Day 3 of 28

Well I didn’t get the 8 hours of sleep only getting about 6 hours of sleep but it was broken sleep because I was going to bathroom quite a bit.  I’m hoping that things will get better as I continue on the diet because getting up to go to the bathroom is really exhausting.

So I stepped on the scale today and was hoping to see something good but I was disappointed.  Extremely disappointed but I had no one to blame but myself.  My weight was 201.4 meaning that I had gained 1/10th of a pound and although that may not seem like a lot to you, it was hard for me to be upset but I thought about it and remembered that I believed that I had too many carbs and that was the reason why I had a minor gain.

Today was my day off from exercising and so what did I do, I exercised my fingers by doing my taxes.  Yeah I know why did I wait this late to do my taxes, well what can I say I procrastinate and I think that is my full-time hobby.  I also filled out my passport renewal application and went in to get a passport photo then off to get ink for my printer so that I could print up my income tax form for mailing as well as my passport renewal form.  Then instead of getting gas I went to another grocery store and found a wonderful salmon patty with blue cheese and a few peppers which made it bit too spicy at least for me but still I ate it.

So now that I did everything that I’ve had to do as far as paperwork on my day off, let me talk about my food.

Breakfast – 2 eggs with cheese on top in 2 corn tortillas, coffee

Lunch – orange protein drink

Dinner – salmon patty, 1/3 cup of rice, broccoli

Snack – coffee

I barely managed to make my protein amount and actually with 2 for eggs, 3 for the protein drink and 6 for the salmon patty that means that I’m pretty much short 1 ounce of protein but I won’t die being 1 short.

Since I’ve pretty much given up drinking sodas…oh wait I forgot to list the soda I had late at night and will go back and make corrections on yesterday’s food intake.  Now as I was saying, I’ve pretty much given up sodas and had sort of adjusted to only drinking water and occasionally I’ll have some orange tea but that is about all that I’ll drink besides coffee.

I’m debating whether or not I will end up weighing myself tomorrow morning, a part of me wants to know if I’m doing things right or if I’m really far off base on how I’m eating.  So I guess I’ll know come the morning but I might not tell you about it and might just wait until the morning of the 7th day and see if there is any more weight loss.

Tomorrow is exercise day which I’m hoping I will do after I finish my hike.  It has been warming up quite a bit in the day and so if I want to go I guess I’ll need to go hiking in the morning because my legs exposed…oh no-oo-oo-oooooooo!  Fat legs hanging out from shorts, not a pretty site.  So hiking will have to be in the morning so I can keep cool enough while hiking.

So thanks for sticking with me and although there was a slight gain I’m hoping that I learned something and have tried to fix it today but only time will tell.  Oh and I’m straying a bit because I don’t like a lot of the things listed on the menu or did I already say that.

Actually looking forward to tomorrow and getting outside for some exercise.  Here’s hoping that it not only relaxes me but it gives me the good exercises that I need to continue losing weight.


2 thoughts on “Day 3 of 28

  1. Best of luck with the new quest. Is sounds a bit like the Atkins diet. Very high protien a diet that had a great following a few years back here in the Uk. I do recall it came into some flack because it was linked with kidney problems. Something to keep an eye on perhaps. I wish you well. Trying to lose weight is so difficult take care. 🙂

    • Not quite like Atkins because although it has a higher protein level than many, it encourages lots of fruits and vegetables. Long ago I tried Atkins and it wasn’t quite for me. Thanks for caring and your kind words. If only losing weight was as easy as it was to put on then it would be great but until then I’ve got to find something that works for me.

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