Day 11 of 28

Well I’m running out of time for me to get my act together and start focusing on my eating habits.  I guess the hardest part for me is to stop eating things that I had been so accustomed to eating when I was eating more along the Paleo/Primal Blueprint diet.  On that diet it was okay to eat cheese and to cook with butter and other fats that more easily break down in the body, but that isn’t the case here on this diet.  However, with them stressing to eat the right amount of protein each day reminds me of being on the two above mentioned diets but I get a little bit of carbs and still eating lots of vegetables.

There is the key, eating vegetables.  One big problem is that I’m kind of weird because if I was vegetarian I would probably get bored real quickly because I do not enjoy very many vegetables.  But I’m learning how to force myself to eat them for a snack and the same thing for fruit.  I’m not a big fruit eater but those fruits that I do like are really enjoyable for me.

So it should be easy for me to lose now that I’ve isolated what part of my problem is right…..Wrong!  I get bored very quickly with some foods and go through cycles as to what food I like.  A quick example is a couple of weeks before starting Overnight Dieting, I noticed that I ate tuna at least 4 times a week and really enjoyed it and did that for about 3 weeks in a row and then I was over it.  So my eating and taste goes in cycles and it isn’t always easy to predict what I may want next but I’m trying to condition myself to be better at eating.

Well enough of that, let me get on to what this is about…..Day 11.  So I woke up with only about 5 1/2 hours of sleep which is dramatically less than what they are suggesting.  Let me stress that it is not intentional that I stay up so late, I’m a bit of a night owl and seeing that I work so late at night and when I drive home it is among the drunks who are changing bar locations I really have to be awake and alert to avoid accidents or sleepy drivers.  Well that factor along with the fact that I have a horrible mattress and one of these days I’m going to spend the money and get a good bed instead of taking all of these trips to conventions….probably not but if my back keeps on hurting then I may not have a choice.

Let’s see now, woke up lacking sleep, off to a bad start.  I got on the scale and let’s just say my day of fluffing off really…I mean really did me in because I was at 201.2 meaning all of the hard work I had done was practically undone.  The night before I had stayed up and tried to season the new orgreenic flap jack pan that I bought and apparently I didn’t such a good job and was so tired that I didn’t really read the instructions.  I used olive oil to try and season it and then after wiping it out, the pan had not completely cooled and then I remember reading to wash the pan.  Well this morning after an egg disaster for breakfast I re-read the directions and it said to wash the pan before seasoning but it didn’t give more directions.  Now I season my paella pan but things tend to stick to it (yes that means that I still haven’t gotten the art of cooking paella down very well) so I wash it using a mild soap and guess what…it washes off the seasoning.  So I try to retreat it but maybe I should just order one of the enamel pans…nah…I’ll just have to get better at Spanish cooking.

Okay so I seasoned the pan with the wrong type of oil and then didn’t wait for it to totally cool to wipe it down and then I washed off the seasoning.  Now what the heck was I thinking?!!  So when I tried to cook my eggs in the pan I could see that it was sticking already to the pan despite my attempt to season it.  So I washed out the pan and sprayed it with non-stick spray and cooked my omelet and the pan worked great but once it was cleaned, I’m going to have to season it only this time I’m going to only use vegetable oil and wait until the pan is cool then wipe the excess oil off and only use water to clean the pan because the seasoning will keep things from sticking.  So lesson learned…never do things when so tired.

Then went shopping to find a few things and was shocked to see the local park and ride areas packed and then I remembered that there are two celebrations going on around town and everyone was taking the bus to the events which is great because there is never any parking at the event areas.  After fighting off traffic I managed to get some shopping down and made it back home but by then after being out in the air my allergies were getting the best of me.  Yep I was struggling to fight off falling asleep.

Well just now it hit me and I’m tired so I’m going to wrap this up quickly so I can try and get some sleep.

Breakfast – 2 egg spinach/mozzarella cheese and coffee

Lunch – bacon/guacamole cheese burger and broccoli

Snack – pineapple

Dinner – Cherry/spinach/yogurt smoothie.  Hey what can I say, I’ve gotten to where I like spinach in my smoothie.

Water, water, water.  Thankfully I’ve been drinking lots of water today.  Oh yeah because of how horrible I ate yesterday I decided to forgo dinner and just have a healthy smoothie.  Yeah I was hungry almost starving but I drank water and water and finally the hunger swam away…get it swam…water..  Never mind!

Okay well time to shut down things and try to get some sleep before my neighbors decide to mow the lawn at 0800 hours in the morning.

Oh yeah…didn’t go walking due to severe allergy problems to include headache but I did do my Rev Up Workout and I actually felt great doing it.  Maybe I’m getting closer to changing some of the fat into muscle.  Only time will tell.  I’m outta here to grab some sleep.



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