Day 28 Last Day Of Overnight

Okay that really isn’t very true because actually I did not strictly follow the Overnight Diet.  The main problem that I had was that it had a lot of food on there that don’t work well with me and I do not like.  Yeah I know I should eat my vegetables and I do but obviously not enough of them and I don’t like a lot of vegetables.  Then I ate some fruit but no where as much fruit as I should have eaten.

So I got up and was feeling horrible, I still had what felt like a bowling ball in the lower part of my abdomen so that meant one thing, I needed to get things moving.  The one thing that I have really come to like from this diet is the Blueberry smoothie, the one with spinach because after making it for breakfast, things are moving much better and the heavy weight is decreasing which exactly what I needed.

Breakfast – blueberry/spinach smoothie

Lunch – tuna salad sandwich

Dinner – cilantro cream sauce over chicken, black beans, rice

Okay well I got on the scale and I wasn’t shocked to see that my weight was 201.3, it has gone above the 200 pound mark which was expected considering the two days of eating recklessly.

So I think that it is time for me to try and wrap things up although I still have the evening to go but nothing big is going to happen.  One of my coworkers spoke to me last week during smoothie day and he asked me what I was drinking and we started going over some of the stuff in my smoothie and how it sort of cleans me out and also leaves me feeling relatively full and satisfied.  Then I mentioned to him although I eat regular during the week I found that I was gaining weight every day and found that the only way I was able to keep weight from coming back on and maybe encourage losing weight was to have a protein drink in lieu of one of my meals which is sort of weird to me.

Now it makes me think that maybe if I take something from one diet, namely smoothie day from this diet and maybe some of the exercise routines, maybe more focused eating protein/vegetables to include spinach like they have on primal eating along with hiking and bicycling and if I’m lucky and the lakes stop drying up around here, I might even do a bit of kayaking.

So for dinner I’ll probably have ham steak with pineapple slices, salad and a vegetable but not really sure.  I might just opt for getting tuna packets and mixing it up with mayo and having tuna salad, regular salad and what else I’m not sure.  But I might just have a protein drink later in the night in hopes of it cutting off my urge to eat at night.

Well is this the diet for me….NO!  I’ll tell you why just in case you haven’t guessed.

I don’t like the suggested menus and I really don’t like a lot of vegetables and fruits.

So I have fruit left over which I plan to eat and maybe I can take a little bit of everything around to get me back on track for losing weight.  Now my hair dresser had sent me stuff for an ultra shake which you are on for several days and she has been on it for 2 weeks and lost up to 25 pounds but it came back on.  I don’t really like the taste or flavor of flax seeds which is an important part in the so called smoothie but it is needed to fill you up.

I think that I need to find something that I can chew and munch on when I want to snack.  So I guess the point is I need to find good for me snack that I like.  I hardly had any time for snacks in this overnight diet so I’ve got to find the right formula for me.

Got to run for now and eat lunch before I get ready for work.  Don’t worry I’ll be back later with a possible solution for me and final weight.

Sorry but I forgot to update.


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