Day 8 A Happy Start To A New Week

So as I said, this is day 8 and things are off to a happy start.  You remember that I got on the scale last Sunday and was really shocked when the scale gave my weight as 210.8, well as you know I had been cheating…no not with eating but by stepping on the scale when I shouldn’t have been stepping.  Well today I dreaded stepping onto the scale, I don’t know why because I’ve been sticking to my 100 grams of carbs or in most cases less; but I guess I was afraid of disappointment.  Too many times I’ve been doing good all throughout the week but when it came to the end of the week I was disappointed by my weight loss or ended up gaining what I had loss during the week…but not this week.

I’m very happy to announced that going Primal for 21 days is starting to work.  Now mind you I have a lot of weight to lose and I shouldn’t be too happy with what my scale said, but it showed my weight to be 203.9 pounds.  Yeah I know that is not a lot of weight if you consider what I’ve been eating but considering how little I’ve been exercising it really is a lot of weight for me to lose in one week.  That is 6.9 pounds of weight that I loss during 7 days.  That is probably the most that I’ve lost at one time in the last few years.  Okay so what if I used to drop weight a lot faster when I was younger, that was then and this is now and in trying desperately to keep with the being happy outlook, I’d say my reality is that was then and now I’m doing something about my weight in a positive way, but if you think about it; isn’t this more in a negative way since I’m losing weight?  Never mind that stuff can give a person a headache.

So week #2 off to a good start but I know that I can’t stop there, I have to keep on going and although yes I did lose several pounds, it would have been better if I had exercised more.  There is sort of a bad note to this, because I’m not sitting down at the table for breakfast I have a tendency to forget taking my blood pressure pills.  Yes I know how dangerous it can be for me and believe me I don’t do it intentionally, I just forget because I’m reading the newspaper on-line or something more than likely is distracting me and seeing that goldfish probably have better short term and long term memory than me, I tend to forget taking my meds.

Yes my goal is to stop having to take my blood pressure medication but only through weight loss and healthier style living not because I forget to take it, so sorry folks but no real death wish here.  Well I just did a count of my blood pressure medication and was shocked to see that there were 17 pills in my medicine bottle as of this morning.  Yes I took my pill for the day but seeing that my prescription was to have run out on the 7th of this month that means that I forgot a whole lot.  I have enough pills to last through the 21 days so I may just wait until that time to go back to the doctor to get him to renew my prescription because maybe if I behave myself and take my meds and keep on losing weight I may get a lesser dosage which would bring a bigger smile to my face.  But if that isn’t the case then it should be more incentive to keep on losing weight because I know once I really get to losing my blood pressure is bound to go down, or at least that is what I’m hoping will happen.

I had an MRI done in 2001 and they thought I had a kink in my renal artery but I couldn’t have the surgery then since I would be out for 6 weeks and I was leaving the state in 2 weeks.  So I went to my new place which was at a much high elevation than I had been and my BP soared, at first I thought it was the elevation but even when exercising I couldn’t get my BP down nor could I seem to lose any weight at all but instead gained a few more pounds.  Well you know what they say change is inevitable so that is what happened.  I moved back to my home town (not such a home town but rather large city) and the elevation was dramatically different; I went from over 6,000 feet to over 700 feet, so guess what… my BP dramatically decreased.  Now it is just based on my being fat but at least now I’m trying to do something about it.  I keep on remembering my goal….get off BP meds!

I’m just sitting down to a turkey/cheese/avocado sandwich and boy is it ever tasty.  Of course the highest part of the sandwich is the bread which has 10 grams of carbs per slice, but seeing that I only had coffee for breakfast.  Yeah I had planned on going to sleep early, right after the news but then I got caught up on something on TV and then I started doing some searching on the Internet and next thing I know it is after 0200 hours and I’m still now sleepy.  I ended up tossing and turning for at least 40 minutes and ended up thinking about some of the mattresses that are on sale.  It will hit my savings if I buy one but considering how restless I am when I crawl into bed, I think I need to consider the idea of buying a new mattress.

Last night I bought my hotel extra nights for DragonCon, which in case you haven’t read any of my other stuff, it is the largest fan run convention.  Yes I do know that ComicCon is a larger convention but it has financial backing from movie studios, game companies because they are out promoting their product whether it be a new movie release or electronic game, they are there pushing it.  There are lots of other things to see there I’m sure but when I learned that you have to make your hotel reservation right away, then wait until the year of the convention and then open the internet site to buy a very limited number of tickets so needless to say there is a lot of bidding going on and I’ve heard that some people don’t even get to go even after they made their hotel and sometimes plane reservations.  Bummer if you ask me.

Now the thing I like about DragonCon is that it is fan run which means that we don’t get the big bucks from studios or gaming groups but there is still a huge turn out.  As of yet I have yet to learn of them turning anyone away except when it may come to media passes or day passes, because they do have a limit on day passes.  Wow, I’m about to get all crazy in talking about DragonCon so I’ll stop and do a separate entry somewhere else.  I’ll just say this, I’ve been going for several years to DragonCon and love it and now it is getting a little crazy and hard to get into the host hotels, didn’t get one last year, but at least there are lots of hotels close by that have bargains too.  Either way 4 days of mad fun with oodles of costumes and maybe if I lose enough weight by the Labor Day Weekend I’ll wear a costume.  I doubt if I’ll be in shape to wear a costume I’ve been meaning to sew but at least I plan on being closer to the revealing costume.  For now I’ll just be happy with my 6.9 pound loss.

BREAKFAST:  coffee – 2 gm

LUNCH:  turkey/cheese/avocado sandwich – 21 gm

DINNER:  fried chicken, mashed potato and green beans – 38 gm

Well as you can tell I was light on my carb count until dinner and it is because my chicken is fried that my count is so high because otherwise my count wouldn’t really be that much for dinner but it doesn’t help that I had the mashed potatoes.  I figure why not because I wanted them and besides it goes so well with the fried chicken but unless I defrost and fry up some more that will probably be the last time I have fried chicken for a while.

That is okay no matter what because I do not want to get burned out eating the same thing day in and day out.  Wow, I just realized that I’ve got to go to the store tonight when I get off because I don’t have any bacon and I really, really want some BACON tomorrow morning.

Did I mention that I lost weight from 7 days ago.  Well thanks for letting me say it again.  I’m quite happy with the results and even now I’m figuring out how else to work more exercise into my daily program.

Speaking of daily things, I was doing searches on the Internet for relief for my CTS and found that one alternative is a neuromuscular therapy massage which is something that I’m going to check out and see if I can get in and get some relief.  I’m so darn tired of the tip of my finger being numb.  I gave acupuncture a try and this is the second time but so far no luck or should I say very little progression, especially after I fell asleep and when the alarm signaling the shutting off of power sounded I lifted up with the needles still in my back and shoulder and I’ve still been suffering with pain all of this time.  So maybe it is time to try something else.

So far it is a good day at work but even now I’m thinking of how long it takes to do the hiking and if I can sneak out any time between now and Friday and get in another hike.  What can I say, it is a challenge and I really enjoy it.  I just don’t want to feel rushed in doing it so I may have to find a substitute for exercise.  Who knows what I will do.

Well my muse is running amuck in my mind wanting me to do some typing on my story, never mind that it will probably irritate my CTS, but the muse wants so I try to go because my muse escapes most of the time without leaving me any ideas of where my story is to go.

Hopefully I won’t need to snack any but if I do tonight, I will grab some cheese or a hard boiled egg, both healthy and low on the carb count.  Later days.


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