Dieting Surprise

I’m preparing to go to one of my Sci-Fi conventions out of town and last week I realized that a pair of pants that I have been wearing for the last 4-5 years was getting a bit frayed in the upper thigh area which is where it usually does on my pants, so it was time to get another pair of pants to replace my favorite casual black pants.  Oh and that upper thigh area of pants always fray on my pants ever since I was a child and I learned that it is because of my large thighs.  My large thighs come from inner muscle development at an early age, which meant that I used to run a lot as a child and it was just the way that I used to play.  See I grew up before video games and A/C was not common to have and so we had a house where we opened the windows and used fans to cool the house down.

So instead of staying in a hot-house when I was a child, I went outside and would play and a part of this play included running, riding my bicycle, climbing trees and skating on the sidewalk.  Basically it meant that I was busy being outside and I always was running everywhere.  I used to run long distance or at least it was long distance for kids in my neighborhood and doing so much running as a child kind of made my thighs, mostly inner thigh muscles develop more.  The same thing occurred to my niece who was a gymnast when she was younger and she too has larger thighs than many of her friends.

But I digress. Now as I stated I needed to get some pants and so I went to my usual department store and picked out two pair of pants, one blue and one black in my usual size.

Let me just say that for once I can actually see the results of my dieting and seeing that it is working.

I grabbed the two pair of pants and went into the dressing room but wondered why I was even bothering because I’ve wore this size ever since about 1993 or 1995, which was size 20W.  For a couple of months I’ve been able to wear size 18W but they never felt right and soon enough I was back into size 20W.  I decided to go into the room and make sure that the pants were fitting right or if they would be too tight across the belly.  I was wearing a pair of pants that I had stopped wearing for a while because they were a little tight around the waistline but they didn’t seem that way today.

So into the room I went and put on the blue casual pants and thought it was odd that they felt a little lose as I started pulling up the pants but the real shocker came when I tried to button up the pants.  They were loose, so loose that I could have probably pull then off without unbuttoning the pants.  I thought that maybe it was just the type of pants so I tried on another pair of pants and it was the same thing only the excess room in the waist was not as much so I changed back into my pants and went out and put back the pants where I found them and selected the next smaller size which was 18W.  Now I was feeling kind of anxious because as I said last time I was in a 18W things were sort of tight so I switched both style of pants for 18W and went back into the dressing room and needless to say I was kind of anxious because this couldn’t be right, I couldn’t fit into a 18W and if I did I knew it wouldn’t be comfortable.

Well I was right, I didn’t fit into the 18W size on either one of my pants that I had selected….THEY WERE TOO BIG!!!

I was feeling extremely excited but I noticed the the feel of the pants was not as much as they were on the larger size, which was to be expected but I still thought that the pants were still a little bit too big so out of the dressing room I came.  I went over to the rack to select another pair of blue casual pants but was out of luck, they didn’t have a smaller size so that meant all I had left was to find some black casual pants but size 18W was the smallest size available and all that was left was pants in the relaxed fit jeans.  I have not been able to wear jeans since about 2003 which was when I couldn’t find jeans that large that looked good on me.  Yeah they had larger size jeans but usually they had the elastic band in my waistband, but here I was trying to find a size 16W pants and all I could find at the time was a pair of stretch jeans but thankfully they didn’t have the elastic waistband in them.

I swallowed my fear and went into the dressing room with the black stretch jeans that didn’t have the stretch waistband and put them on and found I was biting my lower lip as I started pulling the jeans  on because I knew that I was just setting myself up for failure because I would have to probably go back to the size 18W because the 16W would be too small.


I was blown away over the fact that I was able to pull my jeans on in the dressing room and they fit and they weren’t tight across my belly nor were they tight in the ass or thighs.  I could not believe it, I was wearing a size 16W pair of jeans.  I saw that they were long but I don’t care, I was fitting into a size 16W size pants and what was even better was the fact that they were not snug.  There was space in the waistline and I could button them up without sucking in my gut and they did not feel tight or squeezing anywhere on my body.  I could not believe it….They fit and they looked good on me.

I didn’t want to risk trying a smaller size because reality was slapping me in the face, things fit right and I was able to move and bend down without being uncomfortable of feeling as if the pants were going to cut me in half.  I was happy with my selection and knew that I wouldn’t be abe to fit into a smaller size ….. for now!  I was doing my best to keep from smiling so much becaus I could not believe it.  I started thinking and last remember being comfortable in a size 18W was probably back in 1993 when I bought my pickup truck.

Even now I’m thinking back to when I last work a size 16W and it was only for a very brief time because the weight really piled on me quickly back in 1991 or maybe back in 1990.  OMG…I can’t believe that it was that long ago, almost 22 years ago!

Well needless to say I am not going to let that stop me and I’m only celebrating inside but after this weekend it is time to get back on the wagon….the diet wagon.  I’m still in shock at the new size but I’m not anywhere finished with focusing on my diet.

I plan to get back to focusing on what I’m eating and on exercising, but not right now.  I would love to exercise today which I took off from work but last night I kind of twisted my back in a bad way and I’m sitting here with a heat pad like Salon Pas on my lower back to get it to relax which it is doing right now.  So the moral of the story is for me to to do more core strengthening exercises and this can help my lower back.  I don’t usually have problems with my lower back but now that I’ve gotten older I find a few more things that ache that used to not ache…it’s hell getting old.

So that is my dieting surprise, I can fit into a size of jeans that I haven’t been able to wear for about 22 years.  It is encouragement for me to continue and take things from my different diets so that I can find the right balance to help me lose weight and keep it off.

So obviously this weekend I’m taking off because I don’t know what to expect on eating but know that I will keep my health in mind so that I will make wiser choices on my eating while I’m out at my geek convention.

A question comes to mind…I have a pair of pants that are size 16W where I used to wear size 20W.  In some places they would say that I lost only 2 sizes where in other places they say that I have lost 4 sizes.  So here is the question…did I lose 2 sizes or 4 sizes?  I guess all that really counts is that I now wear a smaller size and best of all it is not tight and maybe soon I can wear an even smaller size.   Thus this was my diet surprise.

May you too find a pleasant surprise next time you go to buy clothes.




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