Day 23 and 24 of 28

Well when I stumble, I stumble really big.  So I had finished my day of smoothies on day 22 and guess what, I only lost 6/10 of a pound but a part of that might also be because I had a very small amount of wine at the end of the night.  I know I had mentioned how sore my knee was and it was getting worse as the hours ticked along.  So I took some ibuprofen and managed to get some sleep and on the morning of the 23 things were much better.

So I started out the morning of the day 23 with 1 egg scrambled in a corn tortilla.  But that was the last time that I ate healthy.  I was craving some pan pizza and had some for lunch and it upset my stomach a little bit but figured that I would eat better at work by maybe getting a salad and something light in protein but the guys brought in some pizza and didn’t get a chance to go out and get something healthier.

Menu on day 23:

Breakfast: 1 egg scrambled in corn tortilla

Lunch: pizza

Dinner: pizza

Bad snack: beer

Yep I broke down and had a couple of beers to help me burp up the massive indigestion that I was suffering.  I knew better and then I remembered by the time my indigestion was exploding in my stomach that it was the tomato sauce that they use on the pizza that does me in.  There is only one place with tomato sauce that doesn’t affect me quite as much and that is a major chain.  But I really need to cook my own pizza and use a white sauce and that is the only way that I can have pizza without suffering the massive indigestion that nothing seems to help.  My partner was great and gave me one of her prescription heartburn pill which along with a Sprite I managed to get my upset stomach under control which was also after the beer that I was hoping would make me burp.  Everything finally worked and I managed to get to sleep.


So here I was on Day 24 and feeling not so good from yesterday’s bad eating.  I made some bacon and had bacon for breakfast along with coffee and then made some crescent rolls but put white chocolate and milk chocolate chips in them.  I had 2 crescent rolls and was feeling okay and was hungry for lunch which was a very late lunch.  I then made a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and topped with guacamole and had 2 crescent rolls.

Yeah I know I did it again and had too many carbs.  Well that wasn’t all that was wrong with me, things weren’t flowing smoothly so I had to take something to get things inside moving know, taking a laxative.  So here I sit hours later still feeling some of the effects from the laxative .

The only good thing that I did right on Day 23 was exercise and boy that just about killed me.  I did Tabata exercising on an exercise bicycle.

I’m sure many of you know about this because it isn’t new but if you’ve been like me it seems as if I’ve been oblivious to things like this form of exercising.  So just in case you are not familiar with it, it is intense exercising for only 4 minutes and the results stay with you all day.  Yeah that is what I thought but I can still feel it from yesterday.

I did Tabata on the exercising bicycle which mean 20 seconds intense pedaling then slow pedaling for 10 seconds and went right back into intense pedaling for 20 more seconds and slow for 10 seconds and did this cycle for 5 minutes, yeah I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I lost track of how long I was doing it.  I will tell you this much, I was having problems catching my breath after it was over and really felt my little ol’ heart beating up a storm and although it was rough I felt good when I finally calmed down and my legs almost felt like rubber when I finished exercising.

The best thing is that my legs still feel a little tight from the intense exercising.  I don’t know if I be able to exercise tonight before going to bed because of my frequent bathroom visits and only time will tell.

So I’m still hoping for the ability to at least lose 4 more pounds before the 16th of this month but I would love to lose more.  So still keeping my goal in mind and hoping that tomorrow will be a much better day and I will be more focused on my eating habits and my exercise habits.

So at least I realized I stumbled big but I’m not going to let it discourage me because I know I can lose the weight because I’ve done it before and can do it again.


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