Day 2 of 28

Okay so today is officially day 2 of the 28 days of overnight dieting.  As you learned from the earlier entry, I only had protein shakes for day 1 and the diet is claiming that you can lose weight on the first night of the diet.  The reasoning is that you have thrown your body into a type of shock and making it burn some of the fat that my body is storing.

So on Wednesday morning I got on the scale and found that my weight was 205.1 pounds.  I had gone back to primal dieting but that wasn’t working for me especially when I got on the scale and saw that it was 205.1 pounds.  Well needless to say I was skeptical about stepping back on the scale on day 2 to see whether or not I lost weight.  I really hated the idea of doing that but the author of the overnight diet said to do that so you can see the loss of weight and it will encourage you.

Grimacing I stepped up on the scale expecting it to only be at 205 pounds but that wasn’t the case.  I stepped on the scale and saw that my weight was 201.4 pounds.  That meant that I lost 3.7 pounds, I could not believe it.  I had never lost that much weight in one day or in this case, overnight.  So I started eating sort of following the diet but not really being as careful as I should be but it just felt great to be able to eat food.  Seeing that I had been doing primal/paleo type of eating it was hard for me not to use heavy cream for my coffee or my usual strips of bacon but even with my limiting menu selections in the morning I was feeling stuffed.

So I was feeling great at work and actually felt a little bit energized only because my partner was really behaving and wasn’t too wild, could be because she kept on forgetting to take her B-12 shots which make her like a wild child.  So anyway it was a relatively easy day but I ran into a problem later in the night.

No it wasn’t involving my partner, instead it was me…I was the problem.  I wasn’t really hungry but I decided to eat but by the time I realized that it was time to eat it was about 2000 hours so I wolfed down my 3 ounces of meat and probably too much pasta.  Then because I knew that I was behind on protein intake I made a very bad mistake and had a protein shake less than 45 minutes before I did the Rev Up exercises.  That meant that I felt like puking almost the entire time.  I would have been better off if I would have waited until after I finished exercising and had the protein shake and it probably would have been better for my body.  But that is a lesson learned.

So let me tell you what I ate and you can see where I might have gone overboard on the carbs.


Breakfast – 2 lg egg omelet with spinach and cheese, coffee w/non-fat lactose free milk

Lunch – hamburger patty, slice of cheese cut in half and put between one slice of bread cut in half.  So it was sort of like a double cheese burger but only half of it.  See there is the carb in the bread.

Dinner – 4 ounces of hamburger meat, alfredo sauce, whole wheat pasta

Snack – orange protein shake


So by the time I finished with the pasta I looked at the dish and it occurred to me that I might have gone a little crazy and had too much pasta…okay I know that I did go too heavy on the pasta.

As mentioned above I should have waited until I finished exercising before having the shake but stupid me didn’t do that and as I stated above I wasn’t feeling good while exercising.

Also it took me longer than 21 minutes to exercise because it was my first time doing the exercises and well what can I say except that I should have tried going through them but I thought I had it down but boy was I wrong.  About 30 minutes later I finished and felt worn out.  But I did the exercises and had my protein but did I go overboard on the pasta, we will know tomorrow.

Until then I will just keep on working on things and maybe I will stay off the scale so I won’t get disappointed.  I seriously doubt if I will lose much more weight for the week but at least it is a start and it is a good start, a really good start.

So stayed tuned and find out if I fall on my face or if things work out for me.


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