Day 8 of 28

Well only 20 more days on this diet to see if I can get what I want out of it.  Wow, I guess I never gave my goal for the 28 days but my wish would be to get down to 190 pounds.  Yeah I know that is still fat but I figure a little bit at a time and that way it will stay off.  Sure I would love to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time just like they claim in the book but I’m more realistic and figure that will not be me.  So until then I will keep on trudging along and hope to reach my goal weight which will be kind of hard considering the safe weight loss suggests 10 pounds per month and here I’m shooting for 15 pounds in 28 days.  So that means that I will have to do a little bit of hustling when it comes to dropping weight.

So still a bit nervous this morning and stepped upon the scale and saw that I was 200.2 pounds meaning that I had lost 0.3 pounds overnight.  Yeah I know that I’m slowly losing weight but the last few days it seems that it is only with drinking protein drinks as one of my meals or even substitute them for 2 meals as well as eating more veggies seems to be doing it for me.  Now I’ve got to find my happy medium so I can eat good and not have to drink smoothies but then again I really, really want to lose the weight and feel better about myself.  If this diet at least continues to give me a weight loss, even if it is a slow loss, as long as it is a loss I’ll be happy but of course I would be thrilled if I could lose at a much faster pace.

So weight loss still happening and I”m only 2/10 of a pound away from what I want to be for the moment.  I’m hoping that this is the start to another week of loss but I will have to make sure that I eat a lot more veggies and maybe that will be the trick for me.

Let’s see what I’m eating today…..Oh wait, not eating but drinking!  That’s right today is smoothie day and that is all that I’m suppose to consume besides water.  Of course I’m always supposed to have 64 ounces of water so yes water is on the menu today too.



Breakfast – Cherry/Banana/Spinach Smoothie

Lunch – Strawberry/Pineapple/Flax seed Smoothie

Dinner – Strawberry/Pineapple/Strawberry/Flax seed Smoothie

Snack:  coffee

Yeah I know they want me to have the coffee in a smoothie but let’s get real here…I just sometimes need coffee especially when I have a sinus headache like I’ve had for the whole week.  I’ve had a sinus headache even before I started this diet and that is because of this weather and it has been a real pain even with washing my nose.  So I had the coffee with cream (sorry but that was all that was available at work) and swallowed several ibuprofen to try and kill or at least dull down the pain.  Ever since my run in with someone touching me who had just pet a cat, I got very sick with cat allergies and was knocked down for 2 days.  At least I didn’t have difficulty breathing this time.  Any way…. coffee with real cream was my bad for the day.

As soon as my work partner returns from running out to get her dinner I will let her eat and then take a walk around the parking lot.  The cool thing about that is today is not an exercise day and one in which I should relax but I think that things are finally beginning to work on this diet.  Although I’m a bit groggy when I wake up, once I wake up I’m feeling pretty good and feeling a tiny bit more energized, not much just a little bit but I guess that is much better than feeling exhausted all day long.

Just finished my mile walk and it felt good to get out of the building for a few minutes but now that I’m inside I’m burning up but maybe it is a good sign…I don’t know but I’ll just do my best to keep everything else right for the week and see if that makes a difference for this coming week.

I’m hoping for some good news tomorrow morning when I step up on the scale, not expecting as big of a loss as I had last week but at least a pound would great and deep down I hope for more.  So here’s to hoping that tomorrow will make me smile.


One thought on “Day 8 of 28

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