Day 25 of 28

What a disaster, I had taken a laxative the day before because I kept on feeling as if things were stuck if you know what I mean.  Well unfortunately for me things didn’t quite end on day 24 and I’ve had extreme bloating and pain in my intestine as the food I ate moved along.  I was miserable pretty much the entire day.

So let me quickly go over what I ate and we’ll see how bad off I was.

Breakfast – bacon, coffee

Lunch – bacon/guacamole cheese burger on whole wheat bread, 2 beers, 10 potato chips

Dinner – 3 crispy chicken strips, brown rice, peas and carrots

Well I ate dinner very late, as a matter of fact is was after 2100 hours (9 pm) when I ate and that is because I kind of lost track of time.

I went to the store to go buy some groceries, things I forgot to get during Wednesday’s grocery shopping and ended up looking at getting something to slim down my waistline, you know one of those wrap things that you wrap around you and only do ab exercises for 2 minutes and it keeps on working for several hours.  Well then I saw that they sold the lotion that is supposed to really do the action and I thought why not because I can wrap my tummy but then I decided that maybe I should do some more research before falling for another product.

So off I went to my storage unit, I was looking to find this brush that I had bought long ago that helps pick up pet hair especially around the baseboard of carpets.  No my dogs didn’t come back to life and I haven’t gotten another dog, although I would love one but my current living arrangements prohibit it, but I was looking for it for me.  I have long hair and it tends to fall onto the carpet and it is really a pain in the backside trying to pull the hair out of the rollers on the vacuum cleaner so I thought why not just go and get the special brush out of my storage unit.

One big problem….I couldn’t remember where I stored it.  So off I went to my storage unit to start digging through my storage unit which is a large unit, holding my two bedroom suites, my washer/dryer and some of my living room furniture as well as lawn equipment that I just hate the idea of getting rid of it and also I’m storing some of my younger brother’s electronic equipment.  Hey it is a fair exchange, he is storing a sofa that he has given me and considering I gave away my last sofa before moving to Colorado Springs, I guess I might need a place to sit.  But for now living in extremely cramped quarters and since I worked too damn hard to pay off and buy those items, I’m keeping them.

Yeah I know you might say with the cost of storing the stuff and what I could make I could buy the items at a later time.  But the truth of the matter is I know myself, I may put that money in the bank but eventually I would spend it and besides that I took a look at the washer and dryer and to replace what cost me almost $1000 when I originally bought it, well it now costs $1400 and odds are it isn’t going to get any cheaper.  Now trying to buy bedroom suite furniture that originally cost me $800 would cost me more than $3000 to currently replace it because it is solid oak furniture and a pain in the backside to lift.

Oh yeah now I remember why I went to my storage unit.  Well about 3 hours later I couldn’t find it and then suddenly I remembered that I had stored my wedding ring in a box and then spent another hour or so trying to find which box it was stored in.  Found the box only several other boxes had fallen and broken up and so I had to find other things such as crates in which to store the contents of the broken boxes in and that was a task.  I found my wedding ring and was shocked at the small size of the diamond.  Wow did I ever let my husband off easy by getting such a small diamond.  Even my mother had a larger diamond.  Then I did something really shocking…I tried on the ring and could not get it past my knuckle.  Wow talk about shock to the system.  I had the ring sized just right for my hand and was wearing it for a while for  decorative jewelry for a while after my divorce but now my fingers are so fat I can only put the ring on my pinkie finger.  Now that really shows that I’m fat because my fingers have even gained weight.  Then I remembered that the ring that my father gave me when I turned 16 (birthstone ring) is too big for my pinkie but too small for my ring finger.  I’ve got some weight to lose before I can wear any rings in the future.  No I’m not planning on wearing my wedding ring but I might keep the small diamond and the diamond chip.  Boy did I let my ex off easy when we bought the ring.

Ouch…I can feel things moving along in my system and it is still a bit painful.  I was reading that eating a diet high in protein and fats is much better than eating one with more carbs so good thing I’m focusing on consuming more protein.  I’m trying to remain relax but the pain is quite intense although not as bad as it was yesterday.  So maybe it is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is what I’m experiencing now.  I can see it in my mind…my intestines are shaking their fist in frustration at me because of what I put down it in the last few days.  So if this isn’t encouragement for me to get back to eating healthier then I would be stupid not to do that.  I may be dumb…Okay so I’m pretty dumb at times but I know or better put I knew better and I guess I just wanted to get it out of my system.  Since the beginning of the year I’ve been doing the Primal thing and not really enjoying myself then I started this Overnight diet and really have struggled with it.

Yeah you heard me, I’ve struggled with this diet, as a matter of fact I seem to struggle on most diets.  The author suggests eating more dairy but in non-fat form or low fat form yet when eating primal they say eat the fat the body can handle it better than the product without the fat because of all of the chemical adjustments made.  So I still splurge and have heavy whipping cream in my coffee, it just gives it a richer flavor and believe it or not it does not bother my digestion although I’m lactose intolerant.

Well that was I believe my third day of destruction to my digestive tract and now it is time to get back on that horse and ride it to weight loss.

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