Day 7 of 28

Okay well as you know I stuck it out and am trying to see this through.

I woke up and suddenly I realized that I had to take my mother to her doctor’s appointment so I quickly rushed around and managed to get her there on time and seeing that I only had about 5 hours of sleep I waited in my truck.  I had fallen asleep for a few minutes when she came out and when I got back home I decided I needed to sleep more.  So I went back to bed and fell asleep and slept for at least 2 hours and 15 minutes, it felt great only I had slept through my breakfast.  Too bad as far as I was concerned.

I stepped on the scale and was pleasantly surprised that I had lost 3/10 of a pound.  Now that may not seem like much to you but considered that days before I was gaining that amount of weight, this was a welcome step on my scale.

So I missed out on breakfast and I know that the author said to skip a snack but not to miss a main meal but that didn’t work out well for me.  Oh well that is life.

Seeing how close to noon it was, I decided to just make lunch so I fixed the salmon patty with Gorgonzola cheese and cranberries, had some broccoli and half of a medium size baked potato.

Well I was regretting eating so much so I was determined not to eat a regular dinner so I packed my blender and headed for work but first I had to run an errand and replace my water jug which I broke yesterday after my workout.  It just fell out of my truck, it probably figured now was it’s time to escape and jumped off the truck seat only to break apart.

Up until just a few minutes ago I was feeling pretty good but now that I finished my dinner I’m regretting what I did and without thinking.  I had made a blueberry smoothie and was eating a simple green salad that got from a restaurant on the way to work.  Everything was fine and I had that along with the smoothie and then without realizing what I had done, I suddenly looked down and saw that I had eaten almost 3/4 of the roll that they had included with the salad.  So I’m doing my best to flush my system with lots and lots of water.  I’ve already surpassed the 64 oz of water I need for the day but until I can push things along with water until time to work out then I will do that.

Food Intake:

breakfast  – nope

lunch – salmon/cranberry/Gorgonzola cheese patty, broccoli and 1/2 baked potato – 6oz protein, carbs 18

Dinner – blueberry smoothie, salad, 3/4 bread roll – 4 oz protein, carbs 15

I’m going to call it quits as far as eating for the rest of the night.  Yes I know that I really shouldn’t but considering how poorly I’ve eaten all day I’m going to make do with what I have.  Besides I’m going to be exercising in a couple of hours and I really don’t want to lose what I had for dinner, it would not make a pretty display on the workout room floor.

To be honest, I’m a little bit afraid of what I will see in the morning when I step on the scale.  Yeah I know that what I had shouldn’t make that big of a difference but seeing how hard it has been for me to lose weight I’m actually terrified of what I will see when I step on the scale tomorrow morning.

I have no one to blame but myself if I have a weight gain but my hope is that tonight’s exercising will maybe keep me from gaining.


Ya know I remember reading in the book and in so many other places where this 40 something year old lady said that she got on the diet along with her daughter and after day 1 she lost 2 pounds while her daughter lost one.  Then as I read more she lost a total of 9 pounds at the end of the first week and her daughter lost 4 pounds.

So it got me to thinking of what the heck is going on.  Yes I’m older than the 40 year old mother but I’m exercising 2-3 times a week although it isn’t much more than walking and occasionally some strength training using body weight.  So my big question is how could she have lost 9 pounds total at the end of the week by just eating and exercising 4 times a week as suggested?

I know that my exercising already may have a little bit of difference and the fact that I’ve strayed a bit from what I should have been eating but come on…. 9 more pounds.  I don’t doubt that but I hate how they are touting about this like this is what every woman or person would lose.  I’ve seen the advertisement, lose up to 2 pounds on first night and up to 9 more  at the end of the week.  I so want to believe in that so badly but seeing my attempt this week isn’t showing anything like that.  At the rate I’ve been going especially today I will be lucky to have maintained the original weight loss of 3.7 pounds especially after today’s meals.

That is a part of my problem, it is hard for me to maintain a constant steady eating pattern because I don’t get a lunch break at work, I have to try and eat in between phone calls or put my dinner aside when someone walks up and needs to speak to me.  It would be great if I could tell them to just sit down and wait until I finish my dinner but that is considered bad customer service.

So it is getting closer to time for me to go and so I will let you go and I’ll see you tomorrow when we find out what a disaster my bad eating habit tonight had on my weight.  I’d like to see weight loss but I’m not holding my breath.

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