At It Again

Well despite what you might have thought I did not drop off the face of the earth and I did not lose all of my weight that I needed, so I’m back at it again.  So I’ve gone back to Primal Blueprint eating and I’ve started doing the exercise plan for a 14 day plan.  I figure why not give it a try.  It has you exercising 6 days out of the week and alternating exercises and also walking/bicycling/jogging for 30 minutes each day.  It was comprised by a LA personal trainer and I figured why not.

So I started on Sunday because it was the first day of the week for me, meaning that Saturday would be my relax day for exercise and a type of relaxed eating.  I was doing great until this morning when things got kind of messed up time schedule wise.  I had to get up earlier than usual and take my mother to her doctor’s appointment and when I got home it started raining so the walk/bicycling was not going to happen.  So by the time I got back and got things going, it was time for me to get ready for work.  So I think I will go home and do a 7 minute workout which is straining enough on my muscles.

One thing I realized is that I’m not getting enough vegetables in my meals so I’ve been checking into protein shakes that have vegetables in it and found a couple of them.  Oh and I also have been struggling with trying to remember to eat.  I get caught up with things and tend to forget about eating so it looks as if I might have to start relying on protein shakes with veggies.  Besides that way I know that I will start getting enough vegetables.  Did I say that enough, I need more vegetables in my diet.

One thing I’m trying to do is to keep from stepping on the scale.  I weighed myself on Sunday only it was after I had been walking but I figured what I would weigh if I hadn’t gone walking.  So the big thing for me will be not to weigh myself until Saturday, the start of day 7 and then I will weigh myself on day 8 to see if I went overboard on my day off from exercising and from relaxed eating.


So I’m back from my time in Vancouver, I spent 11 days there and besides having a big hotel bill, I had eaten so much and drank plenty but not too much.  I always had breakfast except for one day and I was eating both lunch and dinner.  As for sleep well I usually got 5-6 hours of sleep which was pretty good.  We walked at least 3-4 miles every day so that is why I didn’t gain 5-10 pounds, we did quite a bit of walking.  I also escaped the hot temperatures by being up there.  But now that I’ve returned I took a look in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw.

I’m going to work with one of my friends who has gotten very good at dropping weight and see if I can do some of her tactics to help my lose some of my weight.  Wow a break in the weather so I guess I had better go walking.


Talk with ya soon.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.


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