Exhausted With 8 Days Left

This has been an exhausting day.  I went to bed early last night about 2250 hours and was really tired with a touch of soreness in my lower back and I was quickly asleep but my sleep only lasted for about 40 minutes and that was the end of my sleep until about 0250 hours this morning.  so then I got up at 0610 hours and started getting ready for the 5K race.  Well I got up in time but boy was I tired.  I ran into a few friends from work but ended up walking with one of my friends.  Little did I know that I would walking at a much faster pace than I had planned on taking but it paid off, I finished the race in 55:05 minutes which for me is a great time.  I know that it really raised my heart rate which was a good thing and it really got me moving.

I finished the race and passed on the bananas that they were offering because it is too high in the carb count so I said so long to my friend got in my truck and drove home.  I had time to shower and then grab a quick bite before rushing off to get a massage.

Well it was interesting and he took the time to test a few things out and he said yes I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but there is also something in my upper shoulder/arm area which also is causing some of the problems.  So for almost an hour I got a massage and had some pain but it was worth it because the amount of numbness in my middle finger has improved quite a bit but I have exercises that I must do and I’m suppose to call him by Tuesday and let him know how I’m feeling.

So I tried to take a nape after the massage because 1-I was tired and 2-my back was sore…very sore.  Well I tried to lay down and it was hot in my bedroom.  So I shed the covers and tried to take a nap but thanks to my brother destroying the mattress that he left behind the middle of the mattress is damaged and all I can do is suffer through it.

Okay so I had bought an air mattress and thought it had a pump built in….wrong.  So we had to go buy a pump so off to the store I go and buy the pump.  I start to read it and learn that I got the wrong type of pump, it needs to be charged for 10 hours before it works.  Then I look around and discover that there is no power cord to the pump.  Which means the pump has to be returned because it isn’t working right and I will end up still sleeping on a horrible mattress.  I had wanted to buy a Sleep By Number bed but that didn’t work out and then I find out that the cheapest bed which was what I had planned on buying had several draw backs.  One problem is that they say you should lower the number until you decrease the red in their demo board.  Well unfortunately that means most people have to go down very low and because of that it means that you are closer to the baseboard so you don’t get a good sleep.  In order to avoid it you have to buy a super thick foam that makes the bed warmer which isn’t good for me because I’m like a mini heater.  So that means that I will have to buy a more expensive sleep by number bed or else get a new mattress.

That is a lot to think about especially with my friends wanting to do a trip to Vancouver in June and they want to stay for 9 days which means it will be expensive.  So I’ve got to make sure that I have money put aside because I do not make a whole lot of money where my friends are mostly computer programmers and make a heck of lot more money than me but we’re geeky friends.  Well I guess it is time to start budgeting for the trip so when I take my trip (DragonCon) during the labor day weekend so time to really save.  Also need to save because I want to buy a new camera for conventions which is a bit more than a point and shoot camera.

Well enough about that stuff, time to list what I’ve eaten for the day.

BREAKFAST:  eggs w/cheese, coffee – 3 gm

LUNCH:  bacon cheese sandwich – 20

DINNER:  1/4 medium size Margherita pizza, spinach/mushroom/chicken lasagna – 62 gm

Well as you can see my carb count is a lot higher today but I have to admit that I’ve been hungry most of the day.

Okay well I have to admit to a cheat that I did today.  I stepped on the scale this morning and almost broke down crying.  The scale showed my weight to 204.7 pounds and that obviously upset me but I still behaved myself sort of today.  After the race today someone told me to weigh myself which was better, 203.6 pounds.  Now that is less but one of the problems that I suffered is the fact that I haven’t had much sleep and we all know how good sleep is for us especially in trying to lose weight.  So tonight I’m going to try and go to sleep early before the weigh in tomorrow which I really hope will make me smile.  There is one good thing about eating my dinner although it was really pushing my limit, the good thing was that when I ate at about 1900 hours and I have not had anything to eat since then, just the last of my drink (non-alcoholic) and swallowing a few more ibuprofen tablets to ease the pain in my back I had from hiking and walking today.

I will probably end up doing more massages to help ease the pain in my back and to just make me feel better as I continue to be primal.

So hopefully I will be writing a happy blog tomorrow but the way things were I’m beginning to wonder and panic about tomorrow morning’s weigh in.


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