Day 6 of 28

Well things are looking a little and let me stress a little bit better than the day before.  First let me give you my first excuse…I didn’t have an entry yesterday because I was too busy?!!  Right, I didn’t think you would buy that excuse either but I had to try.

So when I last left you I know that I had been deciding whether or not I would start all over because why….I wasn’t eating my vegetables or at least enough of them to make a difference.  I remember that Saturday on day 4 I had hiked 5.25 miles and when I stepped on the scale on day 5 I had lost only 3/10 of a pound which would put me  back to my original day 1 loss of 3.7 pounds.  So the morning of day 6 was a little bit of a nervous when I stepped up on the scale, it was restart or continue day for me.

Once I stepped on the scale I saw that I had lost 0.6 pounds.  Now that was a miracle for me because despite my best intentions, I did not exercise that night after work.  I had planned to exercise but the laziness in my bones took over and told me to go home and go to sleep.  So I didn’t work out.

I hate that I can’t remember everything that kept me busy and not able to function right but that is partially to blame on allergies, they have been messing with my head.


Breakfast – Orange protein drink – 3 oz protein, carbohydrate 1.5

Lunch – salmon pinwheel – 4 oz protein, carbs 7

Dinner – guacamole hamburger on whole wheat bread w/lettuce, salad w/mushrooms/lettuce/spinach/tomatoes/carrots, broccoli – 4 oz protein, carbs 24

snack – vanilla protein shake after workout – 3 oz protein


So as you can see I really went over on the protein count but I felt as if I was needing something else to put back some energy into me after my workout.

One thing I noticed was that the workout was much easier this time around because all I had to do was glance at the sheet of paper and see what I was suppose to do on the exercise because I was familiar with how to do the exercise.  So that helped and I also increased my speed on the speed walk intervals doing my best to get my heart beating.

I’m wrapping up day 6 rather quickly because I’m on day 7 and need to get on this so I won’t forget.

See you on Day 7.

Oh and just in case you haven’t figured it out or in case I didn’t say it earlier…. I’m staying the course and finishing the first week.  I may not get all of the results that I had hoped for but it is a start in the right direction.


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