Still Disappointed With 6 Days To Go

Okay so this is a late entry because I forgot to write yesterday and a part of it was the fact that I was ticked off in the morning and I’m still ticked off the next day which is day 17 of 21 days.  But I digress…  Okay so I was bad and once again got on the scale hoping to see a little bit of difference, well I did and it wasn’t positive.  I know that I had to struggle to just get my weight down to 203.1 but what happened on Monday morning was enough to shock me.  I had gained weight.  I know, I know don’t keep stepping on the scale but I need some reassurance like I had at the beginning of my 21 day journey.  Oh sorry I forgot, I ended up weighing 204.6.  Yeah I know…wow, what a heavy weight.

Well that was enough to inspire me to get out and walk despite the extremely windy day outside.  So I grabbed breakfast, put on my walking clothes and took off walking and ended up walking 1.86 miles and was chilled the whole time.  I seems that a touch of cold was in the extremely strong breeze and it turns out that the winds were at 40-50 mph while I was walking and throughout the day.  So it was quite blustery of a day and the tree limbs started to fall.  While I was walking I saw a limb coming towards me and then suddenly it suddenly moved off to the side and hit 5 feet away from me instead of hitting me.  So maybe it was good that the wind was strong but then again the wind is what knocked the branch down.

So I finished my walk and I needed to calm down so I went outside and fixed the rubber to my bumper.  Okay a couple of months ago I was backing up in the parking lot of a pizza place and wham.  I hit the telephone post that was in the middle of the parking lot, yeah I know in the middle of the lot?  It turns out that they are now doing street construction in the area but a year ago the put a telephone post up in the middle of the parking lot which will soon be the edge of the street which also means that the pizza place will be gone.  Good thing is that it will move over and the city is giving up a small strip of land on the opposite side of the pizza place equal to the size of space they are taking away from the street side.

Okay so where was I…oh yeah fixing my bumper.  So I backed up into the pole and really whacked it good, messing up my bumper and denting it in to the point that the back corner of the bumper was very bent.  A few whacks of a small sledge hammer and the bumper kind of looks in place and I can now open the tailgate of my truck but the rubber protector has been hanging off.  So I pick a windy day to put the rubber back in place because I’m fearful it will fall off and it has been starting to do that more and more.  Tah-Day!  A few strips of black duck tape and the black rubber protector is back in place and it doesn’t look too bad although I know it is bad.  I would fix it but it is about to turn 20 years old, yep that’s right I have an old truck and got it with only 17 miles on it.  But believe it or not I have not gone over 200,000 miles yet. I’m getting there but unless I suddenly make quite a few trips between now and April 17, I will not turn over.

Remember that branch that missed me while walking, well it’s cousin, a smaller branch, caught me while working on the truck and bonked me right on the head.  Well it smarted for a short time but I looked up at the tree and wanted to shake my fist at it.  But that wouldn’t work either and since we’ve been experiencing a drought for too many years and my neighbors don’t water their trees and it was their tree that dropped the branch so chances are the tree will end up dropping a branch on my truck, so I might have to start parking out in the street on windy days.  My own tree in the front dropped a huge branch on my truck about 3 years ago and broke out a window and put 6 dents in the roof and guess what… no more front tree.  No not because of it hitting my truck, although that was the last straw.  It had to be taken down because it was almost dead and I couldn’t risk it hitting the roof of the house and destroying it.  So me and my 4 brothers took down the tree that was well over 4 ft circumference.  That was definitely a family affair and we all took our turn at playing lumberjack.

Okay so back to yesterday and get out of the past.  So I was feeling good because I walked and went in and showered trying to let the warm water ease the pain in my left arm and I’m still not sure what I did to hurt the arm but by the time I got out of the shower it was time for me to get ready to go.  I barely had enough time to throw some things together for dinner and run out the door to work.

Work was busy but peaceful because the EDQ was not there and I really love those days because I can think clearly and I don’t find myself tensing up like I do when she is there.  So why don’t I change locations?  Well I would loose my days off and I love having Friday/Saturday off.  It almost lets me feel like a normal person…hey, watch those comments about me being normal.  But the point is that I can do a few more things with friends and family.

So let me get right to my meals and then onto day 17 (5 days to go) which will be Tuesday’s diary entry.


BREAKFAST:  2 eggs w/cheese, 2 slices of bacon, 1 piece of toast, coffee – 13gm

LUNCH:  2 strips of bacon

DINNER:  hamburger patty with cheese and bacon, green beans, and for desert ice cream almost a cup – 52 gm

So that is Monday’s tale of woe…now to the next day.


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