Day 22 of 28

All I can say is Wow!  I stepped on the scale knowing it would be rough and boy oh boy was I right.  I was at 200.3 pounds.  The cake and the other items apparently decided that they wanted to stick around a little bit longer in me.

So I woke up and was feeling very sore because of my bed and I was trying to be conservative on my A/C unit but that led to an uncomfortable night of sleep and it also messed up my knee.  I managed to pop it after I got up and did a little bit of stretching before doing some Rev Up exercises.  Yes I know that today is supposed to be a relax day but I want to encourage my weight loss.

I finished my exercises and I must have done something wrong because all of a sudden my right knee is killing me and I had to walk around at the grocery store leaning extremely heavily on the shopping basket.  I came home from the store and put an ice pack on my knee and took a nap.  I just didn’t want to wake up because my allergies were killing me but nothing much I can do about it now.  Then I got up barely in time to make my smoothies for work and so this is where I sit typing this in right with an ice pack on my knee to relieve some of the pain.

Okay so I have an unrealistic goal in mind…I leave to go to a geek convention on the 16th of this month and I would like to be at 190.  Hey it can happen if I work out every day and maybe a couple of days do a double workout of the fat burning or anaerobic exercises but I think today with the pain through my knee, I’m going to have to take the rest of the day off from exercising so I can exercise more in the following days.  For now….Ouch!  But on a more realistic side, I hope to lose at least 4 pounds by the 16th of this month.  So hopefully I’ll reach one of those goals.

Well I tried to have a peanut butter cup smoothie but I realized that I needed to add a banana so I did that and yuck.  I ended up tossing it down the drain, it tasted horrible because all I could taste was the banana.  So instead I put a cup of milk, a scoop of protein, a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter and 1 1/2 tablespoon of chocolate syrup and shook it really good and had a great breakfast shake.



Breakfast – peanut butter cup smoothie

Lunch – Blueberry spinach smoothie

Dinner – Blueberry spinach smoothie

Snack – Blueberry spinach smoothie


So it is a smoothie day and I’m okay with that.  I just wish I would have had time to have a cup of coffee.

My headache is getting worse so time to pop some pills and go numb.


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