Day 5 of 21 is rough

Well things are a bit rough today.  Had our 15 minute viewing of my Uncle and then tried to go out for lunch with my brother.  They wanted Mexican food so I was limited to what I could eat.  So I ordered beef fajitas in corn tortillas and figured I would maybe have half a tortilla with the beef.  Well I get served my tacos so I wait for my brother and mother to get their food but guess what, it is 8 minutes before they are served their meals.  So then as I open my tacos to eat, I see that they are chicken, not beef as I had ordered.  I had to wait for the waitress to return and she told me that I said chicken.  I corrected her and said I had ordered beef and my mother said that I did order beef.  Then she told me that she would see if there were some beef fajitas that were ready, meaning that she would be taking them from someone else’s order.  I told her to forget about it because by the time she would get back my brother and mother would be finished with their meal, so I told her to just take those off the ticket and she looked at me as if I had grown a second head.  Go figure me not wanting to pay for something I didn’t order or eat.

Okay so I rush home and my CTS is really acting up and killing me.  I have a quick lunch and then make my way to the alternate station that I have to work since my partner is refusing to honor her promise of working the next 3 times for me when I’m assigned to work an alternate station.  I’m pushing things so I can be there on time when a train comes blocking my way to the station with no way to back out of the traffic jam.  So we sit there for over 5 minutes and then rush all around once the arms are lifted.  I get to work and ask about a refrigerator so I can put my health meal in and am told that there isn’t one.  I try the “Lactate Room” which was just set up for women to nurse or to pump (what happened to the bathroom???) only the office is locked and no one can go in there.  So one lady offers me a spot but there is no room in the small dorm size frig.  I find a little bit of space in the larger dorm frig but then the ice cream that I had brought as a treat is now melted and I have to eat that right away.

I check on my chair to sit down only it won’t rise up if I sit in the chair I am eye level with the counter.  I almost asked for several phone books to sit on but they have thrown away the phone books.  So I will just have to stand up to do business. Right not I’m sitting and typing on a mini file cabinet and gritting my teeth because my fingers are going a bit more numb than usual.

Waiting to hear from a friend to get a ballpark figure on CTS surgery at the Brown Hand Center.  Not fully covered by my insurance provider so the price might be a deciding factor right now.

But on a less than brighter note, I guess I should list what I’m having for food today.

BREAKFAST:  coffee, bacon – 2 gm

LUNCH:  hamburger patty w/cheese, guacamole on top, 5 tortilla chips – 17 gm

DINNER:  1/2 cup Bluebell Red Velvet Cake ice cream (melted), tunafish salad w/grated parmesan – 25 gm


It looks as if I won’t be able to go walking today because although I have a light duty person working with me, he doesn’t do anything but watch Navy Seal videos on the computer.  Twice I’ve asked him to turn it down so I think he might be slightly deaf.

I really need a drink today and seeing that so far I’m right at 44 grams of carbs I think I can push it a bit but what to drink becomes the question.  I would go out walking after work but I didn’t bring my jacket and by the time I get home, change clothes it will be extremely late and I learned that the school where I like to walk turns out the lights at the track at midnight and the last time I was walking some not so friendly guys started eyeballing me.  Well I may be a fat little girl but I like being a fat safe little girl so I had to quickly exit.

Either way I’m planning on going hiking tomorrow not sure if I will do the new park or go back to the park I hiked in the last time.  Looking forward to it no matter which park I hike in but at least I will try to get it done early.

It after 1900 hours and so I had better eat something or else I will go overboard when I get home.



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