Day 11 Was Good

I’m sure you’re thinking, yeah right day 11 was good but you might doubt it because I forgot to write about it, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t stay on the primal path.  I stayed true to it and I also exercised.

It was a busy morning, I went to bed late and woke up later than I wanted so that meant that I had to get busy and clean up so I could go grocery shopping so I could get things to keep me true to the diet.  So off I went grocery shopping without a chance for breakfast but I wasn’t really hungry until I got home from shopping.  Well I decided it was time to eat so I had a great lunch, a chili cheese dog and chips.  Now I’m sure you’re thinking.. whoa there that can’t be right!  Well I bought turkey franks which only have 5 grams of carbs per frank, I use regular bread, hot dog chili and shredded cheese and when I’ve been eating chips they are Fritos.  They give a carb count on Fritos based on 32 chips which have a carb count of 16, so I’ve only had 16 chips each time, just enough to let me eat them but not go crazy.

Let me go ahead and get the food listing over with and then I’ll talk about the rest of the day.

BREAKFAST:  Oops, missed it.

LUNCH:  2 chili cheese dogs and Fritos – 40 gm

SNACK:  coffee w/creamer – 2 gm

DINNER:  salad, cheesy hash browns, cheese hamburger patty, pea salad – 30 gm

Well now that the food listing is over I can figure out why so much of yesterday was just a good day…oh yeah it was although my work partner was an EDQ earlier in the shift, by the end of the evening she was almost as if she was out of steam and had settled down.  Of course in the beginning of the day she was yakking and of course she had to tell us about the latest problem with her puppy.  When I told her that she needed to correct her dog she said that she knows what she is doing because her other two older dogs used to do that but then they stopped doing it now that they are older.  EDQ continued telling anyone who would listen about her dog until they finally told her to stop and told her how to correct it. The funny thing was she listened to them and their reasoning and EDQ got very quiet then, as if her feelings had been hurt but she started looking on the internet to watch Nancy Grace.  So it was a relatively quiet evening and it made it rather pleasant to work on the night.

So it was an interesting night after EDQ talked herself out and best of all is that everyone is beginning to see how annoying EDQ can be so more of them are telling her to stop repeating things.  Finally someone else sees what hell I’ve been through the last year.  The first eight months she was assigned to work at the location she was loud but not as loud as she is now and she wasn’t as excitable but that was then and now, well now I guess I just have to put on a thicker skin until she tires herself out which means when most of the personnel leave work which is 2000 hours, which means that for 5 hours I have to put up with her but I can survive and I will.

One easy way is for me to think about what I need to do in the form of exercise and usually once things slow down, I will take my break and go walk on the treadmill which makes her answer the phones and pretty much makes her stay at the desk.  So I think I will try to take my break again, for almost 5 years I have not had a chance to take my breaks so now on the days that I have a partner I need to do some walking on either the treadmill or else out in the parking lot.  So yippy for me a way to work things out for the betterment of me by walking.  The more steps I take the better off I am for the day and it also helps me to lose weight.

So I did 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill and that combined with my walking around at the grocery store gave me almost a count of over 10,000 steps for the day.  On day 11 I liked my step counter but I don’t have a good feeling about today’s step count.

Got home and had a couple of shots of double chocolate vodka and went to bed relatively early.  So now I’m off to start working on today’s (day 12’s entry), so I’ll see ya soon.


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