Day 21 of 28

Holy Cow….I’m almost done with the big experiment.  I had set an impossible goal of losing 15 pounds, wanting to be 190 in 28 days but I don’t think it is going to happen, not because the diet failed but because I didn’t do the diet justice.  As you know I’ve been said time and time again that I need to increase my fruit and vegetable intake and once I do that along with just simply exercising for 20-25 minutes 4 times a week it could have happened.  However, right now I’m happy that despite my lack of exercise and eating better I’m still below 200 pounds.  This morning despite stepping on the scale and seeing 198.3 pounds, I didn’t let it bug me but I’m letting it inspire me.  I figure being inspired and giving myself a Gibbs slap to the back of the head won’t hurt either but maybe get me back on track.

I’ve been distracted the last few days with a project outside of work and that has me rather occupied and I’ve slipped on exercising and barely remember to eat much less eat correctly.  This outside project is something that I’ve been working on for quite some time and had put it aside for the last month or two and suddenly the muse hit me and off I go again working on the project.

However seeing that I’m nearing the end of the experiment I can see that maybe I can do a lot better on these last 7 days of the diet.  Now today things aren’t moving along like I think they should be and I’m feeling kind of bloated so I opted for a smoothie this morning with spinach.  I like the spinach because it keeps things running smoothly and to be honest I’m doing it in anticipation of tonight.  A young woman who I recommended and endorsed to join the police academy is stepping down from the rank of Chief of our Explorer Group because she was accepted into the academy and will be starting in the academy next week is having a goodbye celebration as they name their new Explorer Chief of the post and so they are having a big blow out.  So I’m eating light and planning on exercising in anticipation to what I may consume at this event.

There are some who don’t think very highly of the Explorer group because it is a part of the Boy Scouts but it is great and I’ve seen it change some of the young kids in our group.  With a few exceptions I could see the explorers in our group go on to be good citizens in the community and even many of them becoming police officers.  It is a hard and too often thankless job that is a calling to some.  So as I type this I know that I’ve seen the young lady I recommended for the past 5 years and I’ve seen her change some but never as much as I have in the last year and the maturing is now setting in which made me proud to know she chose to change and become a responsible adult.

Okay I’ll get back to the diet.  So sorry to go so far off but I’ve never had any of them come to me before saying that they would like to use me as a reference and ask for my endorsement and support into the academy and so it touched me especially since she made it into the academy.

Okay so in anticipation to a possible bad night of eating, I’m planning on doing some walking at work on the treadmill or even out in the parking lot if it isn’t raining and this morning I’m having a Blueberry Smoothie that has spinach in it to get things moving along.  So I’m off to a good start but I will strive to do even better for these last few days so today I have to prepare for what may come tonight.

Just made it back a day later so let me finish wrapping up what happened on the day.



Breakfast – blueberry/spinach smoothie

Lunch – crispy chicken tenders, Asian vegetables w/chicken pieces

Dinner – maybe 2 oz of brisket, potato salad, beans, rice, 3 pieces of cake


Well the day was going good until the captain decided to stick around for the festivities I mentioned above and by the time she left so I could go back there for some food, I barely got anything to eat thus why I had 3 pieces of cake.  She didn’t leave until about 2100 hours when most of the restaurants in the area are shut down and cake was almost the only thing left that was in abundance.  Yes I know that I shouldn’t have eaten those three pieces of cake but I was actually starving and if I had been able to go to the party at the back of the building when they were serving food then I might have eaten a little bit better but I guess beggers can’t be choosy.  I was just thankful that they had pity on me and realized that the captain didn’t really need two of us to man the phones so the main cook brought me the plate and I was so very thankful.  I would have loved to have more than two small pieces of meat but some people started taking home the food and he grabbed that for me.  I was lucky to eat but know that I’ll pay for it in the morning.


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