1 Week Down 2 To Go

Well here I am on day 7 of the 21 days and I hate to say it but I’ve got the biggest craving for something sweet.  I wanted to do some walking today but I had some shopping to do but not like you would imagine.  My CTS has been killing me lately so my acupuncture is not working very well.  I’ ve been avoiding trying to take too many ibuprofen so I don’t do too much damage to my kidneys but I may end up having to do that to relieve some of the numbness in the finger tip.

So with that being said I decided to go out and try and do something else to relieve some of my pain, thus I needed athletic wrapping tape and the KT Tape never stayed in place except for a few minutes.  So I had to find a retail store that sold Rocktape which I found and so I went out and bought the Rocktape and then I needed to get a lap cooling pad so that was my next place to go but unfortunately traffic was not a friend of mine.  I got stuck in two different type of traffic jams, I hate shopping on Saturday!  Then I went out to buy a flea bomb and then by the time I got home I needed to start defrosting the lobster and shrimp for dinner.  Speaking of dinner, maybe it is time for me to list what I had to eat.

BREAKFAST:  coffee, bacon – 2 gm

LUNCH:  chicken/cheese sandwich – 30 gm

DINNER:  Lobster, shrimp, baked potato, salad – 33 gm

Seeing that I’m quite low on my gram count I’m still trying to think of what I want that is sweet but hard to find something that won’t make me go crazy for sweets.

That is the only thing that has got me wishing I wasn’t on the diet, not that I’m limiting what I eat but I don’t want to break down and start making poor food choices especially since I didn’t get a chance to exercise today.

Today will be brief because I don’t feel like typing very much right now, so my apologies for not being so wordy today.  Would you believe that I’m actually feeling tired and soon I will be going to bed.  I’ll write tomorrow if anything else changes.

Besides getting some rest is good for me and besides that I will need to get up on the scale and in a way I’m a little bit afraid because I don’t want the scale to show an increase and can only hope for a decrease.  Here’s hoping for the best.


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