Day 26 of 28

Well unfortunately I’m still experiencing problems in my belly although the pain of things moving along inside me has slightly diminished from the pain I was experiencing yesterday.  So I did some checking on IBS to see what could cause it and what to do about it.  Well several places talked about eating more protein and fat rich diets, wow imagine that!  So today I’m back to watching what I eat in hopes that the pain will subside very soon or at least by the end of the day.  Not going to be an enjoyable day at work with this problem.

Woke up after about 7 hours of sleep and it was not restful.  So I’m going to give serious thought of taking my income tax refund and getting a new mattress, maybe box springs at mattress, going from a full to a queen.  I have my king in my storage unit and right now if I put that in the room I’m staying there won’t be room for much else.  So time to start shopping especially since the USA magazine in the paper said that May is a good month to buy mattresses.  I used to consider the sleep by number beds but let’s face facts….I’m not rich and even buying the cheaper mattress only leads to more spending.  You have to buy the foam cushion so you don’t feel the frame as much because I’m large and my number is low so that puts me closer to the frame.  So nope….sleep by number is out of my price range.

So soon I will be mattress hopping in a nice way.  Get your minds out of the gutter, I’m looking to buy a bed not inviting male guests over…sheesh, give me a break.  So will be looking around and last time I bought a mattress and box springs it lasted me for well over 10 years so it will be a good investment.  Besides then maybe I can get a decent night’s sleep without waking up with a backache like I have been for the last few years.

Oh a worse note, all of the dust in my storage unit really stirred up things and are currently playing havoc on my allergies, I should have worn a dust mask.  I know should have, would have, could have doesn’t get it done.


Breakfast – 2 strips of bacon, coffee

Lunch – Turkey/Cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread

Dinner – 5 oz ham steak w/2 pineapple slices, brown rice, broccoli

Well what can I say except that I think that I’ve fallen extremely low on protein for the day and probably a little bit over when it came to carbs, but on the plus side I’m not suffering from IBS and things have finally settled down.


Oh my god my arms are killing me.  I did wall push-ups Tabata style which in case you forgot it means that 20 seconds fast as possible/10 seconds rest then you repeat the cycle for 4 minutes straight.  No I can’t do regular push-ups so I stick with wall push-ups and in true form.  I push off of the wall surface and my feet are  at least 28 inches away from the wall, that is more than the length of my arms.

Hey what can I say, short arms and short lets as well as short body…hey everything is short with me only being 5’3″.

So my shoulders really feel the workout as do my upper arms.  So maybe there is something to this because it sure took me a little bit to catch my breath.  I’m going to keep on trying and see if that doesn’t help me develop some more muscle without knocking myself out.

I even brought in a packet of ‘Paper Shower’ which is supposed to be a wonderful product.  Hey I’m at work and as I get to doing more of the exercising at work I don’t always have time for a full shower so I use the paper shower.  Last Thursday I did it using alcohol/water mixture on a hand towel and then drying off with another hand towel.  With the paper shower, one side is moist and cleans you and the other part of the packet contains a small clean wipe cloth which can also be used to wipe away any profuse sweating before using the wet side.

Sure there are baby wipes but I really don’t enjoy smelling like a baby or like I just took a shower in baby soap so this Paper Shower is pretty cool because it doesn’t smell like baby products.  Yeah for that.  Didn’t really need the paper shower because I didn’t work up too much of a sweat which is good but I will start carrying it around with me and plan to take it on my conventions because standing in long hot lines just isn’t my thing.

So I ate relatively well but best of all my system has settled down and I’m feeling much better.


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