True Primal Days 2-4

Well I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth but I did get a little bit busy but it was good busy time and I just ran out of time to write about it.

So Monday was day 2 which was the rest/play day.  I took a walk for 2.5 miles and got a bit hungry after the walk but again I was on the go so all I had time to do once I did the walk was rush into the shower and wash my hair and out I went.

Day 3 was Tuesday and that was a busy day too, oh not so much as for exercise because I was to do WOW (Workout Of Week) and that really did taking up some time which I did after work.  Unfortunately I stayed up way too late as I was doing some research on camera gear for my convention type of camera.  It is not my professional grade but a point and shoot camera with zoom lens, something that is light so that along with my new mini laptop I will be traveling much lighter to the conventions.  Finally made it to bed at about 0400 hours on Day 4.

Day 4 started out with only about 6 hours of sleep but then I got up and got ready so I could go take my mother grocery shopping since she doesn’t drive.  I got home and dipped some cake balls for work.  I need room in the refrigerator so we can put more things in there.  So then I rushed around and managed to get to Sprouts (formerly called Sun Harvest) and picked up some cuties (oranges) and got a good deal on some steaks.

Which reminds me, I’ve found that Sprouts usually has some of the best selections of beef and if you watch the prices you can catch them on sale once in a while which was what I did.  Now just come on weekend and I can enjoy them.

This is going to be short because I’ve forgotten so much in the last 3 days.  I have been doing exercise in one form or another and thankfully I’m not sore from any of it which is a good sign.  The main object is to keep the exercising easy and remember it is not a task that you HAVE to do but I’m doing it to help strengthen my arms which are just pitiful.  They are so bad that I can’t even do one chin-up and I used to be able to do 50 of them…okay so I was much younger then and the 50 dropped down to 25 when I used to be in my prime but that was then and now.  Well one of the things that Mark also suggests is to just find something and hang from it, such as tree branch or just about anything but heck I can’t hang for more than just a few seconds and almost never make it to the count of 10.  So I’ve got a long way to go but I’m sure if I keep on working at it, one day I might be able to do a few chin-ups.

Because of CTS, I’m doing wall push-ups and there is a push-up bar in the workout room which makes it considerably easier on my wrist and it reminds me that I’ve got to keep on doing it if I want to get some form or shape back into my arms.

I have started to lose already but will be staying off the scale to avoid any disappointment.  I’ve got to remember that the exercise is supposed to encourage me and although I wasn’t feeling encouraged, by last night I was a bit sore at first but then I was feeling charged up and good about things.  So although tonight I’m resting and not exercising, I’m watching what I’m eating.

So most of the last few days I’ve only been eating tunafish and veggie frito chili pie minus the fritos, oh did I say tunafish…well yes tunafish (what can I say I’m on a kick and just loving that lately).  So a hamburger patty, broccoli, salad and avocados.  I had a few almonds and realized that the honey roasted were really just sugar coating on the almonds.  So guess if I want honey roasted almonds I will have to roast them myself with honey and then maybe I’ll add a little sea salt to them to offset the honey.  Wow, now I’m hungry.

At least tonight I will have the right things to eat should I get hungry once I get home.

So one of the other reasons that I’m taking the night off is because I just got in my new mini laptop, I call it a mini because it is lighter and not as large as the one I’m typing on and I need some time to get things set up, so please forgive me for being a little bit distracted.  I’m hoping to do much better tomorrow.


Right now time for me to go as I’ve got to get ready for my relief and I need to stock up a few things.

So good night and have a better tomorrow….I will!


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