Halfway There Day 10 of 21

Technically it isn’t half over until mid way through the day….oh wait after 1900 hours as I write this so I’ve reached the halfway point….yeah!!!  So a rough start today because I had to get up early to be ready for the cable guy.  The cable guy informed me that the person I spoke to yesterday didn’t know what he was doing because all he had to do was send a different signal which would complete the cycle and my DVR box would have worked so his visit was over and done with in just a few minutes.  Yeah for him…boo because I didn’t have a chance to clean up my bedroom, turns out I didn’t wake up early enough to clean up after breakfast.  Oops, my mess.

So then I had to start setting up some of the series to record and hope that one day the shows that were erased will be repeated.  Oh well so much for that.

Did I mention that I had a drink last night.  Okay true be known I had 3 drinks.  I had bought mandarin orange and double chocolate flavored vodkas when I was out yesterday exchanging DVR boxes and had to wait until I got off of work to have them.  So I tried the double chocolate first and decided that it was a keeper, then tried the mandarin orange but it wasn’t as smooth tasting so I had to chase the orange with a double chocolate shooter.  Finally I relaxed but still wasn’t tired enough to go to bed.

So I only managed to get half a cup of coffee in me before the cable guy came and drank the other cold half cup of coffee once the cable guy left.  Didn’t make for a great after taste.  So I was quite hungry but seeing that it is the day before grocery shopping day, I was limited on what I had to eat, so this has been a little bit rough in getting things to eat that won’t make me crave things that will put me over the top.  So as long as I’m talking about food let me show what I had today.

BREAKFAST:  coffee – 2 gm

LUNCH: turkey burger, cup of shredded hash browns – 16 gm

DINNER:  salad, pot roast, cup of shredded hash browns – 22 gm

Wow, as I look at this while I’m still trying to eat my dinner I’ve come to realize that I’m hungry.  Not really sure what else I can eat without knocking me crazy.  Oh maybe I’ll raid my tuna…nah no mayo to mix it with.  Maybe I had better finish my dinner before I start making other plans for more food consumption.  I forgot to check the schedule because EDQ took the day off so I didn’t get a chance to work out or even do any walking.  My bad and will have to do a whole lot of exercising for the rest of the week but unless things suddenly align right, I will be doubting if I will lose anything this week.  I hate feeling so rushed.

I know that this is a rather short entry but I guess I’m just feeling out of it so not much to do, just thinking about what I have to do for the rest of the week which is kind of busy.  I’ve still got to find time to exercise.


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