Day 1 of 28

So on Wednesday, 4/10/13, I started the Overnight Diet.  At first I was a little bit skeptical because day one consists of only of protein shakes and I’ve not had very much luck concerning protein powder in the past.  So following the suggestion of the book I went to my local vitamin/health shop and talked to one of the clerks about my lactose problem and he made a few suggestions, one being whey isolate powder or else soy protein powder.  Well I decided to try the isolate because he said he liked the flavor even without adding anything to it so I took a chance; I mean why not especially since he said that if it didn’t work for me I could bring it back and get a full store credit that I could use on another product, it didn’t matter how much of the powder I had used.

Starting things out with a shake, I chose one with blueberries, banana and yogurt and two handfuls of spinach.  Yeah I know you are thinking…what…spinach?  Well I couldn’t taste the spinach but I sure could taste the banana.  I pretty much stopped like bananas when I was kid when I used to only eat that as a fruit.  But I decided that there must be a reason for it being listed in almost all of the shakes so I decided to bite the bullet and put bananas in my shakes.  The first shake was so darn thick that it was enough to fill 2 cups and even then I had to dilute it so I could sip it through a straw.

I barely made it out of the house in time to make my hair appointment and finished drinking my shake while at the salon.  So then I made it back in time after stopping and finding some non-fat Greek yogurt at the store for other drinks.  I had a second shake for lunch and it wasn’t really very much in comparison to what I had that morning.  Before I left for work I managed to make a shake for dinner which also included spinach and did not taste it that time either; took it in my new shake cup and stuck it in the frig until I had it later for lunch.

Well I was hungry most of the time after I got back from the salon and even hungry when I was at work.  The only thing that saved me was the fact that I could drink water and it was filling up my stomach but it also had me going to bathroom quite a bit.  But that is okay because everyone all tells me that I’m full of it…get it?!  Okay so little humor from a little mind.

So luckily I managed to get almost 8 hours of rest but the rest happened on Day 2.


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