which I will have to tackle this evening when I get home.

I had the best intentions of doing so much but the allure of sleep was too overwhelming.  It really shows in my face when I get enough sleep the bags under my eyes decrease and the dark circles fade.

Well now let me get back to the bad thing that I did today.  Well I weighed myself yesterday morning when I started this and my weight was 210.8 rounding up to 211.  Well this morning I got on the scale and was pleasantly surprised that the scale now showed me to be 207.9 pounds.  That is only encouragement but not something that I will rely on but it sure proves what good rest and watching what I eat can make a difference.  It didn’t exactly make my pants fit any looser but it is a start.

I would love to think that by the end of the month my pants will fit looser but that isn’t going to happen until I start focusing on exercising as well as watching what I eat.

I don’t know if it was the anxiety of starting this yesterday or what but today I really feel hungry.  Let me show you what I ate and for those of you following, I went back and corrected the listing of food that I ate but kept the carb count the same, I figured what the heck why not just leave it so I can stay determined for now….20 more days but that is only for the next 1 1/2 hours because then it will be 19 days to go.

So I weighed myself and was encourage but I’m afraid that my weight will move back and forth a few pounds but if I see it go up then I will probably flip out and be discouraged.  So I’m hoping to stay off of the scale and maybe if I get enough things done this evening after work then I can go to bed at a decent hour and at least go walking for the day.

This is the second day in a row that I’ve forgotten to attach the Virgin Miles pedometer to me as I leave for work so my stats will look like I was a slug.  I’ve got to remember to bring my pedometer with me to work so I can start accounting for my steps.

Foods I ate:

BREAKFAST:  cup of coffee w/creamer, 2 slices of bacon – 2 gm

LUNCH:  4 oz of friend chicken breast = 13 gm

DINNER:  salad w/tomatoes/cauliflower/mushrooms/grilled chicken, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cut up strawberries in Stevia – 42 gm

LATE NIGHT SNACK:  2 slices of bacon, cheese – 0 gm


Yes this bit is quite late in being posted mainly because I started it at work and forgot about posting it after I got home from work.  I could not believe how hungry I was for the night.  I was practically starving at work and then once I got home I was hungry.  Not just wanting to just snack or something sweet but I wanted protein so I grabbed what I believed would be healthy snacks.  Maybe not a great choice because I ate so darn late but I was actually hungry.  So now I’ll let you go because I’ve got to start on day 3 of 21 days on my diet.  Seeing that I’m already up for the morning with only about 5 hours of sleep.  This sleep cycle sucks.



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