True Primal Day 1

Okay so in case you read my main blog you will see that this is a restarting of my primal dieting which shouldn’t be considered a diet of sorts but more of a way of living.

I messed up by not doing the exercises as suggested and I continued to ingest grain, sugars in various forms and drank sodas.  That will be my hardest part to give up, the sodas, because I really like them.  But I’ve found some teas that I like and I can drink them hot or cold so that will help and of course I can have my coffee, just not from the coffee places because of the sugar.

So because I was up so late last night which actually was the morning when I went to bed, I woke up feeling not so great.  My sinuses were killing me and at first I thought it was because I did my St. Patrick’s Day celebration done early and at home (couldn’t risk getting a Driving While Intoxicated) which meant that I had several Guinness beers and some chips to go with the beers.  Well that led to a nice weight gain in the morning but I’ll get back to that in a few moments.  So I went back to bed and slept for about an hour and then got up and started getting ready for my “Sprints”.

Yeah I put those in quotes because I didn’t actually do sprints as in running sprints, my heel spurs would not let me do that so instead I did bicycle sprints.  You know ride like the dickens up a hill in a gear that is low enough that it makes really pump my legs.  So I did almost 30 minutes of bicycle sprints, 29 minutes and 30 seconds worth of riding and that was not easy.  Okay at first it was easy and I didn’t have too many problems but by the end of the ride I found that my pedaling wasn’t quite as fast as when I first began and on the last hill I found that I was just pedaling and not actually sprinting.  But I guess the point is that I got out and did it.  It took me a while to cool down which is good because I think that was the main purpose, make it an intense workout and that you don’t have to work out forever and a day to get the best results.

However, I did keep an eye on my heart rate and I really did get that sucker pumping.  I reached the 160’s which is a high level for me (no not dangerous) but thankfully on the ride down the hill it would quickly drop at least to 150’s or 140’s which mean that at least my ticker is doing okay.  Must be all of my previous better eating style that helped.

So after I finished the bike sprints I had to do a little bit of walking around so that I could cool down which I did and I felt great.  I was very careful not to eat anything before that time because I tend to get sick in my stomach when I do too strenuous of exercise, something that I have known since I used to be young and very athletic.  So that meant that I skipped breakfast and that was no problem because I wasn’t really hungry although I finished my last beer at 12:15 am and didn’t get to bed until 3:40 am.  So I was finally hungry just about noon but because my uncle had come by I needed to wait.  So let’s see what I had for lunch and dinner, which I’m about to go fix.

LUNCH:  Tunafish salad, 1/2 avocado

SNACK:  Dried cherries, dried cranberries

DINNER:  Hamburger patty w/slice of cheese, green beans, mandarin orange

DESERT:  Still being bad and have Red Velvet Cake ice cream


So after work my plan is to do a walk, nothing fast but do about a 1 mile of walking and just help my body get ready for med.  Maybe with my walking it will let my body relax enough so I’ll go to bed soon after I get home.

Speaking of home…I have some bacon to bake tomorrow morning which is quite exciting to me because guess what that means….. I GET BACON!!!!!!    I love bacon and more bacon.


I figured if I’m going to be bad get it out of my system now because there is no turning back.  I’m tired of my lower abdomen being larger than my bust and I would some day like not cringe when I’m in front of the camera lens instead of being behind the lens.

So here’s to a less heavy future and one of me stepping in front of the lens instead of hiding behind and one of my scale not scream……Oh God No….Not Her Again!!!


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