Day 3 of 21 days

Rough start this morning, first I didn’t get to bed until about 0300 hours this morning and then I got awaken by a phone call  just before 0800 hours from one of my uncles, telling me that his brother had died.  Now I got the wonderful task of calling my brother who just lost his mother-in-law because my mother was up there visiting him during his family’s loss so he could tell her the news.  My mother is quite a remarkable and strong woman.

So I just had a sucky start to the day and so far 2013 is turning out to be a rough year, I can only hope that things get better…Please let them get better!

I don’t know why I continue to get emails from different diet gurus, but I did actually read a tip from one of the emails and may try to implement that into my 21 days because it makes sense.  Now this person kind of rips on people doing low carb diets stating that it is doing more harm to the body, yet according to him you can eat more carbs and still lose weight with the trick being when to eat your carbs.  It talks about good, better and best times to take in carbs, but of course you need to be on his diet plan as well as exercise programs in order for it to really work.  But he did give some advice that makes you at least scratch your head and wonder if it might help by implementing his good, better and best time to consume carbs.

So what was his suggestions for good time to consume carbs, in the morning when the body has gone through a fasting time, but that is pretty close to what Primal/Paleo dieting suggests.  Unfortunately because I come home starved and eat a snack I seldom am hungry in the morning.  Hmmm, maybe that is why I’m having problems loosing and perhaps I should switch things around.  Then the better time to eat carbs is 3-4 hours before you exercise, but of course then you need to do his exercises that he says everyone can do.  But the best time to eat carbs is after exercising because it allows the body to better absorb the carbs without it becoming fat.

The only problem with that which I forsee is that usually I exercise after I get off of work at 2300 hours because in my line of work it also allows me to let go of the troubles and stress from work, so can you see where this might cause me a problem.  It might not be so bad normally for the 9-5 group but for the evening shift and graveyard shift people this idea can cause problems.  But rather than dwell on schedule problems I think that I will do my best to try and adapt to some of these suggestions by eating more at breakfast and cutting back when I know I won’t be as active in the evening.  Hey it is work a try and as long as I’m sticking to my Primal idea I can’t see where it would hurt to try and adapt my timing for consuming carbs.

So now time for breakfast, see you after breakfast.

Well unfortunately I didn’t get back to you after breakfast because I had to do a lot of cleaning up before I ran off for work and unfortunately I’m just getting back to you now on day 4 instead of day 3.

Let me tell you that there has been so many times that I’ve been offered this and offered that to eat, I’m referring to GS Cookies but each time I’ve resisted.  Almost had to give myself a Gibbs slap to the back of the head (see NCIS) to not be tempted by the cookies, although I ordered some more cookies so I could give some to my mother.  I might grab a few when they come in but since the cookies won’t be in until after the 21 days are gone I might allow myself that luxury.  But by then I’m really hoping that I will have a better pattern of exercising going.  But on a brighter note I walked a mile on the treadmill at work.  It wasn’t much but at least I got up off my tush and walked.

Now where was I…. oh yeah busy.  As a matter of fact shortly after breakfast I was so busy that I barely had time to shower and then head off for work.  It is amazing how much housework there is to do especially before 2 in the afternoon, a whole lot is all I can say.  Part of it is because I have a stubborn dishwasher (namely me) who really doesn’t like washing dishes but it is necessary especially since I love to cook and I hate to cook in a dirty kitchen so that means I get to clean the kitchen.

So I get to work and we are busy right off the bat which is about 1500 hours (3 pm) and it is busy until 1700 hours which is sort of unusual but it was good because it kept us working.  Yes EDQ was working with me today but because she is done with her B-12 shots so she was not quite as hyper.

Well I took a look at the time and I’ve got to get busy on day 4 so let me quickly wrap up day 3 with the food that I ate.

BREAKFAST:  2 eggs w/cheese, bacon, coffee – 3 gm

DINNER:  Fried chicken, cheesy noodles, green beans – 59 gm

Now I will tell you that I weighed the dinner on the heavy side of carbs and chances are the foods that I ate were not quite that heavy in the carb count but better to weigh in on the side of heavy so I can stay within my 100 gm count.

Okay got to go and sorry for the late post but guess what…. it is working.

On morning of day 3 weighed myself and I was at 207.9 so it is working.  Yes I know bad me for weighing in but it helps encourage me when I am feeling weak and baby with all of the snack and treats at work, boy oh boy am I feeling weak.


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