Day 27 of 28

Well I wish that I could tell you that it was a good day but it wasn’t.  I thought that I over the ordeal with my stomach or more specifically with my intestinal track and was feeling as if I had something heavy low in my abdomen.  Let me say that I have learned several lessons during this type of diet but I’ll talk about that in tomorrow’s wrap up.

So although I did not get up and do the Rev Up exercises, I did get outside and mow the lawn.  I was just initially planning on mowing the front yard only but then as I was moving the grass I noticed how horrible my backyard looked so I put more gas in the lawn mower and did the backyard.  Now I got lucky because the weather was working in my favor for once and I wasn’t sweating like a pig after just a few moments.  I had nice cloud cover and although it wasn’t cool, it wasn’t scorching hot like it usually is for weather this time of year.  So I mowed the lawn and just as I finished what looked like rain clouds came over and I took everything inside and relaxed for a few minutes before I had to start getting ready for work.

Although not regular exercises, I did get in some exercise and considering some of the terrain I went over, it got to be something of a workout.  Either way I got out and did something which I was rather happy about.

Breakfast – coffee, 2 strips of bacon

Lunch – avocado cheese burger on whole wheat bread

Dinner – egg salad, peanut butter/jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread, avocado and broccoli

Snacks – 2 chocolate truffles, 1 tbsp of peanut butter

Yeah I know I didn’t take in enough protein but I was focusing on trying to eat something that wouldn’t kill my stomach.  Originally I thought that I had a packet of tuna in my drawer at work but apparently I ate it and didn’t realize it but I was pretty sure that I had put some tuna there but oh well it wasn’t there so I did the best with the hard boiled egg that I had along with mayo/whole mustard and had the egg salad.  My avocado wasn’t as tasty as the one I had at lunch but it did okay.

So although I was full, I ate too late to take in a protein drink and that was why I was so hungry and had the snacks after work which was a really bad time to take them in.  So I’m winding down on this diet and can truly say that there are some problems for me in doing this diet.


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