Day 5 of 28

Well this day started off with lots of rest and actually having a touch of soreness in my back due to my mattress, well it’s not really my mattress because mine is a king size mattress but I can’t use it for now.  I should have saved money and bought a new mattress but haven’t done that yet.  So I get up later than usual because I couldn’t go to sleep last night or should I say this morning.  Yeah I remember saying how tired I was but I couldn’t fall asleep right away.  Could be the bed or something I can’t think of at this moment.

Got on the scale, I know I said I wasn’t going to do that any more but looks like I was just hoping for something good to happen with all of the hiking that I did.  Well unfortunately it wasn’t the news I had been hoping for, my weight was back down to 201.4 which was what it was on Thursday morning.  For all of my effort all I lost was 3/10 of a pound.

So that started my day and it has rapidly gone downhill from there.  Took care of a few things before having to get ready for work like trying to fix breakfast.  Well seeing that I slept in and got 8 hours of sleep that meant that I was rapidly running out of time and ideas for breakfast.  One of the problems with my work schedule is that I’m unable to have any set time for anything and that is a part of my downfall.  So I tried to make a great smoothie with strawberries, spinach, protein powder and a spoonful of yogurt but it looked like frozen salsa and although it had an okay taste I opted for just dumping it and going with a milk protein drink.  Not the best thing but not the worse choice for the start of a day.

I’ve been having fish the last few days without any success but because I had bought in advance thinking I would be eating more but time has not been my friend so I’m behind on doing things.

So I had my smoothie and that has a protein count of 3, remember I need 12 of protein a day to lose weight and keep my muscles from weakening.  So then I had to figure out what to have for lunch and for dinner and since I don’t have anything but a refrigerator and a microwave, the idea of cooking fish for my work lunch (really dinner) doesn’t work for me.  I hate reheating fish because it really makes a mess of it.  So I had just enough time to cook a salmon pinwheel that has feta cheese/spinach in it.  It was a 5 oz pinwheel and I would say about 1.5 of that was cheese and lots of spinach so I had about 4 oz of protein in my fish.

While that was cooking I started fixing my work lunch.  I fixed a salad with lettuce/spinach/mushrooms/carrots and some fat-free ranch dressing.  I forgot to cut up the tomato that I brought me and didn’t spot it until much later.  What a bummer.  I still have yet to have my snack of carrot sticks and slices of mushroom.  Previously on the Primal eating routine I would only eat when I was hungry and finally I got to the point that I was really hungry and would eat so my stomach shrank some.  So I’m not hungry most of the time, except on smoothie day, and have a hard time fitting snacks into my meals.  I tend to drink more than 64 oz of water so that also kills my appetite enough to curb my hunger pains.

I think one of the problems with my fitting into this routine is the fact that she discourages things such as butter and whole cream and is suggesting non-fat this and non-fat that but as I try to eat that way, I just feel that it falls flat of taste and flavor.  Hard to change gears so quickly considering I’ve been eating more along primal ways for over a year.

I’ve been looking back over what is listed in the menu and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like what they are suggesting.  They talk about eating cereal and I stopped eating cereal decades ago and they suggest using that for breakfast, sorry not for me.  I’ve kind of fallen out of eating carbs and yes I know I need to eat them but the form and shape of how they are talking really turns me off.

Now I look further along the menus and I see how there is quite a bit of spices added and that most definitely isn’t for me. What can I say, I really don’t like spicy foods, I used to enjoy them but as I got older and my ulcers started to develop I cut them out and now it is not a happening thing for me.  As I mentioned before I can see that I don’t eat nearly as many vegetable as I should and yes that obviously has something to do with my lack of weight loss.

So I’m going to have to find a happy medium and have some carbs but be careful about where the carbs come from and just what type of carbs they area.  Most of all I need to eat more vegetables.  I did like having spinach in my smoothies that I ate on day one and although I didn’t chose from the correct columns for the day, I got the results I needed and I love the idea that I had some vegetables in there, namely spinach, that I like.

The reality is that I don’t like a lot of vegetables so when they call for certain drinks and certain fruits I’m going to have to learn to substitute and make things happen for me.  Yes I know that the menus are merely a suggestion and the hardest thing for me is to eat better but I there are some I won’t eat because of how they affect me, namely giving me an upset stomach and lots and lots of gas and having too much gas is not good for me or my co-workers.

Well then I guess I had better record what I ate and let’s see how bad off I am today on my counts.  Oh yeah I guess I had better start counting my carbs and proteins so that I can see if I’m truly following close to the diet.  I would hate to try this and have it fail considering there are so many people who have succeeded on this diet.  Besides that I want to get below 200 pounds very soon.

Breakfast – protein shake with non-fat no lactose milk – 3 protein, 2 gm carbs

Lunch – salmon pinwheel w/feta cheese/spinach – 4 protein, 12 gm carbs

Snack – small orange

Dinner – salad w/lettuce/spinach/mushrooms/carrots/fat-free ranch dressing, hamburger w/FF ranch dressing, guacamole on 2 slices of bread – 4 protein, 23 carbs

Snack – orange smoothie – 4 protein, 2 carbs

In looking at what I’ve eaten so far I can see that I’m about 3 shy on the protein.  I’m going to go for a shake with oranges in it and maybe this time I will have it before it gets too late in the evening and upsets my stomach when I exercise.

Yes although I exercised yesterday by doing a lot of hiking, I need to actually do some of the exercises set aside in the Rev Up workouts because they are also strength training and make me use my arms and not just my legs and give probably a much better rounding of use of muscles.

Well I will go make the smoothie now and unless something new happens I will see you all tomorrow.  I’ve still got to finish my shift and I can hardly wait until it is over.  Work is a pain today with everyone on the phone believing that they are the only ones in the city that need our help and we should drop everything and run to them.  So that along with my lack of weight loss is a touch disheartening to me.

However not quite so sad as I sip my protein smoothie which is just powder and oranges and a touch of ice and water.  It certainly has the connective threats still there, that part didn’t get mixed as well so it just makes it a more fiberous.  I’m trying to keep my chin up and I had such high hopes for this especially after the first day, but I will be the first to admit that I cheated a tad on the previous days.  So I’m debating do I start all over again or do I stick it out and see if anything else drops from my weight.  I’m beginning to think about starting over but I’ll let my decision rest with my results on the first thing in the morning when I get up on the scale.

Until then I have a mile to walk in the parking lot at work (only safe place after 2300 hours) and some exercises that should take a little over 21 minutes (time estimated to do the Rev Up workout).

So until tomorrow morning, here’s hoping that something else drops besides my hopes.


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