Step Up

Well I’ve had two weeks off from boot camp and my knees are finally going down in the swelling.  Obviously I don’t heal quickly although I used to when I was a kid but now since I’ve hit the double nickel, healing takes a bit longer.

I had planned on using the boot camp along with diet to lose some weight but after I hurt myself I just kind of lost interest in doing anything but icing down my knees.  I know I’m such a quitter on some things but to tell you the truth my knee is just now coming down.

However, I hate being still.  So I started to think why not do stairs.  I don’t have to run stairs, just walking up them can help shape my legs and tighten some things that are sagging.  Besides have you really climbed stairs?  Well after a dozen or so steps you began to wonder, why am I doing this.  Well I thought slowly walking up stairs might help strengthen my knees because I would not be running stairs but it would also give me a cardio workout.

Here is another reason, when I was younger I was extremely out of shape and was having to go up through several different floors but trying to get onto the elevator was something else.  Well I decided to get on an elevator and go down into the basement in order to make it up to my desired floor.  That worked for a while but one time I got pushed out of the elevator by people exiting in the basement level and the elevator doors closed before I could get back in.   I tried to get into several other elevators but unfortunately they were all full.  So I spied some stairs and thought, hey I can walk up to the fourth floor, it’s not that far and then I can do my business on that floor and then catch an elevator to the second floor where I would be doing the majority of my business for the morning.

Ha, that was an eye-opening event.  I looked down at my clipboard and realized that I had to go up to the eighth floor to check in at one office.  So I made it up to the main floor and could feel my heart beating faster, then made it to the second floor and thought I was going to die.  I tried to catch an elevator at the second floor but no such luck so I went on and walked up two more flight of stairs to the fourth floor.  Oh my god I thought I was dying.  Okay one thing you should know, at the time I was still smoking 50 cigarettes a day so when I said I felt like I was dying that is what my lungs were telling me.

Well that was what made me realize that I was horribly out of shape and that started me to climbing stairs.  Now sure you can climb up maybe one flight of stairs but at the time I was wearing almost 3″ heels, dress slacks, dress shirt and make-up and just in case you forgot, yes I’m a female.  Anyway I decided that on the first floor I would start walking up the stairs and would walk up to the eighth floor and my lugs were burning, I was sweating off my make-up and was having a hard time not sweating like a pig and stinking like one.  Well it didn’t work very well because I was sweating quite a bit and was beginning to smell.  So I started carrying a hand towel so I could wash my face and rinse my wrists in cold water on the eighth floor and wiping the rest of me with the towel.

I struggled but managed to start climbing and would make it up to the eighth floor and could cool down in minutes and I only used to sweat when I started running up the stairs and doing that in heels wasn’t exactly easy but I had to dress for the position and make myself look presentable.

I felt sore for quite some time and then in a couple of weeks I noticed my clothes were looser and I wasn’t gasping for air as much as I used to and I also stopped smoking.  It was still hard and I still had some problems catching my breath but things were getting easier.

So I went in search of a football stadium so I could climb the stairs but they were all locked up by sunset and since unless I got up at 0700 hours and could get out at the stadiums by 0800 hours it would not work because even at 0800 hours the temperature was in the low 90’s and rapidly climbing to the triple degree temperatures and only cooling at night.  So now that was a dilemma for me but then I remembered that the headquarters had a six-story building and it required a security pass to get into the building.

Two nights ago I went to our HQ building after getting off at 2300 hours and it wasn’t until I got there did I realize that I had forgotten my workout clothes.  Well I didn’t let that deter me because I used to do stairs in dress clothes and I was only wearing my uniform.  After being shown two sets of stairs.  One was the evacuation fire escape stairs and stairs that normal people would use but they were curved stairs and you had to walk a short distance to get to the next set of stairs.  So I opted for the fire escape stairs because no one would see me lugging my fat body up the stairs.  Well there is another problem with the fire escape stairs, they are just that for fire escape so there is not a lot of air circulation in the stairwell but it isolates me.

On the first night I went up the stairs three times and my time on my third climb was 1:58 (one minute and fifty-eight seconds).  I thought wow, that wasn’t that bad.  So once I got home I right away started icing my knee to calm down my knees and everything seemed okay.

Went back last night and remembered my work out clothes.  After stretching I did 15 push-ups, then several more exercises with weights and wrapped it up with 15 more push-ups.  Then I did four sets of walking up from the first floor to the sixth floor of our HQ building.  I did make one big mistake, as I was warming up I pulled on my leg too hard and my knee sort of screamed at me.  So I’m icing and taking things easy and most of the time it feels okay but I need to keep track of what to do and what not to do.

So in a way I’m stepping up things by walking up stairs.  Now if I could just focus on my diet, hard to do in the heat so I will need to refocus my attention on my eating habits.

Not sure if my knees will need the night off or not, only time will tell.  So next time you have a choice, take the stairs even if it is only up one floor.  Your body will thank you for it once it calms down.