Back In The Saddle Again

No I didn’t drop off the face of the Earth or sink to the core with my weight situation.  I went to the geek convention in Dallas and had a pretty good time.  It was great to see friends and family, especially family since I stayed with my brother.

Well other than being a touch frustrated with my friend who I bought an airline ticket for, but not because I bought her the ticket but because she has numerous food allergies and tends to ignore them when we went out to eat, which meant she spent lots of time in the bathroom.  I can live with that but what really killed me was how we would set up all of the times we needed to leave so we could drive to the convention and every single day she was late.  One time it almost cost her the opportunity to take a photo with a star, I had to make her walk while I sat in line in the car waiting for a place to park.  But other than the late departures, it was good.

So while I was at my brother’s place I told him about the change in the size of my clothes and he said that he was surprised but happy.  He mentioned that the last time he was visiting he saw me add Alfredo sauce to something so he said he was surprised I lost weight with eating Alfredo sauce.  Now I don’t have it that often but still I would eat it and that was sabotaging my weight loss.  So he made me promise to stop eating Alfredo sauce for a month and to see if that doesn’t help.  I went one better and told him I would avoid Alfredo sauce and pasta until late August when I leave for DragonCon.  He said it was a bet although there is no money or anything of value that we are betting on except will power.

Now that I’ve been back a bit I’ve continued to follow my promise and I have not eaten any pasta or had any Alfredo sauce.  I had silently promised myself that I would start bicycle riding when I got back but that didn’t happen…yet.  I was busy trying to get things set such as getting my meals prepped but that didn’t last very long because I didn’t buy the right stuff until a couple of days after my return to town.

BUT….and that is a bit but….. I started my bicycle riding on Friday the 31st of May and using my cool watch with more gadgets than I know how to use, I found out that I was riding 9.09 miles on my bicycle.  So I got all my gear together and headed out Friday after going to the movies.  What a mistake because it was quite hot by that time and I was really feeling it while riding.  But I finished my ride in 54 minutes  Okay so it was off from my best time as a teenager but I was younger and I didn’t carry around that much weight back then.  Except on Saturday some jerk from Georgia almost hit me and then when we were stopped at a red light I told him the law states he is to be 3 feet away from me, he thought he was cute by not moving through the stop light.  The driver behind me started to yell at the jerk and he moved through the intersection and the guy behind me waited until I was through the intersection before passing me.  He was a nice guy and waved to me, no he did not salute me with the middle finger although the jerk from Georgia did.  He must have thought he was back in Atlanta, GA where they have the highest number of motor vehicle/pedestrian/bicycle fatalities or at least that is what an officer from that area has told me.

Please understand that I like Georgia and most people I know from there are nice but this guy who almost hit me acted like an immature jerk.  He needs his license revoked.

When I started riding back in my teen years, I was only 125 pounds and by the time I finished riding after one month I had lost 10 pounds, but there were some other trauma which also added to my stress and it severely decreased my appetite so that was why I lost 10 pounds in one month.

Now back to present day.  So I got back in the saddle (bicycle saddle) and took off riding on Saturday only much earlier in the day before the big heat hit.  Well my time got better and I did the ride in 52 minutes.  Yeah I was faster but then I came home and things went bad.  I had promised my mother I would mow her lawn but she possibly poured watered down gas with dead grass debris in the gas tank because the mower didn’t work so I got out my mower but after 2 years of just sitting there, it too didn’t work.  That just left one option…use the push mower.

So four hours later in the hot heat I finished the lawn and said to hell with edging because I was exhausted.  Just as I got home to shower it started raining so in a way it was good that I pushed myself to mow the lawn because it was already quite overgrown.  So now it is growing again but I’ve already called my younger brother and will borrow his mower sometime this week to mow my mother’s yard, he wasn’t available when I checked on Saturday but he promised to be available this coming week if my nephew hasn’t returned my mother’s lawn mower all fixed up.

So on Sunday I took the morning off and it was good because it had rained all through the night and things were a bit wet.

Monday I got on my bike and did my ride and had a time of 00:47:52, which was a great time for me.  Hey don’t forget I’m big and fat and yesterday I decided to take it easy on the ride because it was Monday and I really dread riding on Monday in years past.  But I guess because I’m pretty much riding down the middle of the lane (when there is no bicycle lane) it allows them to recognize me as a big blob and they go around me into another lane to pass me.

So I had a great time on Monday and felt the high from the ride for a while.  My knee started hurting…well actually it started hurting on Wednesday of last week but I kept trying to push through the pain with ibuprofen and ice packs on my knee.  So when I finished the ride on Monday my knee was a little bit sore and I propped it up and took a short 15 minute nap before going to work and felt good all day long.

Then came Tuesday, which is the day that I’m writing this.  It was the best day so far.  I had a good time riding and didn’t have a single problem with traffic which made me very happy.  As a matter of fact things are really getting much better because my recovery time was much less and I’ve noticed that it is getting to be a smaller time for recovery each time I ride which is making me a happy camper.  So without a drum roll….my time was 00:46:46, I took just over a minute off of my time.  Now I don’t expect to keep on doing this time wise, meaning doing it in less time but it sure felt good when I hit stop on my watch today.

Recovery time was even less and I was ready to do a few more things only after a very brief 15 minute nap.  That helps a whole lot but by the time I get off of work I’m exhausted and hitting the rack early.

Now I may not be losing the weight very much but I’ve noticed that the waistband is not quite as tight on my work pants and I can use my knee with virtually little pain.  I guess it is getting used to the abuse.  Either way I feel great and hope that this feeling keeps on going.

On a more personal note, things don’t seem to hurt as much, my back is better as is my knee.  I can also bend down easier when it comes to tying my shoes.  Good sign or else I’ve become accustomed to the abuse.


So I’ve found something I like doing and so far so good, I haven’t been run over ……YET!