Boot Camp Blunder

Would you believe that all I managed to do was make it through 2…yeah you read it right….2 classes is all I managed to do.  I did the typical boot camp blunder, I forgot to listen to my body which wasn’t telling me something it was yelling it loudly in my ears but still I persisted and now I’m paying the price.

So as you can imagine I was there doing all of these workouts with people who are young enough to an extremely younger person or young enough to be my kid.  I was inspired because I was working hard and although I had health issues that I was trying to pay attention to, I still didn’t pay close enough attention to what my body was screaming at me and telling me to stop doing burpees especially since I was carefully following them.  Boy was that a mistake.

By the end of the class my right knee had already began to swell and my left was feeling sore.  I was doing my best to stretch out after the workout thinking that my muscles were just tight but I should have looked down then I would have realized what a mess my knees really were.

Okay so the class was at 0600 hours and we were done by 0700 hours but it didn’t seem to help that much.  I showered and laid down with ice on my right knee although both knees really needed the ice pack.  By the end of the evening I was walking around work as if I was bow-legged and walking mighty slow at that time.

It didn’t occur to me that jumping up from the push up position on the burpee was damaging my knees and then trying to do the jumping jack at the end was another disaster.  But did I stop, no I was determined to show them that I could handle the workout which I really couldn’t so now it has been a week since I’ve been to class and my knees are still swollen though not as much as they had been previously.

So I paid for these classes but because I was trying to keep up with younger people my body decided to remind me that I’m 55 years old and not some spring chicken so now I’m paying the price and having to sit out and wait for things to get better.  I need to do more resting and trying to stay off of my knee because it shows to be getting better the less I use it but since I have to walk around just to move means that I will be using the knee and if I’m not careful I will aggravate the injury again.

Possibly I’m a bit wiser so when I do get the opportunity to return to boot camp I will be a bit more careful and remember what not to do to cause injury to me because it doesn’t do me any good to exercise in a way that causes injury to me thus defeating my workouts.  It is hell getting old and wanting to do things that I used to do but now discover that I can’t do them in my current condition.


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