True Primal Days 2-4

Well I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth but I did get a little bit busy but it was good busy time and I just ran out of time to write about it.

So Monday was day 2 which was the rest/play day.  I took a walk for 2.5 miles and got a bit hungry after the walk but again I was on the go so all I had time to do once I did the walk was rush into the shower and wash my hair and out I went.

Day 3 was Tuesday and that was a busy day too, oh not so much as for exercise because I was to do WOW (Workout Of Week) and that really did taking up some time which I did after work.  Unfortunately I stayed up way too late as I was doing some research on camera gear for my convention type of camera.  It is not my professional grade but a point and shoot camera with zoom lens, something that is light so that along with my new mini laptop I will be traveling much lighter to the conventions.  Finally made it to bed at about 0400 hours on Day 4.

Day 4 started out with only about 6 hours of sleep but then I got up and got ready so I could go take my mother grocery shopping since she doesn’t drive.  I got home and dipped some cake balls for work.  I need room in the refrigerator so we can put more things in there.  So then I rushed around and managed to get to Sprouts (formerly called Sun Harvest) and picked up some cuties (oranges) and got a good deal on some steaks.

Which reminds me, I’ve found that Sprouts usually has some of the best selections of beef and if you watch the prices you can catch them on sale once in a while which was what I did.  Now just come on weekend and I can enjoy them.

This is going to be short because I’ve forgotten so much in the last 3 days.  I have been doing exercise in one form or another and thankfully I’m not sore from any of it which is a good sign.  The main object is to keep the exercising easy and remember it is not a task that you HAVE to do but I’m doing it to help strengthen my arms which are just pitiful.  They are so bad that I can’t even do one chin-up and I used to be able to do 50 of them…okay so I was much younger then and the 50 dropped down to 25 when I used to be in my prime but that was then and now.  Well one of the things that Mark also suggests is to just find something and hang from it, such as tree branch or just about anything but heck I can’t hang for more than just a few seconds and almost never make it to the count of 10.  So I’ve got a long way to go but I’m sure if I keep on working at it, one day I might be able to do a few chin-ups.

Because of CTS, I’m doing wall push-ups and there is a push-up bar in the workout room which makes it considerably easier on my wrist and it reminds me that I’ve got to keep on doing it if I want to get some form or shape back into my arms.

I have started to lose already but will be staying off the scale to avoid any disappointment.  I’ve got to remember that the exercise is supposed to encourage me and although I wasn’t feeling encouraged, by last night I was a bit sore at first but then I was feeling charged up and good about things.  So although tonight I’m resting and not exercising, I’m watching what I’m eating.

So most of the last few days I’ve only been eating tunafish and veggie frito chili pie minus the fritos, oh did I say tunafish…well yes tunafish (what can I say I’m on a kick and just loving that lately).  So a hamburger patty, broccoli, salad and avocados.  I had a few almonds and realized that the honey roasted were really just sugar coating on the almonds.  So guess if I want honey roasted almonds I will have to roast them myself with honey and then maybe I’ll add a little sea salt to them to offset the honey.  Wow, now I’m hungry.

At least tonight I will have the right things to eat should I get hungry once I get home.

So one of the other reasons that I’m taking the night off is because I just got in my new mini laptop, I call it a mini because it is lighter and not as large as the one I’m typing on and I need some time to get things set up, so please forgive me for being a little bit distracted.  I’m hoping to do much better tomorrow.


Right now time for me to go as I’ve got to get ready for my relief and I need to stock up a few things.

So good night and have a better tomorrow….I will!


True Primal Day 1

Okay so in case you read my main blog you will see that this is a restarting of my primal dieting which shouldn’t be considered a diet of sorts but more of a way of living.

I messed up by not doing the exercises as suggested and I continued to ingest grain, sugars in various forms and drank sodas.  That will be my hardest part to give up, the sodas, because I really like them.  But I’ve found some teas that I like and I can drink them hot or cold so that will help and of course I can have my coffee, just not from the coffee places because of the sugar.

So because I was up so late last night which actually was the morning when I went to bed, I woke up feeling not so great.  My sinuses were killing me and at first I thought it was because I did my St. Patrick’s Day celebration done early and at home (couldn’t risk getting a Driving While Intoxicated) which meant that I had several Guinness beers and some chips to go with the beers.  Well that led to a nice weight gain in the morning but I’ll get back to that in a few moments.  So I went back to bed and slept for about an hour and then got up and started getting ready for my “Sprints”.

Yeah I put those in quotes because I didn’t actually do sprints as in running sprints, my heel spurs would not let me do that so instead I did bicycle sprints.  You know ride like the dickens up a hill in a gear that is low enough that it makes really pump my legs.  So I did almost 30 minutes of bicycle sprints, 29 minutes and 30 seconds worth of riding and that was not easy.  Okay at first it was easy and I didn’t have too many problems but by the end of the ride I found that my pedaling wasn’t quite as fast as when I first began and on the last hill I found that I was just pedaling and not actually sprinting.  But I guess the point is that I got out and did it.  It took me a while to cool down which is good because I think that was the main purpose, make it an intense workout and that you don’t have to work out forever and a day to get the best results.

However, I did keep an eye on my heart rate and I really did get that sucker pumping.  I reached the 160’s which is a high level for me (no not dangerous) but thankfully on the ride down the hill it would quickly drop at least to 150’s or 140’s which mean that at least my ticker is doing okay.  Must be all of my previous better eating style that helped.

So after I finished the bike sprints I had to do a little bit of walking around so that I could cool down which I did and I felt great.  I was very careful not to eat anything before that time because I tend to get sick in my stomach when I do too strenuous of exercise, something that I have known since I used to be young and very athletic.  So that meant that I skipped breakfast and that was no problem because I wasn’t really hungry although I finished my last beer at 12:15 am and didn’t get to bed until 3:40 am.  So I was finally hungry just about noon but because my uncle had come by I needed to wait.  So let’s see what I had for lunch and dinner, which I’m about to go fix.

LUNCH:  Tunafish salad, 1/2 avocado

SNACK:  Dried cherries, dried cranberries

DINNER:  Hamburger patty w/slice of cheese, green beans, mandarin orange

DESERT:  Still being bad and have Red Velvet Cake ice cream


So after work my plan is to do a walk, nothing fast but do about a 1 mile of walking and just help my body get ready for med.  Maybe with my walking it will let my body relax enough so I’ll go to bed soon after I get home.

Speaking of home…I have some bacon to bake tomorrow morning which is quite exciting to me because guess what that means….. I GET BACON!!!!!!    I love bacon and more bacon.


I figured if I’m going to be bad get it out of my system now because there is no turning back.  I’m tired of my lower abdomen being larger than my bust and I would some day like not cringe when I’m in front of the camera lens instead of being behind the lens.

So here’s to a less heavy future and one of me stepping in front of the lens instead of hiding behind and one of my scale not scream……Oh God No….Not Her Again!!!

Days 20 And 21 Are Do Overs

Well what can I say, first I’m plagued by extreme allergic reaction to having been in contact with a cat and then my brothers came into town.  Yes one of them lives in town and another works in town, but two of them live out of town and in other parts of the state so when they come into town it is always a time for family fun and a family gathering.  When we are together we have fun and we tend to eat all of the things not so healthy for us but seeing that we only get together once or twice a year, it is worth it for the short time to just enjoy life and what we do without feeling guilty.

So I was really wiped out by my cat allergies on day 18 and 19 and days 20 and 21 I gave up even trying because I was going to relax and enjoy my time with my family.

In light of just losing a dear friend to cancer, it has reminded us that we need to cherish all of our time together because we are not getting any younger and we all are family and one part of the family’s loss is a loss for the entire family.  So when my sister-in-law lost her mother our whole family mourned for her so seeing her this weekend lifted her spirits as well as our own and so anything we did was worth it.

So as I stated I’m going to start Monday as do over days.  That will include the days I was wiped out by the cat allergic attacks and my family being in.  I’m hoping to achieve the goal of being under 200 pounds and to help myself reach that goal, I’m planning on doing more exercising and maybe I can do some of that tonight once things calm down at work.  So I’m determined to get back to doing what is good for my body despite the little detour this past week and I know that I will succeed so I guess I will start Monday and count that as day 18.  I just hope that I haven’t eaten too poorly the last few days to pack on the pounds.  Either way I am determined to lose the weight because I’ve already lost my mind which is evident by my letting myself get so obese.  So although I may be still crazy time for me to do the sane thing and get back on a routine to lose weight.

Sometimes it is when we stray that will make or break us in the world of dieting.  I’m not afraid to say that this is a hiccup and just excuse myself and get back to doing what I need to do to lose weight.  So don’t give up on me or on yourself if you’re trying to lose weight too.

So I’ll catch you tomorrow because right now work is getting busy and I need to focus on what pays my bills.  Be good to yourself and have a wonderful evening.  I know I will because I’m well enough to be back at work and working is definitely better than being out of a job.  Having been out of a job for 2 years really brings that back into focus.  So …. “I owe, I owe…it’s off to work I go…” (to be sung to Hi ho, hi ho Seven Dwarfs’ song).  However, technically since I’m debt free I don’t really owe but I want to go on vacation this year so I need money for fun times.  Find something good about the things you have to do and then they may not seem so bad.  I work to earn money for vacation.

Days 18 & 19 Plagued By Allergic Reaction

Well things were really going great really great, I had gone and done a walking workout of 2 miles at work but then it hit and hit me like a brick.

Normally I’m a very cautious persons especially since I know that there are several women where I work that have lots of cats and so I have reminded them on more than one occasion that I am highly allergic to cats.  Most everyone is tired of hearing me talking about it when they come around me after they have been petting one of the cats that hang around the outside of the building.  So the stage is set, but wait I need to tell you about what happened earlier.

Before the 4th of February I made a second order of GS cookies with one of the ladies at work and pay for it in advance, right after I made another order for one of the other workers and that too was paid for in advance.  I asked about the cookies to verify when they would come in about midway through the month and she double checked everything and told me when they would be in.  Well I suddenly noticed the building was flush with GS cookies so on Day 18 I went to her desk and asked her if she had the cookies I had ordered.  She asked what I ordered and I gave her the order and she said she could get me half of it but not the other half.  What?  I made the order, wrote it down on one of her forms right under an order that was also prepaid and that person already had their order delivered.  Then the lady said she might try to get a package of the cookies but she wasn’t sure.  I told her to forget it and then she said she would pay me back.  I’m not rich but that lady can barely afford the gas to drive to work so I told her to forget about it.  So she comes back to my desk an hour later asking me not to be mad at her.  I wasn’t mad at her and told her that but I was disappointed and once again I learned the lesson…”No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”  So I’m out of money for the cookies and it would have been good to put them out when my brothers come into town this weekend.

Okay so I’m past that and go work out and turned on the fan to cool off when I returned to my desk.  Well then the same lady who I had placed the GS cookies order with came in to decorate her boss’s office for his birthday.  She brought her daughter and her daughter placed her hand out to shake and then hugged me.  I’m not usually one to hug a kid or shake a hand but I think I was caught slightly unaware and didn’t think much about it until later that night.  I had wiped my face with my hand and brushed my hair aside from my face with my hand, the same hand I used to shake hands and the side of my face that touched the girl’s jacket was first affected about 3 hours later.  I felt my nose feeling clogged and my face started to itch but I didn’t think too much about it at the time.  Bad decision.  So what makes me think that it was my contact with the daughter, I had just greeted her after my workout and I was feeling fine until that time and I really do seriously limit my contact with people who I know have cats.  So I don’t know if the lady has a cat or if she let her daughter pet the cat hanging out around the building.

The next day I noticed my face was swelling up a little bit so I went grocery shopping and my face was throbbing and itching when I got home.  I popped 2 Benadryl and took a nap but still my face was swollen.  So I called in to work because my whole face was now swelling up and it was hard for me to focus on things so I took 2 more Benadryl and tried to sleep but EDQ kept on texting me and waking me up.

So that was Day 18 (Wednesday) and thing just got worse on Day 19 but all of that had to wait because I had to get to the ceremony at the graveyard for my Uncle that died earlier.  I took a wrong turn and forgot that I had to cut through a parking lot to make the turn and so I drove way too far out of the way.  I managed to get there about 1 minute before they  gave him the military 21 gun salute and played taps.  My uncle was in the Navy at the end of WWII.  So being out in the cold actually made my face feel good but when I got in my truck I face really started to throb in pain and then I looked in the mirror and saw that the swelling had gotten worse.

Finally went to the doctor and got a steroid shot.  I think that was the beginning of my downfall and weight gain.  During one year I was having extremely allergy attacks to the point of having double vision, difficulty breathing and extreme swelling of hands and face.  I was getting steroid shots and taking all sorts of antibiotics and because that was happening so frequently I was told to eat heavy greasy meals to keep me from loosing my meals when taking all of my meds.  I ended up gaining 60 pounds in less than one year.  However that will not be the case this time or this year.

So I got the shot by the afternoon of Day 19 and was surprised that it didn’t make me go to sleep right away.  I had lunch and then finally took a nap which was once again interrupted by EDQ texting me but after a couple of hours of sleep I noticed that some of the swelling on the left side of my face but the right side is still swollen but at least the itching and the throbbing pain has decreased since I got the steroid shot.  I still need to go pick up the steroid pack to take but I might wait on that and see if the shot was enough to do what I need.  I have a headache still typical of an allergic reaction but that too will fade I’m sure.

Well in case you haven’t experienced dramatic allergic reaction just take my word that it is not fun.  So for two days I haven’t weighed myself and I haven’t exercised so I’m beginning to thing I will not make my goal of being less than 200 pounds.  Even though the exercising isn’t extreme it is enough to allow me to move and a moving body is better than a stationary one.

Without further adieu, let me list what I’ve eating over the last two days.

Day 18

BREAKFAST: skipped

LUNCH:  bacon cheeseburger and Fritos – 28 gm

SNACK:  1/2 cup of Blue Bell Ice Cream – 24 gm

DINNER:  slices of Chicken Cordon Bleu, hash browns – 26 gm

LATE NIGHT SNACK:  Spanish coffee – 8 gm


Day 19

BREAKFAST:  2 eggs, hash browns, coffee – 20 gm

LUNCH:  cheeseburger with avocado – 23 gm

SNACK:  1/2 cup Blue Bell Ice Cream – 24 gm

DINNER:  chicken breast strips in alfredo sauce, green beans with mushrooms – 12 gm


I’ve managed to stay under 100 grams of carbohydrates for up to 19 days so far even as my body is craving for something else while feeling miserable.

Well hopefully things will go better for me tomorrow which will occur in 2 minutes.  I’ve got to get to bed because I have to get up early so I can get my color touched up on my hair.

So at least I’m sticking to 21 days.