Weekend of Destruction

I had an interesting weekend, mainly one based on destruction….I got to play with my chain saw.  This weekend some of my brothers came into town and on Saturday we all got together and went over to another brother’s house where we helped fell his tree.  It is rather funny because out of the 5 kids, 4 of us have chain saws and my mother has 2 chain saws, both electric…yeah, go figure.  So now I think for Christmas my oldest brother is going to be asking for a chain saw because this spring we may have another weekend of destruction.

Why did we take down a tree, well it was dying and as it turned out his wife had just bought a new car and pulled into the driveway and parked the vehicle and we had a touch of wind that night.  When she came outside the next morning she found that a large tree limb had collapsed her roof and ruining her new car.  So when she mentioned that they needed to take down the tree and had been talking about it for a while, we all asked my brother why he didn’t call on us sooner.  Now this was on Mother’s Day when they came in and learned about what happened.  So a couple of months later we showed up and we had chain saws/ropes/energy all waiting to be used.

Thankfully I got on a line to help pull (guide) the tree in the direction we wanted it to fall which was not on his fence or on his storage shed nor on his house.  Don’t worry we had already moved the cars out of the way.  So two brothers took turns cutting through the trunk of the tree while 3 of us guided the tree with the ropes.  It only took about 45 minutes to take down the tree, the long part was trying to cut it up and haul it off to an area where the brother could do a control burn on the tree.  The transporting the and cutting up the fallen tree is where I messed up my knee a bit.  Not much but the fact that I was standing and putting pressure on my knees by pulling and pushing the tree parts as well as lifting the tree parts into the small trailer on the back of the riding lawnmower that really did a number on my knees.

I’m sure you remember me just talking about messing up my knees doing the burpees in boot camp class, well the lifting, because I lifted correctly and used my legs and the rolling (pushing) of large slices of tree trunks also cause my knees to be abused again.  At least they weren’t totally destroyed like from the burpees but they are still plenty sore from my weekend.

It is a good thing that we only get together to do things like this weekend every couple of years because until I get into shape my body just won’t take it any more.  So I’m back to R.I.C.E. for my knees (Rest, Icing, Compression and Elevation).  Hopefully I can get back to better eating, still having left overs from my weekend of destruction, but at least the majority of the food is healthy.  So soon I will be eating normal.

Maybe I’ll take advantage of using the BBQ grill and cook bacon on the grill (yes when the coals are white) and it will keep the smell of bacon out of the house and hopefully will be less mess.  So the heat of the coals will cook the bacon and keep the house cooler.  Now that sounds like a good idea, wish I had thought of it sooner.

So one tree down and the swelling in my knees are up.  So is that a fair trade…nah, I don’t think so.  But at least it was fun to get out there and cut away at the tree with my own chain saw.  I love the feel of power tools in my hands in the morning!


Boot Camp Blunder

Would you believe that all I managed to do was make it through 2…yeah you read it right….2 classes is all I managed to do.  I did the typical boot camp blunder, I forgot to listen to my body which wasn’t telling me something it was yelling it loudly in my ears but still I persisted and now I’m paying the price.

So as you can imagine I was there doing all of these workouts with people who are young enough to an extremely younger person or young enough to be my kid.  I was inspired because I was working hard and although I had health issues that I was trying to pay attention to, I still didn’t pay close enough attention to what my body was screaming at me and telling me to stop doing burpees especially since I was carefully following them.  Boy was that a mistake.

By the end of the class my right knee had already began to swell and my left was feeling sore.  I was doing my best to stretch out after the workout thinking that my muscles were just tight but I should have looked down then I would have realized what a mess my knees really were.

Okay so the class was at 0600 hours and we were done by 0700 hours but it didn’t seem to help that much.  I showered and laid down with ice on my right knee although both knees really needed the ice pack.  By the end of the evening I was walking around work as if I was bow-legged and walking mighty slow at that time.

It didn’t occur to me that jumping up from the push up position on the burpee was damaging my knees and then trying to do the jumping jack at the end was another disaster.  But did I stop, no I was determined to show them that I could handle the workout which I really couldn’t so now it has been a week since I’ve been to class and my knees are still swollen though not as much as they had been previously.

So I paid for these classes but because I was trying to keep up with younger people my body decided to remind me that I’m 55 years old and not some spring chicken so now I’m paying the price and having to sit out and wait for things to get better.  I need to do more resting and trying to stay off of my knee because it shows to be getting better the less I use it but since I have to walk around just to move means that I will be using the knee and if I’m not careful I will aggravate the injury again.

Possibly I’m a bit wiser so when I do get the opportunity to return to boot camp I will be a bit more careful and remember what not to do to cause injury to me because it doesn’t do me any good to exercise in a way that causes injury to me thus defeating my workouts.  It is hell getting old and wanting to do things that I used to do but now discover that I can’t do them in my current condition.

Boot Camp Hell

Yep you read it right, I’ve started taking Boot Camp classes and it is hell on me.  Never mind that I’ve only attended one class, I’m in pain and to make things worse, I mowed the lawn today in the hot, hot sun and that didn’t help me at all.  Now my plan is to get my fat backside up and into class at 6 am which means I have to wake up early instead of sleeping.  Well I can bet you a dollar that once I come home tomorrow morning I will be crashing.

How did this come to be, well silly me was talking with a co-worker who pointed out a special on one of the coupon sites and it was a boot camp unlimited classes for two months for 1/2 off the price of 1 month unlimited classes.  So getting 2 months of classes for the price of 1/2 month.  Thought it was too good of a deal to pass up.  I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t have passed it up.

Now don’t get me wrong, I went to it on Saturday and did my best which was pretty miserable.  I only had the second best rowing time and other than that I was severely lower on my counts than anyone else.  Okay so there were 3 new people in our class of 10 who were new but they were in their late 20’s and early 30’s and worked out about twice a week.  So here I am, an old fart who is going to hit the double nickel (55) on Tuesday doing my best to get through the class.  I was out of breath at the end of the hour and my friend who talked me into the class suggested we go out and eat.

Mistake, I ate too much but left most of the starchy food (fries) on the plate and ate the turkey/bacon sandwich.  I had water and not soda but when I got home that night I had a piece of cake and ate a burger with fries and ate all of the fries that time.  Yeah a lot of good that did me.  But I’m sure that I will pay the price very soon….oh wait paying now.

I took a picture of me the morning of class, as disgusting as it was and let my fat hang out, then took my measurements and can only estimate my weight because I forgot to weigh myself that morning.  Yeah I know, dumb move.  So I’m going on the assumption that I was pretty close to 203 pounds and hope I wasn’t heavier than that because I’d been eating primal and had been bad the day before going to boot camp.

So I went there and didn’t die but was sure as heck out of breath.  I will say that the instructor and assistant were encouraging and when they saw I was struggling encouraged me and reminded me to catch my breath.  So yeah I didn’t collapse and pass out.  So that was Saturday and today on Sunday I had to mow the lawn.  I don’t want to have to do it when I return from boot camp tomorrow so I got up and started it at about 11:00 am, it was still relatively hot but not too hot.  I finished with time to relax then scarf down a PBJ sandwich, yeah I know not exactly healthy but if I was going to carb out that was the time so I did it.  I cooled off partially then hopped into the shower and started getting ready for work which included washing my hair.  Now guys may not think too much of it but my hair is very thick  and almost to the middle of my back which means it is long and with so much hair it is not an easy task, just ask my stylist.  So finally got finished and had about 20 minutes to relax so I lay down on my bed and wanted to seriously slap the shit out of my alarm when it went off which was my phone.

So here I am at work and now I’m feeling the pain.  My tushy hurts probably from all of the step ups on 20″ boxes.  Now that my not seem like much to most of you but I’m a little old lady who is only 63″ tall so that is about 1/3 of my total height.  Holly cow that is a big step up. I was told to start with a 15 pound kettlebell but the only one was grabbed by the younger obviously more fit female newby and mine was almost 17 pounds which is really a lot on the second go round of step-ups and kettle ball swings.  Oh well we did our stuff and I newby girl did not do all of the reps that she was supposed to do but I kept my mouth shut and just struggled on with mine.  I figure it will only hurt her in the long run and oh hell my doing them is hurting me in the here and now.  Ouch!!!

That is all I can do because what I experienced in pain is all due to my poor eating habits and lack of exercise.  So what is the solution to this problem.  No the solution is not go out and eat a whole chocolate cake!  The only solution I can think about is to eat much better and kep on taking the classes.  Now this week will be really messed up because I have errands to run on some days and then my sibs are coming into town this weekend for a lumberjack party.  No that doesn’t mean we all wear flannel shirts and carry around an axe.  I have one brother who lives in a small burb outside of our big city who needs a tree felled.

A few years back my younger brother and I worked on taking down some limbs on a tree in my front yard and then my sibs came over and we felled the tree and then took a couple of days chopping it up with our chainsaws.  How sad is this when each of my sibs, including myself and my mother all have our own chain saws!  Are we sick….nah we just all have trees we have to take down.  So we’re heading to brother #3’s house this weekend to take down the tree dropped a huge limb on the roof of his wife’s new car.  Stupid tree, it should have known there would be consequences.  We have ropes to make it go where we want it to go, so long tree.

So what should have been a day of rest was spent mowing the lawn.  Then going to work a little bit tired.  Maybe that is good so I will go to sleep early and get up in time to go to boot camp.  The classes are at 0600 and 1730 hours so since I work at 1730 hours that only leaves the 0600 hour class.  But I hate being out o shape and fat more than I think I hate boot camp.  Kind of a fair trade-off if you ask me.  So wish me luck as I try to struggle through my workout tomorrow morning.


okay lots of errors probably through here but I’m done and time to shut down.

At It Again

Well despite what you might have thought I did not drop off the face of the earth and I did not lose all of my weight that I needed, so I’m back at it again.  So I’ve gone back to Primal Blueprint eating and I’ve started doing the exercise plan for a 14 day plan.  I figure why not give it a try.  It has you exercising 6 days out of the week and alternating exercises and also walking/bicycling/jogging for 30 minutes each day.  It was comprised by a LA personal trainer and I figured why not.

So I started on Sunday because it was the first day of the week for me, meaning that Saturday would be my relax day for exercise and a type of relaxed eating.  I was doing great until this morning when things got kind of messed up time schedule wise.  I had to get up earlier than usual and take my mother to her doctor’s appointment and when I got home it started raining so the walk/bicycling was not going to happen.  So by the time I got back and got things going, it was time for me to get ready for work.  So I think I will go home and do a 7 minute workout which is straining enough on my muscles.

One thing I realized is that I’m not getting enough vegetables in my meals so I’ve been checking into protein shakes that have vegetables in it and found a couple of them.  Oh and I also have been struggling with trying to remember to eat.  I get caught up with things and tend to forget about eating so it looks as if I might have to start relying on protein shakes with veggies.  Besides that way I know that I will start getting enough vegetables.  Did I say that enough, I need more vegetables in my diet.

One thing I’m trying to do is to keep from stepping on the scale.  I weighed myself on Sunday only it was after I had been walking but I figured what I would weigh if I hadn’t gone walking.  So the big thing for me will be not to weigh myself until Saturday, the start of day 7 and then I will weigh myself on day 8 to see if I went overboard on my day off from exercising and from relaxed eating.


So I’m back from my time in Vancouver, I spent 11 days there and besides having a big hotel bill, I had eaten so much and drank plenty but not too much.  I always had breakfast except for one day and I was eating both lunch and dinner.  As for sleep well I usually got 5-6 hours of sleep which was pretty good.  We walked at least 3-4 miles every day so that is why I didn’t gain 5-10 pounds, we did quite a bit of walking.  I also escaped the hot temperatures by being up there.  But now that I’ve returned I took a look in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw.

I’m going to work with one of my friends who has gotten very good at dropping weight and see if I can do some of her tactics to help my lose some of my weight.  Wow a break in the weather so I guess I had better go walking.


Talk with ya soon.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.