Overnight Diet Conclusion

Well I was on this for 28 days but I was not as strict with the diet as I should have been and that was mainly because I didn’t like the suggested menus because of the vegetables or it was not practical for me.  I did not do the Rev Up Exercises as suggested every time so that had something to do with the not so successful rate of the diet.

What I liked about the diet.

I actually liked smoothie day which was always the first day of the week of the diet.  I found one recipe for a blueberry smoothie, called Enchanted Blueberry smoothie which I continued to make and drink.  As a matter of fact this afternoon for lunch I had the smoothie and it was quite filling for a couple of hours.  So maybe having that type of smoothie all day long on one of the days is something I can use as I still continue to try and lose my weight.

So what did I do, today I ate horrible but at least I was relatively careful not to eat pizza which my Sergeant bought for us.  I have learned that it is the tomato sauce that most of the pizza places use that gets me sick and gives me an upset stomach along with bloating to the point of nausea.  So I guess if I want pizza, I will have to make my own which I might do but not right now.  The mere suggestion of pizza gets my stomach in a knot.

One thing I noticed that the day after the smoothie when I would eat, I found that I was gaining weight.  Remember when I mentioned that I was gaining tenths of a pound well I know that it was what distressed me most of all and that was when I started to freak out but it got me to thinking about how I could continue to lose weight and that was to substitute a protein shake/drink in lieu of one of my dinners and that worked for a while.

My biggest problem is the fact that I can sit down and relax eating breakfast and that is about the last time that I have to relax.  I have a major problem going to bed earlier than 2 in the morning and if I sleep 8 hours that means that I get up at 1000 hours so by the time I have breakfast it is close to lunch time so come lunch time I’ m not very hungry but I eat and usually it is something light.  So I end up skipping the snack that is supposed to be between breakfast and lunch.

When I do eat lunch I’m rushing around trying to get things ready for my dinner and get my uniform on as well as prep things for my workout at work.  I end up walking out the door of my house with my purse, my laptop carrier which lately has my regular laptop and my mini laptop so I can program things into it based on my regular laptop.  Then I have my lunch container and my workout bag and last but not least my whatever bag.

Ah the whatever bag, well that contains all sorts of things.  I carries my spiral note cards which contains assorted computer sign-ons and passwords, it has special athletic tape I can use to keep from hurting myself (wrist for CTS and/or any other part that hurts from workout), I have my portable hard drives, cough drops, Emergen-C for a pick me up, wet wipes for wipe down work station, small earphones, spare pens, 2 leatherman tools, emergency flashlight, spare allergy meds, etc.  You get the picture, it has everything I might need just in case.  Someone commented that it looks as if I’m moving out almost every day as I leave for work but they are items that I might need for work and after work when I workout.  So by the time I get all of those things organized before I make it out of the house for the day.

When I get to work things are very busy and usually don’t slow down until 1800 hours and sometimes not even until 2000 hours so often I have to stop in the middle of warming up dinner and answer phones, let people in the building or help the guys at work.  Then by the time I finish eating it is time to prep things for the afternoon shift who is getting off and that means once again I do not have time for a snack.  Then by the time I finished with the evening shift, then I have to start prepping for the midnight shift to come in and at around 1600 hours (yeah I know out of time sequence) I start getting ready for the 1700 hours shift.  So basically I’m eating bites of food in between things to do.  Oh yeah it would be great if I could say…”Hey time out, I’m on my break and so you just need to go away and allow me my 15 minute break” but that is not how things go.  I do not remember the last time that I took a 15 minute break.  You may also say but you’re typing this in but that only happens between help the guys as they get off their shift and answer phone calls.  The last time I had a 15 minute break away was sometime last month when I took a few minutes off to walk the back parking lot and I don’t get to do it too often because we are busy.  But that is what comes with the job and I’m okay with it a little, just wish once in a while I could eat my dinner in peace.

Whew….I’m tired of those excuses.  So poorly timed eating habits and not eating snacks except when I get home and by then I’m wound up tighter than a top and it takes a while to slow down.

I need to find a healthy snack that I can eat that is light in calories/carbs/fat and gives me lot of the crunch factor which would allow me to chew and feel sated.

So I need to work up a dieting plan that will include a day of smoothies which I’ve come to enjoy and spinach.  I’ve found that spinach really does good things for me and keeps things flowing if you know what I mean.


Final conclusion:  There are good and bad points for me in this diet.  The hardest part is getting enough sleep and eating the recommended foods which are lots of vegetables I don’t like.  The exercises are pretty good and worthy of doing but for me I think I need to work out more or maybe do something like getting outside.

The thing I’m working towards now is figuring out what will work good for me.


I’ll be back with a new plan.

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