Primal For 21 Days – Day 12

Well woke up with a slightly scratchy throat but feeling considerably better than I was last Sunday.  So it rained most of the night so no mowing of the lawn.

It was a pretty uneventful day which is good and I also slept through breakfast.  Oh I got up in time but could feel my allergies acting up so I took another nap and slept until noon.  So here’s what I ate for the day.






Chicken Spread 1/4 cup 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Mushroom/Dressing 1 cup 6



Chicken Breast – Grilled Seasoned w/Rosemary 1 0
Green Beans-French Cut w/mushrooms 1/2  cup 4
Egg – Hardboiled 1 Large .0.38



Coffee w/Sweetener/Reguar FV Creamer 1 mug 5


Total for Day 12:   15.38 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


Okay I got to work and saw that all I had in my drawer was a regular International Delight French Vanilla creamer which had a higher carb count but I wanted coffee so I made the sacrifice and it didn’t really hurt me.  So nothing much happening except still eating good.


Primal For 21 Days – Day 11 – HUMP DAY !

Yes indeed it is hump day on the 21 days of being Primal.  So what does that mean, does it mean that it is all downhill from here?  Does it mean that after 21 days I can eat like a pig?  Does it mean that all of my desired weight will be lost?

NO !!!

All it really means is that I’m half way through the 21 days in which I needed in order to realign my eating habits and yes it is getting easier to know exactly how much I should eat.  So unless suddenly I can drop 80 pounds in 10 days, then I will not be at goal weight.  Unless I want to reverse everything that I’ve done so far, I can not eat like a pig.  Does it mean that it’s all downhill from here…not really.  It just means that I need to start thinking about what I will be doing after the 21 days and how I need to still be eating primal but slowly and I mean very slowly I may be able to introduce only a few carbs from grain products.  But a wise person would not do it.  There might be a day after the 21 days in which I may stray and that is on the 12th of October which is when my employer is giving me a gift of a paid admission/guest/parking/meal all for free.  What do you know, it falls on my day off too.  So I will try to take that into account but seeing that I’m positive that I will be doing a lot of walking all around the park I might be able to work off a bit of any overages I may do on that day.  So there better be a hell of a lot of walking done by me.

Oh and speaking of exercise, I think that the lawn gods are having a big ol’ laugh at my expense.  This is the first day that I’m feeling good enough to go outside which I do and start trimming the grass around the house and in a drainage ditch for any possible flood overflow.  So that gets done and I pull out the lawnmower after putting gas in it and guess what, yep, it doesn’t start.  After about 15 pulls my frustration starts to mount so I lift up the front end a couple of inches and then let it drop back onto the sidewalk and then start to pull again.  Well what do you know, the lawn mower started right up and only lasted for 5 seconds.  So I thought gas wasn’t getting through and so I pump it a few times and try to start it again to no avail.  After trying to drop it again without any success and after 15 more minutes of trying to start it, yes I checked to make sure the spark plug wire was on properly, I gave up and rolled the lawnmower to the backyard.

I then got out old reliable which I bought in about 1994 and has seldom failed to start up.  Yep you guessed, it, it failed this time and for several more minutes it continued to fail.  So I called my younger brother to borrow his lawnmower but no luck because he isn’t home and wasn’t answering his cell phone.

Finally as a last resort I bring out the reel mower which means….you guessed it, it is powered by me pushing it.  I know I’m still feeling a touch sick but the lawn has got to be mowed.  So I managed to get a small section on the side of the house mowed and start on the small strip by the sidewalk near the street and get once section done when I notice that the rain clouds are looking as if they are getting close.  So I struggle and push on, literally, and work on getting the second front section of grass cut and Just as I give it the last push on that section a loud clap of thunder happens and I see lighting out of the corner of my eye.

Game over the rain wins and I rush to put up the two mowers I gave up on and to put up my push mower and get inside just as the rain starts to come down.  Seeing that the A/C is on inside and it was already affecting me, I opted to sit out front on a lawn chair and cool down out of the rain under the porch.  That lasted for a whole 20 seconds, the rain then started coming down very hard and at an angle so it hit me while sitting on the porch.  I can take a hint when given, so I move inside into an area not affected too much by the A/C.  When I look out the window the rain has come so quickly and hard that the street is now covered by the rain.

An hour or so later I look out at the now drying street and I could swear that the area that I had just cut is already showing signs of growing.  Ha, ha, very funny lawn goods, so I have to finish cutting the lawn tomorrow once I borrow the lawnmower from my brother.  At least I will not wear myself out using the push mower.

Despite not walking this morning, after using the push mower for an hour I think I got some exercise and even better than walking I used my arms which are quite sore at the moment.  So I did exercise today just not how I had planned.  Oh well.  Enough of this, let’s see what I ate.



Egg, Large 2 0.76
Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2



Chicken Spread-Boiled/No Skin 1/4 cup 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Mushrooms/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5



Pot Roast – Package By Local Chain 280 gm 2
Mashed Potatoes – Prepackaged 1/2 cup (4 oz) 17
Green Beans-French Cut 1 cup 5



Sprarkling Water – Mandrin Orange 1 liter 0
Powerade Zero – 32 oz 2.5



I’m back on track to eating healthier although I might have over eaten at dinner, only time will tell.  So until tomorrow….





Primal For 21 Days – Day 10

Well as they say the best laid plans of Mice and Men often go awry, well that was exactly what happened with me.  You would think that I had been out drinking all night the way I felt when I woke up.  I actually had to start thinking about what I had done and if my body had snuck off and left my brain behind and started drinking, well the answer was no but that is what I felt like.  Oh wait a minute, I wasn’t drunk my allergies were kicking my butt.  Oh never mind.

It didn’t help that I was still feeling guilty about having the chocolate cake yesterday but that is the past and now I will be better, maybe just not today.  Oh I was a good girl when it came to eating but I wasn’t better today.  My throat was sore yesterday even after gargling and the glands in my throat were still swollen and tender to the touch.  I forgot my prescription yesterday and so today I took it to the store and was told it would take an hour to fill it so I ran a few errands such as looking to see if the stadium closest to me was open so I could walk stairs in the future and it was and there was one person running the track so maybe I will have to chose another stadium.

My head was throbbing and I knew better than to try and exercise when it was my allergies that were once again kicking my butt.  Then I realized that I hadn’t taken my allergy medication and that I hadn’t eaten breakfast.  So that is what was wrong with me…no wonder I was off my game.

So I went to one of the higher end grocery stores to find a particular type of egg that one of my friends suggested because these eggs were from actual free range chickens who were fed only natural things and who are free to roam around on a large farm and they are from a relatively local farm which was great.  So I figured why not try these almost $5/dozen eggs and that way I could say I tried them and then I could go back to my normal eggs.  Yeah I’m cheap and can’t afford to normally eat the more expensive free range chicken eggs but I figured why not because this guy was really raving about them.  He said that the yoke was very tasty and I figured why not give them a try.

First I had to go pick up my antibiotics and few other things at the store which I quickly took home and got ready for an extremely late lunch.  So I decided to try these expensive eggs and to get the best taste out of them I decided that I would have them over medium, sorry but over easy is too runny for me and besides that I haven’t liked them over easy because there has been little taste in egg yokes.  I cooked 2 eggs over medium and heated up some bacon and cut into the egg yokes to make sure they were over medium and they were, what a mistake that was.  It was a mistake for me to cook them over medium, they should have been over easy and the main reason was the yoke.  They were brown eggs, and the color doesn’t really matter to me and when I cracked them the first thing I noticed was that the shells were a little bit thicker than my usual eggs.  Right away when I put the eggs into the frying pan I could see a difference in the color of the yoke as well as the size of the yokes.  The yokes were larger and looked a deep yellow but not pale yellow but a very rich deep yellow and they were also larger than usual.  So I cooked them up and was happily surprised to taste them and learned just how good eggs were, just like I remember when I was a kid.  In a way I wish I could eat bread so I could sop up the yokes with bread but I’m doing okay with just the bacon strips.  They were the tastiest eggs I’ve had in a very long time and so glad I spent the money on them.  They were put out by Vital Farms and since I live in Texas they were and when I go back to the store, which is out of my way by about 6 miles I will gladly pay the extra money and will make sure I have them so that I can enjoy the yokes.  I love my new egg find.

Alright now that I’ve ranted and raved about my late lunch of eggs, I took my antibiotics and had such a pounding headache from my allergies that I fell asleep for about 3 hours and woke up feeling better, even my throat.  My sore irritated throat has been a part of why I’ve not been anxious to eat in the morning because it is so darn raw and sore but this evening is the first time that my throat is not sore from what feels like claws being dragged up and down the inside of my throat.  So hopefully things will go better tonight and I will wake up feeling better.

Enough of this, let’s see what I’ve had to eat today after a bad day like yesterday.






Egg, Large 2 0.74
Applewood Bacon – Thick 3 slices 0



Hamburger-Chuck/Cranberries/Mushrooms 1 15
Salad:Lettucex2/Tomato/Mushroom/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5



Coffee w/Sweetener/Cream/FV creamer SF/WC SF 1 mug 2


Day 10 Carbohydrates:       25.24 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


Despite my being so high yesterday I was really down today but don’t feel bad about it.  It keeps my system guessing and not falling into a rut.  So I’m really hoping that my allergies will be in better control so that I can go walking tomorrow.  Okay, well half way through the day I will have hit the mid point.  Or as they say in the commercials….  HUMP DAY …. YEAH..WOO HOO!!!

My goal is still to be able to wear regular jeans at least by Christmas and not be in fat lady jeans.  So in order to do that I’ve got to get busy and start working out.  Now if I could just get rid of this cold and control my allergies then life would be better.  So here’s to an even better tomorrow!!

Primal For 21 Days – Day 9

Well first off I woke up feeling better than I have in about 22 days which is about how long I’ve been fussing with my allergies and bronchitis.  Forgot to get my Rx filled so will see how I feel tomorrow and if my glands are still swollen and sore then I will fill it, if not then things may be okay.

I slept in which really helped me feel better which is what I needed especially because at night things get worse allergy wise.  Well let me go ahead and post and let’s see where I stand.



2 Eggs scrambled with 1/8 cup raw spinach 1 0.14
Applewood Bacon – Thick 2 slices 0
Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2



Skipped was out doing things



Hamburger Patty – Juicy w/provolone cheese 1 0
Potato – Baked w/butter/cheese/bacon/dressing 1 medium 40
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Bacon/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 6



Chocolate Cake w/Frosting                                                                    1 slice                                      40



Hydrating Liquid Powerade Zero                                                      32 oz                                          2.5


Carbohydrates for day 9:             90.64  GRAMS TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES


Well I was doing okay until dinner and then I went and had a slice of birthday cake.  My friend wanted me to go out and celebrate her birthday with her but that meant she was going drinking and I really do not think that I would have been able to pass on the liquor so instead I bought her a cake and had a slice.  It tasted wonderful and I was so tempted to have another piece but that was done and once I had eaten it I was feeling guilty about having eaten but I know that I will definitely need to drink some more water, a lot more water and need to go walking tomorrow.

Now you should know that I was already planning on going walking and plan on taking things easy, I don’t really want to push myself too hard as I’m just beginning to feel better.  I was shocked to see that I was still below the 100 grams which is my goal so in a way I was sticking to my goal although it was more than I’ve had in quite a while.  So if I feel better then it is time to start kicking my allergies out of my nose and get control of my nose and allergies so I can continue to feel better and slowly build up my exercise routine.

So I survived a rough day and still managed to stay on track.  Wow, that was hard and glad that I have that out of my system.  I stopped at only that one piece of cake thinking that I want to be able to wear jeans that aren’t stretch jeans and that I can look decent in them.  That is my first goal to be able to fit back into regular jeans and not stretch jeans.  So time to start exercising and doing things such as walking and that will also hopefully lower my blood pressure so I won’t have to take any medications.

I know it sounds silly but I feel like I’ve renewed my determination to make it for at least twelve more days, I may not be able to fit into regular jeans by then but at least I hope to feel better about myself and will use that to keep on being primal.


Primal For 21 Days – Day 8 – Weigh-In Day

Okay then the day that I have been dreading arrived.  I will admit this, I was still feeling a bit sick last night so I took a Benadryl and it allowed me to sleep which was good but I’ll tell you this much, at the end of the day I felt worse than I did in the morning.

I was scared, really scared that I wouldn’t lose any weight because let’s face it although I’ve been low on the carbohydrate count exercising is a part of the magic formula, so that along with the fact that I’ve been sick this whole time really has my nerves on edge and so I made sure the scale was on level ground and stepped up on the scale.


9/18/2013 – Day 1 :    209.7

9/25/2013 – Day 8 :    203.1

I LOST 6.6 POUNDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I LOST  6.6 POUNDS !!!!!


Sorry but I was just so darn excited that I had even lost a pound but to have lost 6.6 pounds really put me over the top of happy and made me realize that although I didn’t exercise I still had lost some weight and if I had exercised, even simple waking I might have had a bigger loss.

Not that I’m not excited about the weight loss, I really am but wish I could have done more.


So I went to work and my throat started hurting, well let me take that back it was painful so I had some coffee to try and open it up but that didn’t work out well because I had to heat it up twice and the open throat wore off very quickly.  So then I later went and gargled with warm salt water which felt good but less than an hour later my throat felt even worse.  Then I had my dinner and I will say this much, I was hungry, darn hungry which I guess is a good sign that I’m getting better but you couldn’t tell by the way my throat was aching.  So tonight I went out and bought a very low carb hydrating drink which was less than 1 for every 12 ounces.  But every time earlier when I tried to drink water I swear it felt as if I was send sand down my throat.  I know I shouldn’t but I could not help it, I drank the whole 32 oz of that drink and so I will give it 1 carb count for the count so since there were 2.5 servings then I will add it to my list.  Now I’m sitting here drinking some hot peppermint tea and that is also doing wonders for opening up my throat and letting me breathe easier.

Looks like I will have to go fill that backup Rx for antibiotics because my glads in my throat are swollen and tender to the touch, glad the doctor was thinking ahead.

Enough of this stuff, let me go ahead and do a listing of what I had to eat.  It should not be done but once again I slept through breakfast and didn’t get up until almost lunch time.  Then I sat around for a few minutes trying to get my courage up for my weigh-in but that was mentioned up above this, so let’s get this show on the road.






Hamburger Patty – Juicy w/Provolone Cheese&Bacon 1 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Dressing 1 1/2  cup 7.5



Chicken Spread 1/4 cup 0
Coffee – w/Sweetener/Whip Cream/FV SF cream/WC SF syrup 1 mug 2



Chicken Breast – Precooked Savory Seasoned 5 oz 5
Broccoli – Frozen 1 cup 6


Late Night Snack:

Applewood Bacon – Thick 1 slices 0
Hydrating Drink – Powerade Zero 32 oz 2.5
Tea – Peppermint 1 mug 0


So let me tally up everything here:   TOTAL:   23 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


I lost weight.  I can’t get over how happy that is making me feel despite it being morning news.  I need something to make me feel better as I sip my cup of tea.  Gotta love the soothing feeling of tea.

I’m hoping to feel better once I start taking the antibiotics and maybe then I can at least start walking.  So until tomorrow I’m outta here for now a whole 6.6 pounds less.   Yahoooooooooo!!!!!!!

Primal For 21 Days – Day 7

Well here I am on day 7 and things are really, really looking tempting right now.  But so far so good and I’m staying true.  So I was feeling pretty good yesterday and thought okay well I’ll take a little bit more of Benadryl and see if that helps.  Well it helped me to sleep good and when I woke up I was just a bit clogged up but thankfully it cleared up when I got showered I was okay, just okay not back to normal.

So I fixed lunch and wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing and under cooked the hamburger patty and put way too much Fontina cheese inside the burger and less cranberries.  I heated it up again later to finish cooking it but the cheese in the burger had me sniffling and talking more through my nose as well as blowing my nose.  Too much too soon.  Lesson learned.  So now let me do my food listing



Hamburger w/1oz Fontina Cheese/1/6 cup Cranberries 1 12
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Dressing 1 1/2  cup 7.5



Pork-Natural Seasoned Pulled Pork 2/3 cup 4
Broccoli – Frozen 1 cup 6



Coffee w/Sweetener/Cream/FV creamer SF/WC SF 1 mug 2



Okay so for all of you who forgot on my coffee, it is Hawaiian coffee blend, Stevia, Heavy Whipping Cream, International House Sugar Free French Vanilla, White Chocolate Sugar Free coffee syrup which is carb free.


Well like I said, I’ve been getting tempted but so far so good on resisting but my determination at least held out for the day.  Tomorrow is weigh-in and maybe if I’m lucky I will feel better and maybe if I’m really, really lucky I will have lost a pound.  I would love to be surprised with a higher amount but doing a reality check here.  I didn’t exercise this week because of my being so sick.  I think that I’m more scared about getting on the scale tomorrow then I have been in a long time because to be honest with you I really don’t think that I’ve lost any weight at all and I really hate the idea that I’ve been so good without any results but only time will tell.


Oh in case you were wondering about breakfast, I slept through breakfast which was okay since I was feeling okay but things got a bit worse after having lunch but that is life.  So I’m busy working on trying to dry out my sinuses which is easier said than done.

This late night entry is because I completely forgot about typing anything but I need to learn to do more at an earlier time in the day.

So I’ll see you all on weigh in day.  Wish me luck.

Primal For 21 Days – Day 6

Yea….I survived the night.

Believe me that is a good cause for celebration.  The Benadryl worked last night and I was able to sleep through most of the night.  I slept from about 0130-1050 hours which mean that I slept well about 9 1/2 hours, okay 9:20 hours…picky, picky, picky.  Either way what does that say, I was tired and drugs work good!

So at first I was feeling great and thought yippy I beat this thing but I knew my body was just waking up.  Sure enough my the time I started moving around my nose started running but not as badly as it was running last night.  I took my Emergen-C to help speed some Vitamin C and in a little bit I will be taking some Vitamin C via pills so that I can get it going through my system and not worry about the carbs on those.  I needed some relief to my throat and some B-12 which this packet has so I’m awake and feeling a bit better.  Okay then let’s see how we do today.


Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6


Bacon Provolone Burger Patty 1 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2  cup 7.5
Sprarkling Water – Mandrin Orange 1/2 liter 0


Pork-Natural Seasoned Pulled Pork 2/3 cup 4
Broccoli – Frozen 1 cup 6
Coffee – w/creamer/sweetner/white chocolate S/F syrup 1 mug 2


Hydrating Liquid 16 oz 10




Well why I was busy sneezing and coughing while shopping I started looking around for other things to eat, okay I broke down and bought some Angus grass fed hamburger meat and got some more cheese which means I will be making my special burgers again only this time I will not ignore the burgers while cooking, I will focus on them.  But I also found a all natural pork prepared pulled pork and on the package it states that the pigs were given an all vegetarian diet which makes me feel even better.  Can’t wait to eat it but not sure when I will eat it.  At least I’m looking forward to trying something new and it will keep me from being so bored with what I’m eating which is usually why I end up falling by the way side but not this time, I’m determined to stay the way and shortly I will be able to step up on the scale and hopefully it will give me good news, but that is two mornings away.

Although I woke up and started my day on shaky legs…I mean with a slightly running nose and a bit of coughing, this evening has turned out to be a wonderful night.  Oh sure i have an occasional cough and I’ve blown my nose a few times but I haven’t gone through half a box of tissues at work and although my throat is a bit sore I know that it will hold out until I can get home and gargle with warm salt water like I did last night and it gave some temporary relief.  Last night I would have gladly given my left arm for some Benadryl but not today.  Today thanks to modern OTC drugs I’m actually thinking that I may be on the mend.

As I looked back on what I’ve eaten in the last few days, I noticed that on Friday I had some Greek yogurt, normally this doesn’t bother me at all but on Saturday I started feeling a little stuffy in the nose and didn’t heed the warning signs my body was telling me so I had some again the next day.  Big mistake.  I can normally handle the Greek yogurt when I’m well but in my current condition apparently that will now join the do not eat list at least for now.  So by keeping track of what I ate I was able to determine what caused me to have the set back on my recovery.

If you could see me, you would see a fat lady doing a very bad happy dance because I figured out what caused me to have the relapse and although I normally can handle the Greek yogurt, not for a while.  Someone at work remarked about the obvious change in me and so I guess it does pay to talk about what you eat.

So a hint to all as if you didn’t know it already, keep track of what you eat so that way you can see where things might affect your weight.  It is very important in the beginning of dieting because as we all know this is where you set up good habits.  I wish I could say that I was already feeling thinner but I would be lying so I won’t say it, I’ll only wish it.  But if I’m not loosing any then the reasoning will be because I’ve been so sick and although diet is 80% of loosing weight, the every day casual exercise such as walking can make a difference.  Just over one more day before I can step on the scale and hopefully Wednesday morning I can do the happy dance.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed until then and will keep on watching what I eat.

Hope you have a good day because my day has been getting better and better every hour which is a 180 from yesterday at this time.  Oh and take some Vitamin C, it is good for you!!!!