Day 12 of 28

Well things were a little bit better when I woke up this morning and stepped on the scale.  Okay I keep on saying that I’m going to stop getting on the scale every morning but I just can’t help it because it is also a motivator for me to see if my efforts are being rewarded.  Very slowly they are being rewarded.  So I got on the scale and it read 199.8 which meant that getting back on track with eating really helped.  I know that I was a bit of a sloth and hadn’t really focused on exercising which has been a hinderance to my weight loss.  I have to exercise to develop muscles because it is the feeding of the muscles that allow me to burn more fat.  I know all that but sometimes the body or should I say my thoughts say, no way we’re eating healthy….we want ice cream and we want cake and we want CHOCOLATE…..LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!!!  What can I say my mind often has a mind of its own.

Let me to ahead and say that last night after I got off of work and was home I finally exercised and felt pretty good about it but I felt a twinge of pain in my left calf which I think I need to figure out how to stretch it out.  Okay so just know that was what happened.

So I had a breakfast and even cooked a steak for my lunch which I would end up eating right when I got to work.  Now there is a method to my madness.  I wanted to eat early because when I get hungry it is usually quite late in the evening or when things get busy at the station and since the beginning of the shift is slow, thus the plan for eating lunch early.

So I defrosted steak a steak only it turned out to be 3 steaks which had frozen up together.  I tried to defrost them but that didn’t work out very good and all I had time to do was grill one of the steaks and put the other two away to cook at a later time.  So while those were cooking I steamed some broccoli and included some brown rice and put them in containers and packed up things and rushed out of the house to get to work.  I really hate being so rushed but that is life but at least I was going to try and relax as I ate my lunch.  I also prepared a smoothie that I would drink at night because I knew I would be exercising later in the night and didn’t really feel like puking.  So off to work I rushed with my steak dinner and a smoothie.

Thankfully I made it to work with a couple of minutes to spare so once I got set up I pulled out things and started heating up my meal then I put it on a plate so that I could feel more relaxed and it actually worked and I was able to really enjoy my meal.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to be able to relax and eat although I still had to answer phone calls, but not trying to eat with people coming up to speak to me can cause anyone indigestion.  So guess what… indigestion.

Well it also helped that I was able to get 6 1/2 hours of sleep but I still was rushed the rest of the day.  The day was busy out in the streets but at least things were relatively calm on my part of the job.  The rough part of my job is trying to do things and fit them into my schedule and it isn’t as easy as I keep imagining it will be, so until I put my head on straight I’ll just keep on struggling.

So did I mention that I exercised?  Okay so I did my exercise after I got home and I was able to relax and get some good sleep after that, which is what really counts…right?!!


Breakfast – 2 eggs w/cheese, coffee w/cream

Lunch – 4 oz of steak, broccoli, 1/3 cup of brown rice

Dinner – Cherry smoothie w/yogurt/spinach/protein powder

Snack – protein drink

Okay I’ll tell you the truth, it got to be too much for me to finish the smoothie but I know that I’m going to be short on my protein so I made a protein shake and felt as if my stomach was going to explode.  So I had to wait a bit before I could do some exercises.  So despite my best efforts I was still rushed through most of the day.  Soon I hope I will figure things out.


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