Day 17 of 28

Well I’m trying to do this blogging in stages so I’m not so rushed at the end of the day which isn’t exactly easy considering most of the time I think of time as my nemeses… really it is my nemeses.

Okay one thing I didn’t list yesterday evening because I wasn’t thinking and I think that is what messed me up.  I had a small white chocolate mocha from Starbucks during one of our coffee runs.  Usually I pass but last night I was out of sweetener, and cream so silly me said okay to a Starbucks coffee which has 470 calories but here is the kicker, 59 grams of sugar.  What in the hell was I thinking?  I should have known better than to have a Starbucks coffee because I knew that it would be higher in calories and sugar than my own white chocolate mocha coffee.  At least I can control the calories count and sugar content that way.  I have my coffee, use sugar free white chocolate syrup, Stevia (I like it better than the other style  artificial sweeteners) and my one fault of heavy cream mixed with sugar free french vanilla creamer.  That last bit is always my downfall and yes I have had non-fat milk in my coffee but I like the fullness from the heavy cream and french vanilla creamer mixed together and know that I have to do something to burn off that intake.

Okay still getting up on scale for encouragement and was shocked to see that my missing meals and lack of doing Rev Up Exercises as well as my late night coffee run I gained 4/10 of a pound.  So instead of being depressed, I’m angry, really angry but only at myself for falling down on the job after a good day of smoothies.  In order to help remedy the problem, I plan on eating much better today, making sure I get the right amount of protein as well as fruit and vegetables…especially vegetables.  It rained very early this morning, not a lot but enough to make a mess of the trails that I was planning on hiking today so I think I will have to do the mall.  Oh No….not the mall!!!  Okay it is not for shopping because I really do hate shopping unless it is in a kitchen gadget store.

Speaking of gadgets…I bought the Orgreenic flip jack pan and I seasoned it this morning and when I went to wipe the oil out of the pan it was sticky so it left me doubting but since it worked for the white ceramic pan yesterday I thought why not try it but when I seasoned the white ceramic pan it is still smooth on the inside cooking surface.  After seasoning the Orgreenic pan the pan was sticky and as for wiping out the excess oil…well all it did was rip up the paper kitchen towel, that should have been a hint to me but I thought maybe I was wrong…boy was I wrong.  I then used the pan to cook some eggs planning on having a nice omelet with vegetables but that didn’t work out, my eggs stuck to the bottom of the pan and I was only able to get 1 egg and it was originally 2 eggs that I cracked in the pan.  So I was so upset I will have to make up for the loss of protein but did enjoy half a bagel with fat-free cream cheese and my coffee followed by water.  As a matter of fact I’m ready to drink a lot more water which is a good thing.

Breakfast – 1 egg scrambled, 1/2 whole wheat bagel with FF cream cheese

Lunch – chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread, carrot sticks

Dinner – ham steak, green beans w/mushrooms

Snack – protein shake

Well I’m dramatically low on the protein count but I’m trying to increase the veggies but as you can see from this it is a work in progress.

I managed to walk 1 1/2 miles today but then headache set in from allergies.  I wish we would get a good rain and gets rid of the pollen, but all it does is mist and lightly rain but not enough to give me relief.

Tomorrow provided it doesn’t rain, I will be up early and walk and if it is raining then I’ll have to go back to the mall but before the stores open so I can avoid the crowds.  Okay well time to quickly hit the rack so I can grab some sleep.



2 thoughts on “Day 17 of 28

  1. I once read somewhere “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”. I’ve been thin a few times in my life and I’d have to agree that saying is true. Short term gratification however can be a huge obstacle to overcome. I think you’re doing great and sometimes getting mad at yourself is what needs to happen. I start my 1st smoothie day today and I’m sitting here thinking Saturday is a pretty dumb day to do smoothies…Anyway, just by reading your blog I can see you are working through your issues and in my opinion, overcoming them as well. Your weightloss to date is fantastic! Keep up the good writing and good work!

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